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Message From Archangel Metatron On THE PLANETARY WATER Matrix


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I AM Metatron. We will speak to you today about the "Planetary Water Matrix" on Earth.

We wish you to understand that the original "blueprint" of planet Earth is that of a great multi-dimensional Being of Light, a larger holographic image of what would constitute the physical and the Light-bodies of human beings. In its original blueprint, planet Earth is made up of a series of Matrices of Energy. There are different types of Matrices of Energy that form the physical and light bodies of planet Earth. These Energetic Matrices are made up of circuitries-such as, Etheric Water Pathways and Physical Water Pathways-as well as, crystalline structures and chakras, which these Water Pathways interconnect.

These energetic circuitries are arranged in multiple "grids", all totally interconnected through All That Is within this galaxy, within this quadrant of the universe, and within the cosmos. We wish you to understand that in its original blueprint state, the Energetic Matrices of Earth were fully activated, energized, and in perfect balance. This was necessary to be able to carry many levels of consciousness, and many different forms of existence. There are different energetic grid systems on Earth, including the "Light Circuitries", the "Water Circuitries", and the "Power Circuitries". For the purpose of this book, we will simply concentrate in giving an overview of what the Water Crystal Grid of planet Earth entails and its function.

The Importance of Water

As you may all well know, water is a primordial medium of creation and your planet is mostly made up of water, as are your bodies. The bodies of humanity, the bodies of all in the animal and vegetable kingdoms, are all made up mostly of water, the medium of creation. It is important for humanity to understand that there is 'Etheric Water' in the etheric realm, and there is 'Physical Water' in the physical realm; and that in all realms, water is the main conductor of Source energies throughout the cosmos. Water is the underlying support system of all that exists in the Cosmos.

The Role of Chakras, Water Pathways and Water Crystals in the Transmission of Energy from Source

It is also important for humanity to understand that the transmission of energy from Source to all its parts is done through Water Pathways that connect Star Gates. So what you call "stars", we refer to as "star gates", as "portals of light", or as "Chakras". Those are vortices of energy through which the energies travel to and from Source. These 'star gates' are interconnected to one another through gigantic Water Pathways in the cosmos, relaying the energies from Source through the Water Pathways to a star gate, and from that star gate through other Water Pathways to another star gate, thus forming matrices of energy. Similarly, for the Earth: for in every ocean, every river, every lake, every marshland, every swamp, and every underground water system, there are vortices of energy or 'Planetary Chakras ', in the bottom of which lie great Water Crystals. All these chakras in and around planet Earth are interconnected to one another through energetic Water Pathways.

You may well ask: And what is the role of these Chakras, Water Crystals and Water Pathways? As we mentioned before, the energy from Source travels through the Water Pathways, passing through the Chakras-the star gates-to send the energy from Source to all its parts. To assist you in visualizing this concept, we would like you to understand that the energies from Source travel as follows: the energy travels from Source through the Water Pathways and the star gates at the 'multi-universal' level, then through the Water Pathways and the star gates at the 'universal' level; then through the Water Pathways and the star gates at the 'galactic' level, and finally through the Water Pathways and star gates-like the Sun and the Moon, onto the Earth. There are many light portals, many star gates through which the energy from Source flows onto planet Earth through giant water pathways. The Source energies then anchor on the Earth through the Crystalline Grids, through the crystals in the Chakras of planet Earth, and thereafter it flows through the Water Pathways that link all these Chakras, and through all the matrices. This is so for the Light Circuitries, the Water Circuitries, and the Power Circuitries of Earth, among others. However, let us return to focus your attention on the Water Crystal Grid of planet Earth.

Functions of the Planetary Grids

We wish to bring to your attention that, while the Light crystalline structure of Earth anchors all the light information codes from Source, it is the Water Crystals on Earth, which anchor the Essence of Goddess/God. In other words, the Water Crystal Grid anchors the very Life Force, the Essence, and the Divine Love of Goddess/God on Earth. Therefore as you can recognize, the state of health and the level of energizing of these Water Crystals on Earth are vital to the well being of the planet and all that reside on it. We also wish you to understand that these Water Pathways of which we speak, are like gigantic "optical fibers" made out of water; much like tubes-of etheric water, through which the Light, the Love and the energies of Source flow. The light carries the information "piggy-back" as "encodements", again very much like the optical fibers that you use on Earth at present for your telecommunication systems. The information is sent in beams of light in an encoded form. These digitalized encodements are used to transfer all energy and information from Source onto Earth.

The Energy Matrices of the Human Body

It is essential that humanity understand that you are smaller holographic images of Earth, and that each individual also carries a number of Energy Matrices, with Light Circuitries, Water Circuitries and Power Circuitries. And that you also have in your bodies: . Chakras, at the bottom of which lie Water Crystals, and . Star gates or portals of light; these are your body's glands and organs, and these also have Water Crystals to anchor and transfer the energies to and from Source.

The Present State of the Planetary Grids

As mentioned before, all the Water circuitries, all the Light circuitries, and all the Power circuitries that form the Energetic Matrices of Earth in their original blueprint were fully energized and fully interconnected. At present on Earth, this is not the case. There are great blockages in the Water Pathways that interconnect the crystalline structures of Earth. There are also great distortions and blockages in the Light Crystals, Water Crystals, and the Power Crystals that form part of these circuitries on Earth. Therefore, planet Earth at present is not receiving from Source the amount of Source energy that it would otherwise receive if all the circuitries were fully energized and functional. You may ask: Why is this so?

Imprints of Previous Civilizations on the Grids

We bring to the attention of humanity, as our beloved Lenduce said before, that there have been many civilizations on Earth, many groups of 'star seeds ' that chose to have an existence in the physical realm on Earth throughout different time periods. We wish to explain to you that, during the times of those different civilizations-such as Lemuria, Atlantis and ancient Egypt-all beings in those civilizations were in full Oneness. That is, each individual was fully interconnected to all the Circuitries on Earth, as well as to all circuitries in the galaxy, the universe, the multi-universes and the cosmos. For that is the state of Oneness, beloveds. Therefore, every time that one of those civilizations "fell"-that is, each time that humanity during those civilizations 'chose to move from Oneness into the state of Separation', they created massive energetic blockages, generating great distortions in the patterning of the circuitries on Earth. We wish to explain this a bit more extensively. When a being is in Oneness, that is fully interconnected and aligned to all the circuitries of All That Is, the energy flows harmoniously with grace and ease through all the Water Pathways and Chakras; the energy flows backwards and forwards from Source to the individual, and from the individual to Source, through all the circuitries and star gates.

However, the state of Separation implies a "ripping" of that basic mesh of consciousness and life. For example, think of a piece of material that has been torn. You can visualize what it looks like. This is what occurred to the Earth's circuitries. Every time humanity chose to go from being in group consciousness and Oneness into Separation, the discordant thoughts, feelings, words and actions of each individual anchored a very low level of vibration in the circuitries of Earth. So, during the fall of Lemuria, there were the very first energetic blockages that occurred in the Water Pathways and Chakras of Earth. Although this took place many thousands of years ago, there are many human beings present on Earth this day that carry the memories of these events.

Many thousands of years later, there was the civilization of Atlantis. This civilization had the use of a very high level of technology. In this civilization, the use of gigantic Crystal technology was common. At the height of this civilization, the crystal technology developed by humans that were in Oneness was fully linked to the crystalline structure of Earth. Therefore, when humanity felt doubt and started the process of Separation from the Divine while on Atlantis, there were, if you will, the equivalent of huge explosions that rocked the planet, because the level of humanity's discord at the time was magnified many times over by the Crystal technology that they possessed, and this created huge cracks in the bottom of the oceans. There was even the tilting of the axis of the whole planet and many of the vital circuitries were "severed", to use a simile. The energetic blockages were so enormous at the time that there was unimagined environmental upheaval and much was lost with the movements of Earth. This left the water circuitries "disconnected" from one another and from the chakras that anchored the Divine energies from Source onto Earth. Since that time, as Beloved Lenduce mentioned to you before, there have been many other civilizations that have also risen and then fallen, like the Mayans, the Toltecs, the Olmecs, the Kagabba, the Anasazi, and the Incas. They all came to assist in the refurbishment, in the re-energizing of the circuitries of Earth so that it could sustain life in its fullest capacity.

During these more recent civilizations, the work of course was not completed, and this is because each Soul that participated in the process of Separation and thus contributed to the process of creating blockages and distortions in the energy circuitries of Earth, had not resolved the issues within themselves. Therefore, there exists a "Collective Karma" that needs to be balanced on Earth, to transmute these blockages from a very low vibration of discord to a high vibration of love. Since the time of those recent civilizations mentioned before, there have been many, many wars on Earth. Every time battles or wars have taken place, every single time, more and more discord is anchored in the energetic circuitries of individuals, as well as into the energy circuitries of Earth. The end result has been that there is not the amount of Divine Love, of Divine Light information and of Divine Power being anchored on planet Earth, nor in the hearts or in the crystalline structures of humanity.

The Restoration of the Planetary Grids

The advent of this "New Age" beloveds, is a great experiment in which many millions of Souls who have had an incarnated history on Earth have chosen to return to Earth to clear the blockages, to clear the part of themselves that they had anchored as discord on Earth, to transmute this discord and therefore re-energize the circuitries of Earth, as well as, the circuitries in their own bodies. The great majority of human beings present on Earth at this moment have agreed-for their own evolution and for the evolution of Earth, to assist in "repairing the damage", as you would say on Earth. Stated another way, you have all undertaken and agreed to come to Earth at this time to assist in the clearing and transmutation of all blockages, to re-energize all the circuitries and to clear and heal all the chakras, both of Earth as well as, of your individual bodies, knowing that this is necessary for the return of humanity to Oneness and for the restoration of Earth. For in order for humanity to go back into Oneness, humanity itself must restore all the energetic circuitries and the Matrices of Energy of Earth.

The information that we put forth now is for humanity to realize that they have to reclaim: the Water Crystals in all their chakras, the Water Crystals in all their glands and organs, as well as, those Water Crystals on Earth; and that humanity must clear the Water Pathways that interconnect all these Water Crystals, so that great amounts of Divine Love, of energy from Source and information can once again be anchored on Earth and in the hearts of individuals.

Role of the 'Water Healer Priestesses' in the Restoration of the 'Water Crystal Grid'

Therefore, the role of these first 200 Water Healer Priestesses-whom we are calling forth now-is to repair, heal, transmute and re-energize all distortions within their own individual bodies first, and then, as one large pod functioning in Group Consciousness, these 200 Water Priestesses will assist others in their own healing and transmutation of discordant Soul Memories, and therefore in the clearing of discordant energies on Earth. Understand that the Water Healer Priestesses, as they heal themselves, they assist in the healing of the planet, and by assisting others to transmute the discordant Soul Memories that they carry and which they anchored on Earth, will assist in the clearing of all the water circuitries in the Water Crystal Grid of planet Earth. The main role of the Water Healer Priestesses is to work with water and the emotional bodies of humanity on Earth. This is not to say that there are not many other beings on Earth who are also assisting in repairing the Light and Power Circuitries, and other circuitries that form Earth. What we wish to focus your attention upon is that, it is the water systems that anchor Divine Love, the Divine emotions. Therefore, there is much clearing and transmutation to be achieved in the emotional bodies of humanity to be able to assist in the returning of humanity to Oneness, to Group Consciousness, as well as repairing Earth Herself. Our intent and the main purpose of this book, is to trigger the memory codes of all beings on Earth who have agreed to take part in the first waves of healing while in Group Consciousness, while working in Pods, not only of the Waters of their own bodies but also of the greater Waters of Planet Earth.

Another purpose of this book is to awaken humanity to the realization and understanding that since everything is connected to everything else energetically, then every thought, feeling, word or action is recorded in the physical and Light-bodies of humanity and of the planet Earth. And that this in turn affects this whole solar system, this galaxy and this universe; because everything is interconnected to everything else, it affects All That Is. So we hereby urge all beings on Earth who have a deep love for water to please come forth and partake on a very intense and rigorous training by a Council of Beings of Light-comprising the Water Beings, the Star Dolphins and the Light Federation of Healers-so that they may achieve their own healing and then work in Group Consciousness to assist in the shift in consciousness of the rest of humanity on Earth. All this in turn, assists in the restoration and the shift of consciousness to a higher level of the whole of planet Earth. We thank you beloveds for your attention, and we send Our Love to each of you so that the resonance of Our Love will awaken the resonance of your heart signatures. I enfold you in a net of platinum light with my deepest love. I AM Metatron.