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Greetings, We are Lord Michael, Sananda and Germain. We have come to this scribe, Druthea, in service to Our Holy Father, God/Aton. This scribe asks many questions which many of you ones ask. We have come this day to bring solace unto you ones who ask for God's deliverance within your heart/soul place and who know not why you are worthy.

This one suffers in her own sadness wondering WHY she continues with her work when, in her consciousness, she believes she dislikes humanity. It is not HUMANITY you dislike, precious one, it is EVIL, and really, IGNORANCE, which allows evil to flourish, which you find abhorrent. It is difficult to face one's feelings of inadequacy when you feel so very tiny and powerless to truly bring the light of balanced example to others. This is why, precious ones, you must begin within self to face your own ignorance and immaturity--and then rise above them KNOWING that, WITH GOD IN YOUR HEART, HE WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO BE HIS EXAMPLE, THAT YOUR PRESENCE MAY PRAISE HIM IN GLORY AND BALANCE.

If you pray for peace and goodwill toward men, then what do you do in example of accomplishing peace and goodwill? If one presents as your "enemy" and denounces you, do you wish to destroy him? Can you love this "enemy" as you would your own child? Can you recognize WHY he would be threatened by you? What might he be afraid of? If you pray for UNITY, and your "enemy" prays for the same, how will you become the example if you cannot break down the wall of fear and distrust between you?

You ones, of God's Chosen messengers and keepers of the flame of Light and Truth, have accepted a tremendous responsibility that you will rise above human ignorance and evil projection and BE an example of one who walks the CHRISTED PATH. For if you refuse to do so, because it is your choice not to grow into maturity, then WHO will do it? HOW will you expect to awaken God's lost sheep when you do not allow presentation of HIS light through you?

We tell you precious students of life" you must gather the goodness which you recognize from all experience and accept the lessons which allow you the opportunity to test YOUR knowledge of God's Kingdom within you.

It is time for each representative of God, howsoever he or she presents self in religious format, to seek UNITY and BROTHERHOOD of the human species. For God has sent messengers to reach every one of HIS people the world over, and each one is sent to awaken certain ones who are ready to enter into Glory and Knowledge, and it is often that the messengers in human format are humbled for they find that they really KNOW so very little about THE DIVINE FATHER WITHIN.

God asks you not to turn away from those you disagree with in dogma and religious interpretation. YOU ARE ALL INTERPRETING WITH A FINITE MIND. And many are now receiving beyond finite mind directly from Creator. You ALL have this capability; most refuse to accept the possibility at this time. Perhaps it is through YOU that God will offer others a chance to grow beyond belief and into Knowledge.

Do you search for the differences in another? Most of you do so that you find reason to reject them. What do you have in common with one another? WE ask you ones who label selves Christian, Mormon, Muslim, Judaist, Buddhist, Native American, what have you in common? Are you willing to find out? Have you learned about the doctrines of these others and can you rise above the differences in dogma and practice, and join hands with one another as children of GOD?

If you cannot become one in focus of brotherhood and equality under your Constitution very soon, then your TRUE enemy, the god of ignorance and confusion, will devour your world and those who become stuck to it in material illusion.

This is simple fact. You in America, as well as many other parts of the world, have become an amalgamation of many cultures, races and religions. Can you, by your efforts in this country, unite AMERICANS to reclaim your Constitution which allows you all freedom to worship and believe in or even KNOW GOD. You are even allowed to be an Atheist if you so choose. Can you not agree upon a nation, a world under GOD, under His laws of balanced living, which all souled beings are born knowing, whether or not they Know or remember God within?

Each one of you has the opportunity to praise God daily. When you ask how to sustain in His service, He always shows you His way. You always make your choice. His messengers, of which there are many, human and in spirit form, each have a mission, not to CHANGE YOU OR THE WORLD, but to give you opportunity to change and adjust self in accordance with God's will working through you. And through each one will the world be transformed and humanity be reborn into knowing and living in cooperation, unity and balance. YOU each make that choice. Those who choose to honor one another will be honored. Those who seek unity and brotherhood and cooperation from heart intent, will live to experience this way of life.

It is the time of joining of the Mother and Father aspects of self, aspects of Father Creator and Mother Earth into cohesive unity and complement to each other. You who are mated in male/female sharing are responsible for sharing and finding balance with one another. You must honor each other and BE an example of cooperation, for when your two now separate sexes join together in common focus, YOU WILL SUCCEED in conquering adopted evil projection, instead of attempting to conquer one another.

It is time to complement, not conquer, and you who do so will witness miracles in your own comprehension.

We will close this document for now. Thank you precious, Dru, for sitting with us. Be patient, little one, the veil must not be lifted before you are ready, nor can we jeopardize our work together by releasing your memory before maturity of your understanding. You agreed, precious, to work in physical blindness of our presence for a time. Be not selfish for the work comes first and you are working in perfection of that which you agreed. A little willful, well, yes; simply temper your need for Our Father's work must be fulfilled, and the trust and "faith" contained within. Verification is given you and you admit it is just not quite "enough". Soon it will be more than enough; this we promise you. So be it.

We are Lord (Archangel) Michael, Sananda and Germain. We have come in service to our Holy Lighted Creator, Our Divine ONE. Thank you for attending this document. May you find the peace in your hearts that only giving can bring you. Good day and Salu.




Source: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, October 13, 1992, Volume 20, Number 13.

THANK YOU Rocky Montana