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7/19/97   LORD MICHAEL


Good afternoon, my friend, and thank you for sitting this day.  This is Michael, of the Archangelic realms, come to briefly commune with you this day so that there may be greater understanding of what it is that you ones are experiencing at this time.  I come IN and OF the LIGHT!  Thank you for asking and reaffirming the connection.

As Messengers of God's desires, we of the Hosts will continue to give forth the promised Guidance that is part of the third-dimensional experience.  You EACH, prior to entering into this experience, knew that there would be Guidance offered to you along the way.  This Guidance has always been part of the third-dimensional experience and shall always be a part.

For many at this time, it is quite a stretch to accept such writings as authentic or "real".  This is fine, for the promise is that they be offered, NOT shoved down anyone's throat!  There are many who are seeking to connect and find that which seems to be lacking in their lives.  These ones are hungry for that which gives a sense of genuine value and meaning to their lives.

Each must find their own way through the challenges before them at this time.  Each must choose, for themselves, that which is of value and act accordingly.  Many place great value on money or a high-paying job.  This is fine, if it be your choice.  I will, however, ask you to consider the lasting value of a TRUE friend!  Or, the value of the smile that comes to the face when you offer ones HONEST praise for that which they have completed.  What is the value of these things that make you FEEL alive and connected?

You EACH are part of THE ONENESS that many refer to as God.  When you do something for or to another, you are doing same for or to yourself AND God.  EVERYTHING in the physical is a result of God's creative thinking.  There is an inner-connectedness of all things in the physical, by way of a non-physical counterpart that is as much a part of your experience as is the chair upon which you sit or the air that you breathe.

This non-physical counterpart is the electromagnetic (Light) energy that animates the body and causes the apparent motion of electrons around the atom.  It is the energy that causes all substance to have a frequency and vibration.  It is, simply put, GOD expressing Himself!

This is not new information, nor is it brought to you in some sort of mystical manner.  Every culture on your planet has ones who will bring forth these messages of Inspired Truth.  Each will be unique in style and limited, in some ways, by the language base into which they are translated.

The individual examples may vary, but the general message will never change.  For example, it would make very little sense to talk about atoms to a primitive culture that has just discovered fire.  However, when you talk about the "warmth" of the fire, they can understand the concept and may be able, on a FEELING level, to relate it to the idea that it is of God--as are the trees that grow around these primitive ones, or the food that is taken within for nourishment.

Look to the messages of ancient philosophies and you will see the same ideas recurring over and over again.  Whether the concept, for instance, be "angels" or "spirit guides", there is little difference except for terminology of translation into the physical.  Learn to let go of the prejudices and conceptual frameworks that limit you to so-called "modern" ideas.

There are many ANCIENT teachings that are again being brought forth to you ones.  Some of these were written many hundreds of thousands of years ago, yet they state the same basic message.

You have the tools and information before you at this time to discern what has value and what does not.  There is that which will fill the void within or fuel the desire to FEEL an inner sense of worth or value.  Inner fulfillment comes from understanding who you really are and why you are here at this time.

The answers are simple.  However, there are ones (especially in positions of authority, and most especially in your churches) who would keep you from recognizing this fact.  You are led to believe that these questions cannot be readily answered, especially by "lowly" YOU, and certainly not from such a personal and direct process as going within.


You are in a schoolroom called Earth.  The overall purpose is so that you can have opportunity to expand your awareness and ability to RESPONSIBLY create.  The value comes in an ability to handle more and more of the Infinite Creative Potential that is within.

This only comes when you prove your understanding of the Laws of Cause and Effect.  This is to say that you must learn to be RESPONSIBLE for the effects of that which YOU create.  This goes for any and all creations, regardless of size or magnitude.  If you create an unbalanced situation in your home life by lying to your family members, and then denying same when confronted by them later, then how can you be trusted with the responsibility of creating a third-dimensional solar system, let alone a universe, yourself?!

We are talking here of INFINITE CREATIVE POTENTIAL!  That is why you ones have chosen to come into the physical and go through the challenges of life with only a limited conscious connection to that with which you are connected--ALL (everything, everywhere)!

You are efforting to expand your awareness of WHO you are, as well as become more skilled in the utilization of your abilities to manifest and create.  Now, while you will only be given that which you can handle, you can be assured that it will be a challenge to you, so that if you so choose, you can maximize the rate as which you grow.

Notice also that you always have the option to quit.  However, it is then far more difficult to be responsible for that which you have set in motion in the first place.  And, though you can always run away from the situation when it gets uncomfortable, it is quite another thing to see a challenge through to completion.

Each time you are faced with a choice to continue or to quit, you must examine what it is upon which you place value, and what it is that will fulfill, within you, the desires of the heart.  The heart is given to know what is right and what is wrong.  The mind is given to reason all data and evaluate and place importance upon things.

It is often the case that the mind and heart are in conflict because the reactionary impulse of the mind is to avoid pain while the Innate Knowing of the heart is to seek out growth, which often leads to--PAIN (that is, growing pains!).

This is where discernment of value comes into play.  You each must decide for yourselves what has personal value to you.  Is the emotional pressure so great that you cannot persist another moment?  Do you HAVE to run away?  Is there NO other choice?  Would being homeless on the street be better than going to work just one more day?  These are questions of value and balance.

Where there are no wrong choices, there ARE better choices!  And be assured that, when you run away from a challenge, it will be coming back around to impact your experience again.  It may not be in this lifetime, or even on this particular planet, but you WILL have to again face that which you could not presently overcome--if you are ever to get through the third-dimensional schoolroom.  Though you may not be able to see it from your current vantage point, there is great value in ALL--EACH AND EVERY ONE--of the experiences that you are now faced with at this time.

We, of the Hosts, know quite well what it is that you are faced with, for we have walked the physical path MANY times while we too learned our lessons and earned our current positions of responsibility--as eventually shall YOU, too!  If you feel as though no one could possibly understand what it is that you are going through in your life, then go back and read this message again, for you surely missed the fact that ALL IS CONNECTED TO ALL!  What YOU experience is the experience of ALL, for we all exist within the ONE who created us.

These are the ideas that the "holy" men of your world would rather you not listen to, for such are the ideas that make these ones unnecessary and thus they would be out of a job.

You have within you a direct connection to God.  You do not need another to tell you what YOU feel in your heart.  Learn to trust your Inner Guidance and learn to follow your heart, and such will guide you to the experiences that will cause you to grow in awareness, and thus in ability to create better SOUL-UTIONS!

I am Lord Michael, of the Archangelic Realms.  I am your Elder Brother, just a bit farther along the path that you are now walking.  I come as Messenger of Truth, within the Light of the One who is ALL!



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, July 22, 1997, Volume 17, Number 9. Pages 16-17.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.