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Metatron: Morning Wakup Call Message, May 23, 2003

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es and years spent dear

Till now we have come home so sweet and clear.

So now I tell you this, there is no greater bliss

Than standing next in line to tell our tale

Of love and sorrows lost; and sweetness through the frost

Of fear and retribution, and all this.

So come home all to me, and see the sorrow free

And find your solace here with all of me

Then you will go to bed with cabbage at your head

And while away the time in joy and glee.

This my friends, is a time to rejoice and a time to find the sweetness of life. This is a time to go a-tripping through life like a freight train bound for glory. There is no greater feeling in the world than to find the love that triggers thoughts of love and joy, and sends it reeling through life. There is only one thing that can bring that crashing down, and that is to allow the sorrow and the fear to once again rear its head and start to over-rule the very beingness that you are.

When you come to a time in your life when there is no more time to find out the truth, then you are one blink away from finding it. All you need do is take that one step forward in consciousness and you will be living that truth. You will find the very thing that propelled you through this journey and on out to the other side, the one that has eternal Light and the love and compassion that is your make up.

No matter the events that take you to the promise that you give yourself, there is always another path to take, another song to sing. When you get to the place where you have directed yourself, there is always another place in which you find yourself. Isn't that the truth that you are searching for? Isn't that the world you know? It is always a good idea to find the gold at the end of the rainbow, for you put it there, and it holds another part of the puzzle that you created. When you go through life in the sweetness that you find round every corner, you go through life with the vim and vigor that takes you to stardom. This is the plan for the return to the golden light that is you.

I have not revealed myself to you as yet for I wanted this one, as well as all of you to fully understand this message without the knowing of who I am. I am the epitome of the one you know as Sananda. I am Metatron, and I bid you a fond farewell to this message, for I am off to see to a chore that I deem to be a grand gift for the ones who live on your planet, and the ones who reside in and around the universe. It is with great pleasure that I come to this one and gift you with my love, the love that I receive from you and keep the circle going strong and sure. You are the bright shining stars that resonate into the night sky and greet the morning dew with your sweetness. It is a pleasure to serve you, as you serve all of humanity and All That Is.

Thank you dear wonderful Metatron,

Nancy Tate