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Metatron’s Summer Solstice 2003 Message

Through Reniyah Wolf

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It is with great and eternal joy that I greet you on this day, your Solstice. You, Beloved Ones, who are graced with embodiment upon the Earth Plane at this time, are privileged to participate in an extraordinary experiment in creation. This experiment, when complete, will expand all creation in the cosmos, including the Godhead itself. Humanity and the life forms upon the Earth were feeling the absolute pain of separation from their Creator. They cried to the heavens for assistance. When the call is sent forth, the request is made, there must be, is always an answer. The question that we in the Higher Planes posed to ourselves was this: how much and how quickly can we infuse the Earth plane with enough higher frequency energy to make a conscious and smooth dimensional transition? How can we answer this plea for assistance in the most efficient possible way? Of course, your plane is one of free will and collective thought creation. For the experiment to take place, many o! f you volunteered to come to this plane and take upon your physical bodies in order to be the human vehicles for this experiment. We are not allowed to directly intervene in the lives and evolution of Earth. This, of course, is old news to many of you. You have been on a path of awakening, of moving from beyond the veil of separation. You are beginning to know who you really are.

I come before you on this day of your Solstice to inform you that the experiment is proceeding as an unqualified success. Those of you who have come here with the purpose of infusing the consciousness of Earth with energies of the Higher Planes have done an extraordinary job. There are many, many who came to this plane, bearing their encoding of higher energy, reaching states of higher awareness at the proper time and re-writing the pattern for Earth life in the process.

There are many who do not, will not consciously know what they came here to do, but they have played their very important part, nonetheless. The Light has returned to this plane, indeed it has. That which was for many aeons, secret knowledge, has been revealed. The “mysteries” are mysteries no longer. The keys to higher awareness, the keys to your Divine reconnection are now available to anyone. There is no more “karma” on this plane, unless one chooses to believe it so. All the various rules, methods and! systems for attaining enlightenment have been suspended. All previous contracts have now been suspended. It is now possible, once the choice is made, the intention set, for each and every human to attain enlightenment within one single lifetime upon this Earth plane.

Some of you Beloved Ones who are reading this may find that hard to believe, because of the state of chaos your world seems to be in. It is true, nonetheless. As more of you come to realize that you are fully Divine, and extremely powerful creators, you will know that anything can be changed in the blink of an eye, one single instant of focused intent. This great experiment on the Earth plane has been a delicate one of gently infusing your planetary matrix with higher energies, picking up momentum a bit over one hundred years ago in your Earth timeline. There have been many variables, because each and every one of you who came here as our “agents” had been veiled, had become “human.” You have all had free will and choice, and we cannot interfere with that.

We have whispered in your ears, we have placed the signposts there, but it has been your choice. Each and every one of you, at each moment, has had the choice to pay attention to the signs, the inner urgings that you have felt - or the choice to be human. We have never known exactly how the experiment was going to play out. Indeed, up until fairly recently there was a chance that it could have gone the way of planetary devastation, as foreseen in your prophecies. Beloved Ones, you have been clear, focused and dedicated, and we in the Higher Planes are eternally thankful for your work. You have not had an easy assignment here, any of you. You have had to be fully human in order to assist humanity in once again knowing its own Divinity. You have had to take on the pain of humanity in order for it to once again know joy. For this you are eternally honored.

Now, in approximately the past two years of your Earth time, the vibrational frequency of your planet has risen enough to allow the higher energies of Divine Love to enter in. Previously, and for many millennia, your collective frequency was completely in the lower bands of frequency, in “fear,” in separation and darkness. Those who came to the Earth plane on Divine mission did have a most difficult time. As it has been on your plane since the fall of Atlantis, to reach higher awareness and enlightenment, one would have to separate from the world. One would have to be in an energetically secluded space, such as a temple or monastery, in order to avoid being pulled down by the lower frequency energies of the prevalent thought patterns. One would have to practice various difficult austerities in order to put the mind aside and to be in direct Divine connection. If some of these earlier masters and adepts had gone into the “world,” they would have been pulled into the maelst! rom, so to speak. The lower frequency energies would have simply been too strong. There have been those among you in your Earth history who have been able to access extraordinary power of will through various schools of mastery. Those individuals, upon returning to the world, became subject to the energies of fear in the planetary consciousness, and have created a good deal of havoc for themselves and others in the process.

Now, Beloved Ones, because of your dogged attentiveness to raising the planetary frequency of Earth, it is now possible for any human to live in Love. It is now possible for any human to attain mastery within the world. It is no longer necessary to seclude oneself from the world to attain Divine Reconnection. There are those of you who will disbelieve this. This is your Divine right and choice to do so if you choose. I, Metatron, do tell you, though, that as you think, so you are. You cannot experience anything that you do not believe is possible. If you think that you cannot experience Divine Reconnection, Joy and Bliss on this Earth plane, then you will not. The way is now made clear, your planetary frequency has moved up enough for you to be able to experience the Light and Love of the Higher Planes in a most profound way. But it is you who chooses to allow this or not.

I have spoken through another channel* at an earlier time about the actual simplicity of the process. I would like to repeat and re- emphasize the essence of that message now. It is about nothing more than your finding and experiencing your own joy in each moment. Is about nothing other than you personally and your own Divine Connection. Whatever you do at any time that is joyful, whenever you are in absolutely enjoyment of the moment - this is your Divine Connection, this is your Empowerment, this is your upward evolution, your return home. You are “Home” when you are in a state of joy. We know that many of you are here under protest, you think. You are mightily resisting life on the Earth plane, and praying for that moment which you can return “home” to the higher dimensions. In truth I tell you that “home” is within you. If you cannot experience joy and love in this here and now, then you cannot go “home.” Some of you are choosing a very long and round about way about r! eturning to home… you are led through experience after experience, lifetime after lifetime. You are always given sign posts that point to your joy and your fulfillment - the way “home.” You choose not to read them, you choose to go along with the “group-think,” the prevailing belief system. You seek masters and teachers whom you think can show you the way home. “Home” is within your heart at all times. In truth, you have never left home. You simply need to remember that. You carry your Divine Light within your very own being. When you are in a state of pleasure and joy, you are home, you are within your Divine connection. It is indeed that simple. Many of you make it much more complicated than it needs to be. I repeat, there are no specific prescribed methods for you to follow, no specific belief systems. WHATEVER it takes to bring you into joy in this moment, that is your Divinity, that is your ascension. The more joy that you allow into your being, the more you will be “home.”! The waiting will be at an end, it will only be you, “now” and your Divine Connection.

Beloved Ones, I am telling you that you can be free of the veil by simply realizing that you are. The frequency level of your planetary consciousness has risen so much that the Light and Love of the Higher Realms are there for the taking. Those of you who are still experiencing “karma” are doing so because you have not realized that you have come out of the old energy into the rarified energy of the 5th dimension. You are still aligning with the lower frequencies of fear. YOU are in charge of this, you are powerful creators, each in your own right. As soon as you set your intent, make your request that you choose to become “Love,” you will be clearly shown the path to do so, and it is not a long one now. You are, each one of you, very close to “Home.” Some of you now are being warmed by the fire in your own hearth.

It has been said in many messages from the Higher Planes, that you are in a time of choosing. You are being asked to choose “Love” over “Fear.” Thus, it is so, you must choose. If you do not choose consciously then you will choose by default. This is a matter of frequency alignment. You must consciously act to align your own frequency with the higher vibration of Love. If you do nothing, or if you fall prey to those who spread lower energies of fear, you will be choosing by default. The time of choosing will not go on indefinitely, your dimensional shift is very well under way. There is no judgment in this, whichever choice you make. All is in according to Divine Plan, there is no failure. If your own evolution as Spirit needs to be at a slower gradient, it will be so. There will be those who will be leaving embodiment, this is also according to Divine plan. It is not everyone’s choice to participate physically in what is to come.

It is to those who are momentarily uncertain that we direct this message. We are reminding you once again that you do have this choice. It is an easy choice to be at effect to the lower frequency energies that are still present in your planetary consciousness. It is an easy choice to read your newspapers and watch your televisions, and agree that the world is a very terrible place. It is the courageous choice to choose to walk the way of the Masters that you are. It is the more courageous choice to be “in the world but not of it.” This also, is more simple to do than most of you think. It all starts with you, and your allowing of your own joy, your searching out your own joy. The only power you have to change anything at all, to make your world a better place, is that power that you hold within you. This is the power that so many of you deny yourselves, somehow thinking that “if it feels good it must be wrong.” Beloved Ones, there is no wrong - there is no right. There is! only what feels good and true for YOU in this moment. It is about YOU and your own Divine Connection. It is not about what is going on in your world, what the other fellow is doing, what you are seeing on the evening news.

Those of you who are choosing Love are being supported in every possible way from we in the Higher Planes. You have called this forth. We can only assist you if you allow us in. We can only work through you if you consent to this by choosing Love. We are in a continual state of joyous expansion as you allow and call forth more of our energies into the Earth plane. We are indeed, very pleased at how the “Great Experiment” has gone. There is more, though, Beloved Ones. Now there will be a new type of Master walking this plane. This will be the Master who has moved into the Frequency of Love in each of the four bodies. This will be the Master who is “in the world but not of it.” Some of these Masters will be teachers, healers, spiritual leaders, some will not. They will be immersed in mainstream humanity. They will be in the cities and towns and in the country. They will be in every geographic location. They will simply be known by the Light of their Being. As the frequencies continue to rise, they will be bringers of many tangible miracles. They will have the “ascended master abilities” that many of you are longing for. You cannot, though, have these abilities until you have fully moved into the frequency of Love. There must be no fear remaining within your being. When you have Love, you have Wisdom, and one must have Wisdom in order to have and use these abilities.

In one sense, this message is a call to those of you who have not consciously chosen yet. It is a promise from me that if you choose Love you will be in no way disappointed. It is a promise from me that you will know states of joy that you had never thought possible here on the Earth Plane. It is a promise from me that you, and we in the Higher Planes, will drink from the Holy Grail together, here and now. You will not have to wait until you die, or until you are rescued from this planet. An infinitude of blessings are yours for the taking, once you choose. Each one of you who is reading this message can be one of these emerging Masters. Each one of you can be “Home” now, instantly, by calling it forth. There are many miracles in the making. Will you join in?

It would be my wish for each one of you that you pause now, in this Sacred Moment, declare and call forth your intention to become Love, to become Who You Really Are. And as you do so, each will be shown the way, the specific path to do that. It does not have to be a difficult thing, a long process. The way is already fully open, thanks to the diligent work of many Bearers of Light. The Highest Beings in all of creation are now able to directly assist you. Once again I remind you, “as you think, so you are.” I would ask each one of you to, for a moment, envision yourselves as the Magnificent Beings that you are, each one a unique point of Source Light. Just for a moment, imagine loving your very own self as much as your Creator loves you, as much as we love you. This is where it all starts, the knowing Who You Are, the becoming a Master. You must learn to love yourself as much as we love you. You must realize that you are not now, were never, ever “unworthy.” You have cal! led forth many amazing ways to shorten the process of moving into Love. You just have to be courageous enough to release the old energy way of thinking.

Within this year in your earth time, 2003, you have already experienced major energetic shifts as your collective frequency rises. There will be more to come. There will be some birth pains as the New Earth comes forth. Know these for what they are, and know that “you choose.” This Solstice, wherever you are in the world, be it Summer Solstice or Winter, you are experiencing the Return to the Light. The door is now open, you may walk through. We eagerly await you.

With these words, now will I leave you. Know that you, each and every one, no matter what you choose in each now moment, are my Beloved Ones. You have come forth into materiality from the nameless, formless void from which all creation begins. You are my manifestation, my pride, my joy, and my eternal bliss.

I AM Metatron

Through Reniyah Wolf, Copyright 2003

*Ascension is Life Lived from Joy, Metatron through Laurie Gilmore