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Lord Michael's Urgent Message: NESARA!!

Lord Michael Through Michael David

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(Saturday, Aug 2) I was again in several different council meetings. In today's meetings, which took place in a 5D City of Light (I do not know which one) suspended approximately 2,000 meters above the surface of Earth, there was a great deal of discussion concerning NESARA.

I'll use an analogy to describe the mechanics of getting NESARA announced. NESARA is like a long and VERY heavy passenger and freight train; the passengers represent the benefits to individuals while the freight represents all of the "roll-out" changes. When it first began it had only one locomotive pulling it and it's momentum was very slow. Over the past several months, however, several more VERY POWERFUL photon energy locomotives have been added and NESARA is now moving forward with sufficient speed and momentum that even with all brakes applied, would not stop before it crossed the announcement/manifestation threshold.

Today's order from the World Court stopping NESARA's announcement was fully expected; in fact, we were counting on it so as to force the Illuminati to reveal their hand and delaying tactics. However, they will NOT succeed. The "legal" or judiciary hierarchy begins at the local Municipal Court level. The next level up is the local Superior Court, the next is the State Supreme Court, followed by the U.S. Supreme Court and the World Court. However it does not end with the World Court. The Solar Tribunal, presided over by Lady Master Nada, has full legal authority over every inhabitant and municipality in our solar system. While virtually no soul remembers doing so, all incarnates within this solar system automatically agree to be subject to the Solar Tribunal.

On behalf of the citizens of planet Earth, Ascended Master Sananda and Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine, by proxy, have requested that the Solar Tribunal overrule today's orders of the World Court (International Court of Justice) stopping NESARA's announcement. Evidence was presented before Presiding Judge Lady Master Nada by Ascended Master Sananda and Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine proving that the requests made by the European Union claiming that their precious metals records were incorrect and in need of audit were total fabrications and without merit. Presiding Judge Lady Master Nada issued a ruling overriding the World Court's order to delay NESARA's announcement. Lady Master Nada also handed down a ruling that the Judges of the World Court had deliberately and purposely attempted to sabotage and delay NESARA's announcement and thus violating the free will choice of the citizens of planet Earth; a violation of several Universal and Spiritual Laws. She delayed issuing any sanctions against the World Court until after NESARA has been announced and implemented.

How do I know these things? As I mentioned above, I normally do not recall ANY details of my actions during the dreamstate. However, today I specifically requested that I be allowed sufficient recall of the day's proceedings so as to be able to inform certain individuals back here in 3D/4D. You may confirm these facts with Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine and/or Ascended Master Sananda. This legal ruling by the Solar Tribunal means that NESARA may be announced at any time; unless I am mistaken. I am also absolutely thrilled to FINALLY be of significant service; I've been waiting a long time for this.

In Loving Service,


Lord Michael

Michael David