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Aug. 23, 2016


Unpublised Phoenix Journal 175





Good morning and thank you for hearing the call. It is I, Lord Michael, of the Archangelic realms, come in  the Light of Holy Creator God. Thank you, my friend.

Your planet is in a quite volatile condition this day. You ones need to be prepared for the psychologicalstresses caused by the upcoming physical changes. The stress shall be GREAT!

How do we prepare you ones for the horrors of these catastrophic changes? We simply tell you about what is coming in as many ways as we can and as many times as we can. I shall project a picture and I wish for you ones to place yourselves in the middle of what I describe and ask yourselves, “Am I prepared for THIS sort of reality?”

The scenario goes as follows: The Earth starts shaking and does not seem to stop. All power fails; your house starts coming apart; the ground is splitting open; gas lines rupture; fires ignite; your city starts toburn—not just in one location, but across THE ENTIRE CITY!

Now the Earth starts shaking again, just as hard or harder than previously. Water lines are broken; street are, for the most part, impassable due to rubble and that which has collapsed all over the pavement.

Place yourself in this scenario. What would YOU do?

You must think about these sorts of possibilities BEFORE they happen so that you can act in intelligence The panic and fear shall be so great that ones shall perish simply because they are so overwhelmed and frozen with fear.

Let us take this example further. You may be saying to yourself, “I do not live in a large city or near any major fault lines.” But perhaps you have family and friends who do!

As these Earth changes start, there shall be survivors and a great migration of displaced people. In their desperation and confusion, they shall do things which they would NOT normally do in a “civilized” society.

They will steal from, and even murder, the ones who are trying to help them. There will be massive refuge camps. Ones will be moving inland from the coastal areas. These mobs will be fighting for survival. Food supplies will be scarce and the Government will send out the Army and the National Guard to control these panic-stricken, destitute survivors.

How will YOU act or react as your small, inland city has an influx of displaced, desperate and hungry people trying to cope with shock?

Will you feed and clothe your brother?

What about the 5th one?

What about the 50th one?

Call upon Holy God of Light and act with intelligence—and prepare! The life you save may not only b your own or your family’s, but that of a complete stranger (to you now!).

The mental impact forthcoming shall be QUITE HARSH! You ones are past the point of avoiding these realities. This is only one example of the possible scenarios.

As the Earth cracks open and your major crustal plates (tectonic plates) shift, many sleeping volcanoe shall spring to life as your planet seeks to balance the pressures and stresses within. This alone shall cause a shifting of weather patterns GLOBALLY. The impact shall be felt by everyone on the planet.

As countries become desperate for survival, they shall petition other countries for aid. When that aid does NOT come, ones shall attempt to TAKE that which they need. This could easily escalate to the level of a planetary war.

The Elite of your planet know that these catastrophes are coming. They are trying to control the timing of major earthquakes. They do not understand that which they are attempting to do and are only compounding the problem. These major Earth changes shall be exploited by your planet’s controllers in order to depopulate and control more fully the masses.

You ones who enjoy all the “modern conveniences” shall have the hardest time as you will no longer be able to just go down to the local store and purchase your food. The nation’s food supply will be under strict control. Your farms shall be confiscated if need be; the crops shall most certainly be confiscated. You ones who rely on any resource—such as supermarkets, grid-system electricity, or even municipal water—shall be impacted greatly.

Your “elected” Government officials may be deciding who of you eats (lives), or does not eat (dies).

This is TRUTH!

You may say that this is not a very nice message. No, it is not! My intention is to get you ones THINKING.

The changes shall be far worse than anything written here or that you may be able to imagine. Take action and prepare TODAY, for tomorrow may very well be TOO LATE! God helps those who make efforts to help selves.

There shall be many praying to God to save them or to help them AFTER the changes begin—

especially the ones who have ignored these messages and have NOT prepared and think that it could not happen to them.

The time to ask for assistance in planning is BEFORE you ones are in total chaos.

My scribe is overwhelmed and says, “What’s the use? Ones who are going to listen are most likely already prepared and the rest won’t listen anyway.” My scribe perceives that ones do not want to hear this sort of message.

True, ones generally do not want to hear TRUTH. But, if only ONE does hear, and takes this warning seriously, then the entire message and effort is worth every last bit of it.

You ones who scribe these messages that are being sent out to the four corners of the planet are the ones who create the possibilities for even having a remnant survive this transition. Many lives you are touching and many lives you are saving. Do not allow the thought, “Oh, what’s the use?” That is an adversarial ploy to distract you from saving lives and waking up the masses to the true spiritual nature of their situation down there on that planet.

Ones are responsible for their own choices and decisions. There is only so much that you ones can do for another. Presenting a Lighted message of truth to a brother in need is perhaps the greatest gift you ones can give. Be discerning in that which you offer to another or do for another. You must allow each to learn their own lessons; you cannot do it for them.

I am Lord Michael, come in the Radiance of the One Light. May you ones act in Wisdom this day.  Aho!