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"Multidimensionality & The Flashing Universe"

Archangle Metatron Channel Through Charles Seligman

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“Greetings Beloved! I am Archangel Metatron, Emissary of Light!

I welcome you here and honor each and every one of you who read these words! Indeed you are living in a time of special awakening, a time of special rediscovery! You find yourselves in a unique sojourn within space-time sequence, one that will allow for quantum leaps in your consciousness!

Now we will speak on multidimensionality, time, and the flashing universe. Lifetimes, in your terms, are not linear, rather they co exist in the Quantum Field of the eternal NOW moment. This is an absolute truth that some of you are familiar with, but Dear Ones, do you know that even the moments in your lifetime, are truly not linear. So you may ask how can that be, I am aware of what happened yesterday and last year, and the results of many things I plan came into effect because of the linear sequence, the build, of my past actions leading to my present.

Dear Ones, we tell you that the nature of your Universe, and all its myriad of probabilities co exist both above and within the waves and particles of consciousness. The Universe as you know it, flashes in and out in a pulsing sequence of light energy frames, that consist of what we term consciousness units.

You see there are many systems of reality, as there are systems of belief. In your present world, in your level of the NOW, you are only beginning to rediscover, explore & grasp the ‘flashing’ matrix of creation, of what consciousness is, of how your mental processes form reality through waves of conscious energy, and indeed how to manipulate this for greater growth.

You constantly are doing this on what is termed the unconscious divinity level, and consciously by learning how to transform your thoughts and your creative emotions into matter, into physical reality. Most of you perceive and measure your inner development by what you see outside of yourself in the exterior events and horizons that make up your exterior world.

The process of God Source seeding the matrix of awareness through pixels of minute particulate involves what we term flashing units of consciousness, electromagnetic units that can and do pulse in and out of all realities, in a strobe light fashion. These flashing energy units are geometric in nature, and occur with a relatively short ‘life’ span. This is a Metatronic process above the level of the form in which I address you in this NOW as Archangel Metatron. It occurs on the level of Lord Metatron far above the level of the 12th dimensional field. In a manner of speaking I, as Archangel Metatron, am to Lord Metatron, as you are to the Archangels, far beyond, in your terms, the dimension of 12, within the realm of the Creator God. In this realm, Lord Metatron exists as the conscious generator of all pulsing creation, flashing within and without sacred energy units that can be termed as consciousness codes in the form of geometric light particulates into all Universes and time sequence probabilities. That which you term Black Holes and White Holes are the mechanisms of this process. You see the field of your reality, of your universes are in a real sense, folded within themselves, somewhat like the analogy of a 2-headed snake consuming itself. One head consumes, while the other regurgitates that which has been digested and consumed. Your scientist postulate that black holes are imploded supernovas; of extremely compressed energy whose gravitational field is so immense that it pulls into itself all matter and light. Yet they do not as yet recognize that at the back of the black hole, in a manner of speaking, is a white hole that generates new vitalized energy into the Universes.

As such there is a constant surge of new energy into your universe, which comes through a nearly infinitesimal number of white holes. The sequencing of energy in and energy out creates a flashing effect within the consciousness and time sequence of your reality. Your oversoul is calibrated within the flashing sequence.

Imagine then, that the root unit of your beingness, in your terms, your oversoul is at the center of a wheel. This hub, is a flashing receiver of conscious light, and emits an infinite number of pulsing light threads or ‘fiber-optic spokes’ and at the end of each spoke is one of your soul aspects or incarnational sojourns. The reincarnation aspects represented by the spokes of the wheel, receive units of conscious light, termed consciousness units, that are flashed outwardly at an amazingly rapid strobe. Each pulse simultaneously garnered in the oversoul, but is individually sequenced to each lifetime. These pulses make up the awareness unit within each life. You are only enabled to be individually conscious when the attention unit is pulsed. These seem to be sequenced and linear, but in fact there is a great timeless void in between each pulse.

Now, as each spoke, or lifetime aspect, becomes more resonate, more capable of holding the energy of energy pulses, it consciously expands back into the center, and becomes aware of the unity of the multi aspects of the hub and all the other spokes, and in so doing evolves back into the center, becoming part of the center. But all is achieved in a pulsing sequence, a flashing aspect. of your beingness, in your terms, your oversoul is at the center of a wheel. This hub, is a flashing receiver of conscious light, and emits an infinite number of pulsing light threads or ‘fiber-optic spokes’ and at the end of each spoke is one of your soul aspects or incarnational sojourns. The reincarnation aspects represented by the spokes of the wheel, receive units of conscious light, termed consciousness units, that are flashed outwardly at an amazingly rapid strobe. Each pulse simultaneously garnered in the oversoul, but is individually sequenced to each lifetime. These pulses make up the awareness unit within each life. You are only enabled to be individually conscious when the attention unit is pulsed. These seem to be sequenced and linear, but in fact there is a great timeless void in between each pulse.

The soul aspect becomes aware that it is co existing on many layers of time sequence, and that they co exist devoid of the pulsing aspect of time sequence. On this level you are in the conscious eternal NOW.

Therefore achieving the ability to be fully conscious in the NOW, one can literally go backwards and forwards in time and can be in all places and in all times simultaneously. The soul aspects can combine to create complex gestalts of consciousness, and their unpredictability allows them to form infinitely varying patterns, potentials, probabilities and fulfillments. Do you see?

different scenario then presents itself, and further growth and challenges occur, but we will not go into that now. Just suffice it to say that as you become aware of your greater identity as part of the Co-Creator God source, there always remains another level above to grow into, another part of the never-ending symphony to play. You see beyond your oversoul, beyond your divine Self, as you think of it, there is another higher self and beyond that, still another, of which your oversoul is dreamingly aware. And that self tells you that there is a reality beyond human reality and experience that cannot be made verbal or translated into human terms. Truly all reality, all consciousness has no beginning and no end. I seed you herewith the desire, in your terms, of grasping the understanding of this valid concept. You see, there is indeed an expanding universe, and it is ever formed, ever created in the eternal NOW of your present. Simply stated you co- create your own reality, and the perception of that reality is multidimensional and beyond what you are capable of perceiving from this stance, yet I assure you it is the one truth, and it functions in a pulsing strobe, is created in a pulse shift that, simply stated, works, and is true, whether or not you care to put your mind around the concept of these expanding realms.

Now the mechanism of this form of consciousness, involves crystallization awareness, geometric patterning of the thought process, by means of what you term impeccability, Purity of thought, thought that is in image unit and not wave.

Your existence on the planet of duality, upon the dimensional planes of earth are somewhat limited in perceptional lenses, somewhat filtered by design. An analogy of the human brain functions can be seen as akin to a dual ‘radio’ receptor, one aspect, the ego-personality can be considered to be in the band of AM radio, and the subconscious or God-Mind aspect, as tuned into a broader, FM width. This indeed has its own purpose, and because of these preset limitations, the personality ego perceives and focuses into reality a single event from all of the probable ones. Until the ego experiences the event it is only one of all the other probable ones. It becomes actual in your reality only when the physical aspect of self experiences it.

A portion of the brain, the subconscious, or greater SELF, can and does experience reality in an entirely different fashion than the ego-personality brain does, and from that perspective, from that integral higher stance, is fully aware of all other dimensions, probabilities and potential events, time sequenced realities than the one experienced by the frontal brain aspect of the personality physical base or ego self. And in following the AM/FM analogy, both receptors, both perceptions are equally valid, but one is tuned to only one station, and with reason. That reason is what is termed focal life lesson, and indeed is part of your growth process, but one in which you are destined to grow beyond. In truth you are like Dorothy in the metaphoric tale of ‘The Wizard of Oz”. Learning to access the infinity of the higher mind comes only after learning to willfully create with the ego mind. Indeed when you do, and you already have in a real sense, you will realize that you had the power all the time, you simply needed to ‘click the shoes together, as did Dorothy of Kansas in her path of exploring the wonders of Oz, along the yellow brick road. Do you see?

Now, the greater part of you experiences multidimensionality with all of the potentials and parallels with an equal amount of robust exertion, as does your physical self in the experiencing of narrowed focal physical reality.

The myriad of all the other parallels and probabilities are indeed quite as experientially beneficial for your ‘soul growth’, and indeed occur with commensurate actuality in not only other dimensions of parallel reality, but simultaneously in what you term other lifetimes. There are an infinite number of systems and universes between potential and physically actual systems of matter and what we term, Metatronically speaking, as antimatter. Using only the limited physical senses you can never perceive these other systems, yet probable events and parallels are substantive bona-fide experiences even if you do not perceive them to be within your physical antennae. In these other systems of reality, each of you has "other selves" not as an identical self, but through different aspects parts of your oversoul, developing abilities in a different way than you are in physical reality, emphatically contributing to your soul expansion in consciousness. Do you understand?

Now, you, indeed often experience probable events and parallel worlds, in the dream state, in a conscious manner, yet these experiences cannot be readily or fluently translated from the greater mind into the narrow AM band of the conscious ego mind. Yet these can be translated and brought into wider awareness in the frontal mind, through concerted, disciplined effort in development of the inner senses. There are schools of disciplines that have taught these techniques, through various modalities throughout your history in what is termed, ‘Shamanic Journey’ and out of body expereince in meditation and various orders of schools of wisdom. These systems of journey into probabilities are quite as real and quite as educational as what you term your physical system, you are simply not focused within or motivated to develop them.

We have said that there are as many universes as you care to imagine. To expand on that, and please forgive the pun, it is the nature of your expansive matrix to creates as many universes as parallels as suit you. Indeed there is no one format, no one template. Consciousness is source, and consciousness of which you are a co-creator, indeed creates space and equally dissolves it within the validity of the imagination process of creativity. Universes are a constant tapestry that you eternally weave in conscious creation. There are no limitations, no borders, and no set order. In fact the ‘All That Is’ in your now, is quite different from the ‘All That Is’ that you created yesterday and from the one you will create tomorrow. Consciousness is by nature creative, and it has no beginning and no end, in your terms.

Space and matter are seen as congealed thought, and time as sequencing of same, appearing to flow, appearing to be linear, but in truth neither. Imagine time as a movie, made up of multiple individual still frames, moving through light. Each truly separate but allowing for a unique lens of understanding of the progression. The observer has the ability at any time to edit, play back or fast forward to any part of the film. To change it, relive it, or discard it. Like wise units of consciousness, pulses of consciousness are truly outside of time, they are the observer. They do not occupy space-time. They are truly not of your dimensional world, not subject to the constraints of the three-dimensional lens of reality, or accurately defined by your current theories of relativity and time space continuum. Consciousness, and attention units of consciousness can move forward or backward in time line harmonics, and do so at speeds far greater than the velocities of light.

So it is perhaps hard to grasp, but in between the moment when you first began reading this channel, and the time where you are now, your consciousness has pulsed in and out into living attentive frames of all of your co existing lifetimes, including your own future and past, in your terms, within this one. Your own physical and etherical chakric systems contain within them miniscule white holes and black holes that allow you to do this. . The ongoing insertion and discharge of consciousness energy units is indeed the very process through which you experience the purposeful ‘illusion’ of consecutive time.

Even that which you perceive as your planetary history has an infinity of variables, all of which are valid. Your lifetimes move forward and backward in time. In your terms, you may have a 5th lifetime, in time frame millennia ahead of your next. That is an example of how the holographic aspect of time is experienced. The channel speaks of having several friends, all of whom may relate to the period of King Arthur and Camelot as having been King Arthur or Sir Lancelot. Or to site another example, knowing 4 or 5 people, all of whom felt they were the Disciple Peter at the time of Christ. The fact is it is quite possible that all of them were Arthur, all of them were Lancelot and all of them were indeed the Disciple Peter. How? By means of the timeless holographic drama inserts that are available to be lived and relived, forward and backward in time, by as many who wish to have that learning experience in the living hologram. Do you see?

We will tell you that aspects of the Golden Age of Atlantis, is in fact from your future, in your terms, a future that in this frame has been seemingly pulled into your past!

Even the physical objects that surround you within your chosen version of the NOW, are collectively created by you and can be seen as flashing symbols that accurately express your subjective level of growth, through the current thoughts and feelings. The same is true of the particular version of world events that presently you pull into the holographic expereince, whether war or peace, prosperity or abundance. It is but one of many potentials, and reveals more about you that you may wish to admit.

When you learn to tap into the flashing pulse of creation units, you will be able to travel consciously within and without the width and breadth of space and time, and all its parallels. In this physical existence you are learning how to handle the inexhaustible energy that is available to you, and indeed there is much to assimilate. Like Dorothy of Oz, there are tools available to you that you do not yet recognize or utilize. It is time to activate your crystalline nature Dear Ones. One of these potent keys is the utilization of mineral crystalline forms for attunement of the energy field into its geometric merkabic crystalline form. Indeed crystalline forms are more capable of holding the pure sequence and energy of these units, and indeed of assisting in the axiomatic merging of the front mind into the wider realm and frequential sequencing of the God Mind harmonic. Gems stones, and phi cut quartz, as the Vogel crystals are helpful assistants in this process. Indeed crystalline forms, geometric in molecular pattern, can aid in tuning the human energy fields more harmonically between dimensional fields as well as through the void spaces of consciousness flash sequence. Gold and platinum also are tools that benefit this process.

Consciousness and its flashing nature and units, truly does not have human limitations, but they indeed offer holographic opportunities for growth, experience, drama, learnings, propensities and lenses of all probabilities and possibilities. They are vitalized & validated with all the divine qualities of being sacred fragments and perceptions of ‘All That Is’, ‘All That Was’, ‘All That Might Have Been’ and ‘All that May Be. ‘

I am Metatron, and you are Beloved."


I hope you enjoyed and felt the humility and Love of His words, not to mention the Content. I felt wonderfully humbled and "Beloved".