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Archangel Metatron---What Are You?

Received Through Christine Bearse

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c eddies. The rising smoke from the incense flows with it's surroundings, creating with and within whatever it happens to touch or come upon. Wave your hand through a cloud of incense smoke and it responds to the slightest movement and current. Mesmerizing isn't it as you watch the dreamy element sway and move. Just like water and waves, just like leaves in the Autumn, or sand in the desert. All things naturally respond and within any response lives millions of possibilities. So it is with you. You are a natural phenomenon just as the falling leaf or the snowflake. Aware Consciousness flows within your self, your mind, your emotions, and your body. Once the Conscious self discovers Awareness, a New World is unveiled. Eyes see what was once unseen and hearts respond to scenarios as if suddenly alive. Love 's rapture captivates every waking and sleeping moments as light shines from within all around you. Or so it seems..for the light..the Awareness that is shining, is truly coming from you and so everything else around you responds. The light and love that you yourself emanate from deep within, with Conscious Awareness, illuminates and triggers your world. And your world, is THE world. It is ALL THAT IS.

In truth, you need not be concerned as to whether or not your efforts are creating a new paradigm or creating anything actually. For Creation itself exists continuously whether you are aware of it or not. You are the magician who responds to and dances with creation. You facilitate creations energies and assist the funneling of its potential into forms or thoughts or feelings. You, as energy living as/within a hu-man body, are already, all that is. One can say they are co-creating with God/Goddess, and there is a semblance of truth to that. The expanded version of that statement is that Creation exists because you do. And You exist because Creation IS.

In truth, the more awareness you have of who/what you are, the more Creation expands and shifts itself, because YOUR awareness accelerates Creations natural response-ability.

Come with me now as we dream a little, together. And let's be aware of Creation as well, for it is our constant companion. Imagine that you are holding your hands together in a cupped position and now observe the space created by this particular form of your physical hands. Then open your hands flat and observe the space created. If you were to hold a ball when your hands were flat open, the ball, depending on its size, may roll around or fall out altogether. To keep the ball in your hands..if that was your intention , you would cup your hands ,thereby surrounding the ball with a new form. You would have just experienced creation being shaped and formed with your intention. And whether your hands were cupped or flat, the very position and form, was creation expressing itself, for your body moved and when your body moves, creation is experienced within some part of your awareness, in one of its trillions of possibilities.

Creation IS you, it is your nature, and as you become Aware Consciously that everything you say, do, think and feel, shapes the world, then and only then, does the real potential of creation blossom.

You, the Light of the World, exist because you are. You, the magician, utilize the creative potential of all that exists, as you; which includes your next door neighbor, as well as the man, woman and child in Afghanistan. Everything you see, touch, smell, eat or hear exists because Creation was directed--Creation was and is continually orchestrated.

When you become Consciously Aware of that which you are, words may seem useless or even meaningless. For how can one describe Truth.ONE can only BE what it already is. Peace my beloveds..I AM Metatron

Received through Christine Bearse..6-17-03