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Jan. 26, 2015


Good morning, my scribe.  It is I, Lord Michael, of the Archangelic Realms as recognized by you ones down there in the physical.  I come as a messenger of Creator's Light so that you and others may have the guidance promised to you.

You sense the familiarity of my energy field.  This is fine, for I am around you constantly.  Be at peace, my friend!  Take my hand and allow me to guide you through these trying times.

Your world is being starved for the things that provide sustenance at all levels.  Ones are becoming restless as to what it is that is happening (or about to happen) to them at this time.  This restlessness is, in part, due to the imminent changes that are trickling into the consciousness of the masses.

The restlessness is also due to the fact that ones know Truth when they hear it.  This means that ones sense, at some level, that they are being lied to.  This causes ones to not trust one another for each can sense Truth.  Each can discern whether or not the person they are interacting with is indeed duped, along with the rest of the masses, or if they have insights which can lead ones out of the confusion which lies behind the restlessness.

You can only maintain a facade for so long before it crumbles in the Light of Truth!  Allow for the Truth to reveal itself to you.

Find and cultivate the inner voice (your direct Light connection to Source) that will give you the inner discernment necessary to see the Truth and cast off the lies.  You must all learn to discern for selves!  No one will be allowed to do your learning for you.

This does not mean that you cannot ask advice or assistance from another.  I am saying that it is still YOUR responsibility to discern for yourself the correct path for you!  You ones are so afraid of making a wrong choice that you will give over your personal responsibility at the "drop of a hat" in order to not have to face the responsibility of making a bad choice.

There are no wrong choices in the larger picture.  Any choice will lead you to new and different circumstances and, eventually, to a point wherein you will be faced squarely with the OPPORTUNITY to make another choice.  Each time you encounter such an event, you will have grown and learned from your past experiences.

These experiences can be viewed as either good or bad.  Let me assure you that, just because YOU view an experience as bad, it does not mean we of the Hosts view the experience as bad!

We can see farther and in depth that which will play out in sequence of events.  You may need what is perceived to be a bad or traumatic event in order to wake you up and cause you to search deeper for your answers.

Your Higher Self (the SOUL you) will pull in to you the necessary experiences that you need in order to fulfill your purpose for going down there in the first place.  If you have agreed to participate in order to balance out past indiscretions, then you can EXPECT to be faced with similar circumstances to those with which you had difficulties in the past.  You should expect to be faced with the kinds of challenges that "tripped you up" before.  This is part of the rebalancing that will free you from the self-imposed karmic guilt and will lead you into a higher level of awareness and understanding.

There are NO victims down there!  You each have your reasons for participating.  So, stop the "poor me" victim attitude and realize that, if you are overwhelmed with inner emotional turmoil, then perhaps you are making the SAME mistakes over AGAIN and your Higher (KNOWING) Self is trying to get you back on a path that will lead you into balance.  The inner frustration usually comes when you resist these changes in perception of direction.

You each would be wise to take a humble, self-introspective look at what it is that you resist in the way of accepting change on a personal level.  You all are in a battle, at some level, with the acceptance of the next higher step in responsibility, regardless of who you are or where you are this day in terms of growth.

You are each provided with the individual insights that you need in order to see that you have a choice before you.  Note: I did not say that the answers lie before you.  I said a CHOICE!

When you are faced with a choice, do you effort to reason out each option as to long-term potential impact on your personal growth, or do you go for the short-term gratification of the physical comfort?

When you find yourself angry with someone or a set of circumstances, do you look first for a means of retaliation or do you look first for a means of forgiveness?

The retaliation approach MAY provide you with a measure of short-term gratification, but the forgiveness approach will provide you with a long-term peace as well as avoiding the generation of future guilt.

We who are your Elder Brothers have walked the path upon which you now experience.  We have faced the trying challenges of the physical and have been successful in overcoming the self-imposed restrictions of the mind.

You may take these messages and use them, or discard them, as you wish.  We, as Messengers of God, are sent to provide you with the insights that your inner self desires.  What you DO with them is YOUR choice.  May you act in wisdom while considering all your options prior to discounting that which you have a hard time accepting as real.

Do you believe in Angels of Light (Angels of Creator God)?  What do you think is our purpose?

We are Messengers of Truth!  We counsel directly with Creator Source and act within the Wisdom of that Counsel and Guidance.

How could we fulfill our purpose if we just sat around and did NOTHING?  "Messenger" implies communication!  We must have means of communicating directly with you ones, else we cannot carry out our purpose.  Remember that all-important inner voice.

Allow for the inner voice within to guide you.  Be cautious and keep the Adversary (that which is in opposition to Creator God) out of the mental and emotional energy space in which you function. Many a great entity has stumbled due to the trickery and subtle nature of the adversary.  Be respectful of your enemy, else he will "mop the floor" with you.

Please realize that it is acceptable to stumble.  Just remember to get back up!  When you just lay there, licking your wounds and feeling embarrassed that you stumbled, and worrying about whether or not anyone saw you--be assured that God saw!

He is more interested in what you will DO (what choices you will make because of the experience) than He is that you stumbled.

You can be more today than you were yesterday, but only if you get up and move forward.  Or, you can lay there in your stagnation and embarrassment, waiting for all the stumbling blocks to be removed.  They will not be removed until YOU remove them!

Allow for the input from Higher Source to flow through to your conscious understanding--from whatever direction may be effective.  For instance, insights may come from complete strangers who are guided to do or say something that they themselves don't even understand.  Or, a small child may even have an inspired insight for you, if you but listen and pay attention to the circumstances. Again, you have to choose for yourself what you DO with the "Helping Hand" once such is presented to you.

Be not long in your deciding that you can get back up and take another step forward.  Then hold in your heart and in your mind that which you have experienced and learned, and take the next step forward.  Set as your goal the understanding of who you really are--if you can see no other goal to work toward--and persist through the challenges that may have you stumbling again and again. Soon you will see that you have learned to recognize and overcome the stumbling blocks and their subtle clues that are ALWAYS there for you to see if you but look and pay attention.

The answers are there that will satisfy the long-term restlessness that you feel, but you have to come into the realization of and recognition of those answers FOR YOURSELF, and in your own unique way.  What may work quite well for one may not work at all for another.  Remember, you are EACH a unique aspect of Creator's thought projections and you will EACH return to Creator on your own UNIQUE path.

May this writing find understanding within your heart, wherein lies the restlessness that calls out for assistance.

I am Lord Michael, come in the One Light of Creator God as a Messenger of Truth so that His promise to you is fulfilled.

With love and respect, blessings to you ALL!




Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, February 4, 1997, Volume 15, Number 13, Pages 24-25.

Transcribed into HTLM format by R. Montana.