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5/30/98   LORD MICHAEL


Good morning, my friend!  It is I, Lord Michael, of the Archangelic realms.  I come as a Messenger of Truth, sent by Our Father, the One Light--Creator God.

It has been a while since we have last communed in this manner.  Allow for the energy to balance and settle.

We are thankful for yet another opportunity to share in this manner.  Your world is truly on "borrowed time".  Many a great soul has contributed toward making this possible.  They have done so out of great compassion for you each, so that you would be able to have these opportunities for experiencing that you now have.  Look at your current challenges and be thankful for the opportunities that they present to you in terms of inner growth.

Each challenge presents a unique opportunity to learn something about YOURSELF.  Every time that you feel frustrated about a "turn of events", know that the frustration comes from within and is trying to TELL you something.

Learn to recognize and appreciate the experiences in life.  There are no "chance" happenings, and with the proper point of view, you can see good in all life's experiences.  You are never a victim, for the experience alone, whether it "seems" either good or bad, will always have the value of experiential growth.

I have come to remind you all that there are great unseen (but quite perceptible) forces at work this very day in order to ensure that God's Divine Will shall be done.  There is complete balance in ALL of His plans.  Be assured that God's plans include YOU!  There are no mistakes made on His part, and if you are reading (or hearing) this message, then please know that it is meant for you.

We, of the Hosts of God, have said to you ones, time and time again, that these are grand times in which to be experiencing.  Do NOT dwell upon the seemingly "negative" impact of life, for these "injustices" will be balanced by great redemption--if you but allow for the grace of God to flow naturally and uninhibited through you.  The physical "play" on the stage of life that you ones are now experiencing is exactly what you NEED so that you can prepare yourselves for the next step forward in terms of your consciousness as a being.

All experience is connected in some way to achieving this one basic goal: GROWTH OF THE SOUL.  The physical experience, while quite beneficial as a teaching environment, is quite temporal and thus tedious to the participants.  Ones are almost always trying to speed up the clock (in terms of sequence of events) while at the same time complaining about not having enough time! This paradox of thought causes unneeded internal pressures that could be avoided by simply remembering the larger picture of why it is that you are there in the first place.

Time as many of you now perceive, is changing.  Those of you who can look twenty-plus years back in your own conscious memory will know that "something" has changed.  There are ever increasing demands upon you, both mentally and physically--and yet there seems to be less and less time to address these demands.

Be not frustrated by these perceptual differences.  They are for very good reasons and not all of these reasons are natural in origin.  This is not to say that there is great electronic bombardment that is specifically targeting the physical body, as well as keeping the brain in a semi-conscious state.

Many of you can relate to experiences of great emotional and physical trauma, such as being involved in an automobile "accident". (There are no accidents, but we are stuck with using terminology familiar to you.)  Your perception of time slows down during such traumatic situations, and events appear to happen in slow motion.

What has actually changed?

Your consciousness shifted more fully (if not completely) to the present moment and thus you are able to take-in all of the details at perhaps 10 to 100 times your normal rate.  This intense focus of thought gives the illusion of "slowed" time.  Conversely, if ones can cause you to defocus your thoughts, then the opposite will occur, and you will find that "time" just seems to "slip by".

These electronic devices are tuned to very specific frequencies in order to interact with your natural brain-wave functioning in such a manner as to cause you to "lose" your thoughts.  This defocusing mechanism will also cause ringing in the ears of most people.  The ringing itself will cause a conscious distraction, but be assured that there are other effects (none of them good) upon mental and physical processes due to these UN-natural electronic manipulations.

However, such electronic mind-control is beginning to "back-fire" on the ones who are attempting to enslave you.  That is to say, these dark elite controllers are attempting to get you to change your thinking in many areas simultaneously.  But, since the majority of the people are too mentally scattered (from all the electronic pulsing), they simply go on believing that nothing has changed.  Thus they will not realize that they have been enslaved or that the United Nations now runs the United States.  THIS, THEN, RESULTS IN A LACK OF RESPECT (OR FEAR) FOR THE AUTHORITY OF THE WOULD-BE-RULERS OF YOUR PLANET!

There is never the element of Divine Balance within the plans of those who wish to manipulate and control others, no matter how elaborate or sophisticated these ones think they are.  This is why they will never win and why God always wins.

God's plans have a perfect balance to them, wherein EVERYONE who participates wins; there are no losers.  And yet, from the balanced viewpoint of the larger picture, God allows for unbalanced conditions to exist and play out.  They provide exceptional learning opportunities for individuals as ones are caused to search for that which will restore balance--and more importantly, find and understand what caused the out-of-balance condition in the first place.

I, Michael, am credited with having done battle with Lucifer and casting him out of Heaven.  I simply demanded of him that he maintain a certain level of high-frequency emotional ethics.  When he could no longer maintain these standards of vibrational ethics, he was, by his own hand, forced to leave my presence and find a match for his frequency vibration.  I was simply exercising my right to maintain my own high-level standards.  I would not lower myself to his level!

My actions stood as example to others in the Archangelic realm, and they, too, demanded high-level standards, and thus Lucifer and those who would not allow for their frequency to raise were "cast out" BY THEIR OWN HAND.  Let not the misperception of the biblical accounts let you come to the erroneous conclusion that he was forced to leave.  God's laws are not of force!  He left as a result of his own free-will choices.

Likewise, you each can demand that only high-frequency energies be allowed within your space.  When you do so with sincere (heart-felt) intent, the dark ones will leave, for we of the higher realms will always show up to assist when a sincere petition is expressed.  (Note well: the heart intent is very important here.  We will gladly lower our frequency to meet you part-way when the intention or call is sincere.)  When we show up, they leave, just as they have always done!  This is the basic mechanism behind the technique of "clearing your space" and why it works.

Please know that we can assist you ones in overcoming the effects of the electronic bombardment--if you but clear your space and call upon the Lighted Brotherhood for assistance.  We will come and offer focus, if that be your desire.  When you can remain directly and deliberately focused upon a goal, then there will be greater efficiency in your use of time.  When you focus with goodly (Godly) intent in your heart, there will always come an answer to your petition for assistance.

Let not any distractions of the physical environment--be they natural or unnatural--keep you from connecting within to Higher Source.  The dark elite controllers are trying every way they know to keep you Lighted ones from making and maintaining this most important inner connection.

Remember that YOU are a unique fragment of God and within His realm the possibilities are without limit!  This is the importance of YOUR connection within to Source.

Keep, always, the larger picture in mind, and learn to appreciate those experiences that cause you to feel frustration, for the frustration is begging you to look deeper within so that a greater lesson about self can be recognized.

I am Lord Michael of the Archangelic realms and biblical "fame".  I have come so that clarity about past misperceptions can be set to right, for that is God's promise at this time in your evolution upon Earth-Shan.  I come also as a Messenger of God, so that His Divine Will be done.

In Light, blessings to you all!  Salu.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, June 2, 1998, Volume 21, Number 2, Pages 16-17.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.