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Metatron - A New World Awaits

Through Reniyah Wolf

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are finding the events of recent days and weeks fearful and traumatic, although you have been given knowledge in advance from many sources. My Beloved Ones, yes, you are all extraordinary Beings of Light who are well equipped to serve the Earth in these times. You are also human, in various degrees of remembering and also forgetfulness. Your hearts seek to open in love, but fear seems to surround you.

My Beloved Ones, know this – these events of your world are not as they may seem, chaotic and frightful. They are a part of an intricate plan in which you are full co-creators with those of us who serve you from the dimensions beyond your plane. The Earth plane is, and always has been, a plane of free will. By the free will of its creators it descended into a lower frequency band of duality and fear. By the free will of its co-creators, it is ascending once more into the higher frequency band of love.

A planetary evolution such as the one you are now undergoing is not as simple as waving a wand or sprinkling clouds of magic powder. The physics of creation and evolution exist precisely in order to serve the free will of those who co-create, such as yourselves. These physics apply both in your focused, embodied consciousness, and your greater consciousness that extends through the dimensions. The preciseness of the co-creative process may not be immediately evident to you because of the seemingly random nature of the events of your Earth lives.

This is far from the actuality of it, my Beloved Ones. Each thought that you think forms a delicate pattern of co-creation with every other thought emanating from consciousness within your plane. As the collective mind thinks, so are the events of your world. It can be no other way. This is the preciseness of we speak. The world you live in is a mirror of your collective mind; Earth, humanity and the other myriad lifeforms. This is the co-creative power of God You Are and by its use you may create anything at all that you choose.

Through the power of free will and choice, the plane you know as Earth descended into the lower frequency bands. This descent also occurred with preciseness, as those who created it chose to experience the nature of duality. There were no victims, nor were there any innocents in this descension. It was fully co-created by all consciousness involved, as another collective aspect of God experiencing itself, and the descension occurred according to the laws of cosmic physics.

In this moment, as each one of you reading this message, there are still no victims and no innocents, although the experience of duality has continued and intensified throughout the construct which you know as time. You, in your higher consciousness, did create this descension through other embodiments and life expressions, and now you have chosen to reverse the process and to restore that which has fallen from a state of grace. Each one of you here, now, reading this message, has consciously and fully chosen to be embodied and to participate in this redemption.

Let us be specific, my Beloved Ones, about these words we are using, state of grace and redemption. These are words that have many connotations and associations for embodied human. Much of humanity has a common belief and association around these words in which it is implied that you are being saved, or excused from some sin or transgression. The consideration prevails that the Fall, the descension in frequency was a grave mistake, a failing from which you are now being rescued from. Such is not the case, as the concept of a mistake, or a failure is one that only exists in the frequency bands of duality. Ultimately there is only One consciousness, that of God. No individuated portion of God may fail another individuated portion of God. Therefore no portion of God needs to save another portion.

Now having experienced the descension, and finding the constructs of duality and karma not the most pleasing of experiences, you are collectively choosing to ascend. You are choosing to transmute all karma that has been incurred, and to return to a state of grace, a frequency band above the fear that creates duality. This is the project that you have all been working so diligently and faithfully to bring about. You who are in human embodiment now on Earth are now in the process of creating your own redemption. We in the higher dimensions of existence are not doing this for you. We are not saving you from what you have created by descending in frequency. We are serving you as you transmute your individual and collective karma, as you redeem yourselves from within the Earth plane.

You cannot redeem yourselves, my Beloved Ones, and return to a state of grace, without transforming the experiences themselves which have plunged you, individually and collectively, into the lower frequencies of fear. That is the purpose for which you incarnated into the Earth plane. Not only did you come to bring the higher light codings back into the genetics of the human race, you came here as veiled masters, in order to transmute the planetary karma of Earth by living it. You came here to remember and reclaim your own mastery in order to create that template, that pattern in the planetary consciousness of Earth for the masses of humanity to follow you. You cannot transmute that karma without living the same experiences which created it in the first place. It is only through living these experiences and responding to them in love rather than the fear that has pervaded this plane for a very long time. You cannot transform your world without taking part in your world. The redemption and return to the state of grace must be created by you who live embodied inside the Earth plane. It cannot be any other way.

My Beloved Ones, the very most important thing that you can do in service to your world is to serve yourselves by constantly striving to remember and reclaim your own mastery. Each one of you is already a master. It was necessary for you to forget this for a time, and to live as humanity lives. You have been in the process of remembering this for some years now. It is time for you to move beyond remembering, for you to reclaim and own this mastery within your own embodied human life. You must create your own redemption and return to the state of grace. You must embody your mastery here on the Earth plane. You cannot do this by denying the experiences of your lives, by judging the events of your world.

To reclaim your mastery and your divinity, you must embrace your embodiment and your human experiences, for they are sacred, and respond as the masters that you are. Respond in the light of love rather than the darkness of fear. Rise up, and find your joy in each moment of your embodied life. Savor your world in all its beauty. Know that the upheavals and drastic changes, both human created and natural are a part of the transmutation and redemption which is leading your world to the next step of its evolution. No, we in the higher dimensions cannot create this redemption for you. We are most highly honored, however, to serve you and to assist you in your own creation of the state of grace on Earth.

Reclaim your mastery and constantly seek the love and joy which is your true, divine nature, my Beloved Ones. Herein lies your redemption, the salvation and deliverance that you seek. It is not available from sources outside yourself. It is not available from doctrines or belief systems. You are co-creating it in each moment of your human embodiment. Call back to yourselves the power that you have scattered on the winds and given to sources outside yourselves. Look not to external solutions, but reach within your own hearts. The highest truth, the only truth, lies within your own Being and Divine connection. This truth is available to you the moment you ask, the moment you call it forth.

We honor you and we love you. You are the Master Creators of the Cosmos, and your time is now.

I AM Metatron

I AM With You Always, In Love

©Reniyah Wolf, Eva Aarrestad and the Love and Empowerment Foundation, 2005. May be freely redistributed as long as kept in its entirety, used for purposes of integrity and including our site link: