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9/21/97   LADY NADA


Good evening, my friend.  It is I, Lady Nada, come to commune with you this day that a much needed message shall be delivered to those who are efforting toward insights about the current planetary situation.

I come in, and I am of, the Light of Aton, the One Light!  I represent the Solar Plexus energy center of not only the human physical body, but also of the body of your planet and her Solar Plexus energy center.  Remember that you all live within the various energy fields of your planet--and this is an even more direct and "personal" relationship than is the energy coupling with one another of humankind.

Your planet is on the verge of a new, higher-frequency level of vibrational existence.  She has her challenges to face, as do you all.  She has withstood many assaults to her physical well-being.  She has served far beyond what has been asked of her, and as a result, you ones have been given the gift of time.  Many shall soon look back and wish that they had listened and used this gift more wisely.

Many of the more intuitive "seers" who are receiving and sharing their glimpses about the current condition of your planet are still not quite in understanding of a most important level of what is going on.  This living, sentient, grand being, whom most simply look upon as a "hunk of rock" orbiting in "space", has a unique mission and purpose--the same as do you all who are created of The One Light.  I have come at this time to explain some of the deeper aspects of the challenge that a sentient being of this marvelous caliber has chosen to go through.

Earth-Shan is not seeking balance from within.  In her Heart energy center, she is coming into harmony with her Higher Calling.  As a result, she is summoning forth all of the creative energies necessary for the transformation of her physical body back into a state of balanced perfection.  This is not too different from you ones who experience "miraculous" healing when you connect within to Higher Source.  When the Heart energy center and the mind synchronize into a condition of balance, the physical will naturally respond to this balanced, higher-frequency state, and thus come back into balance (health) as well.

Your planetary orb has come into inner balance, and as the outer must follow the inner, for the cleansing process of the physical, she is running a "fever" of sorts and thus setting the conditions for the proper cleansing and rebalancing of her more observable, physical self.  As her circulatory system "speeds up", you ones are likely to feel more and more the fluctuations in her energy field.

Many are experiencing odd sleeping patterns, muscle pains in strange areas of your body, dizzy and/or nauseous spells, and other odd reactions to the energy bursts coming from Mother Earth.  And keep in mind that this natural process is occurring on top of what is being calculatingly pumped into your airwaves, upon the instructions of your Elite controllers, from most un-natural sources, to purposely compromise brain and body functionings of you who must be kept in a state of distraction or incapacitation--else you might wake up to their antics and do something about same.

Though it is hard to differentiate between natural and artificial causes for some of "what ails you" these days, you can know that even the man-made, man-generated electromagnetic frequencies are being countered and dealt with, within, by your loving planet, in the spirit of nurturing all of the life-forms who depend upon her--whether they know it or not!

This is where I, Lady Nada, come into the picture.  Your planet has the same God-given right to call upon Source for assistance as do each of you.  She has called, and she has been (and will continue to be) given all the assistance that she rightfully deserves.  She is awakening what would be equivalently to your Solar Plexus energy center.  As she "revs-up" this energy flow, there shall come into her experience (and yours) great change and balancing.

This is the energy that you ones focus with your thoughts and desires, that causes the "coincidences" and "miracles" to occur.  There are no real coincidences in your experience; there is, however, deliberate creating, using that which is innate within each of you.

You ones tend to fixate more upon selves than upon the world around you.  And while you each are trying desperately to find inner happiness and peace, in your desires for self, there is seldom the consideration for (or attention paid to) achieving inner balance--though this should be first and foremost upon your list of desires.  How can you have any semblance of true peace and joy without a foundation of balance?

Your world is full of disharmony and this out-of-balance condition is the primary cause of your planet's growing "wobble"!  Each who is OUT of balance within self contributes just as much to the whole of the overall balance state of your planetary solar system (and on into the whole of the universe) as do those few who are IN balance.  However, most do not perceive this absolute state of connectedness!  Your Native American brothers have long tried to make this point, but mostly to deaf ears and certainly at great personal expense.

Your planet is on a path to recovery, and in the process she will make physical adjustments that will bring forth the Earth Changes that have been foretold by many throughout the years.  These events, many of which will be regarded as cataclysmic, are "simply" the outward aspects of the inner decision to return to a state of balance on the part of Mother Earth.  She is entitled to this hvc9uf3kn57thsf1t24bbn57t>

Many in the scientific community are beginning to awaken to the now-blatant "oddities" in ocean temperatures and weather patterns.  Even those dark ones who manipulate and control the weather patterns for various reasons of a political nature are experiencing difficulties in the execution of their shenanigans, for they do not understand the awesome energies available to Mother Earth or that of her upward frequency shifts--let alone the idea that they might be dealing with a living, sentient being who has a mind of her own!

There is great compassion from We of the Hosts for ALL life on your planet.  We do not love more or less those of you in a human body than our brethren who have chosen to take on a physical body in the shape of a spherical globe.  We will assist her (your planet) in every way we are allowed, just as we assist you ones who ask for our help at this most magnificent time of growth and renewal.  We will, in effect, help her through her "birthing" struggles--even at the expense of human, animal and vegetable life.

You all knew of this grand challenge prior to coming innt the Solar Plexus enece.  You all have had ample time to prepare and get selves and family into locations that would "logically" provide greater chances for survival.  Those who take action, and not just hear, are the ones who will prevail in the upcoming times.  We shall ALWAYS honor your free-will choices.

Our objective at this time is to provide you ones, who have desire to know and understand, with insights concerning what is taking place upon your globe, so that you can make the most of the experience in the way of personal growth and thus--because of that connectedness again--help facilitate the expansions of ALL of Creation.  In as much as one grows, so too does the entirety of everything everywhere.

What you ones often mistake as "seemingly selfless service" on our part, as the Hosts of God, is much more than selfless, for we derive great inner satisfaction from helping to facilitate the schoolrooms where the most interesting and fantastic experiments are undertaken.  These "jobs" are cyclical and many of you who are there in the physical at this time were, at some other time and place, in similar capacities of we of the Hosts.  It is just that presently you have ch explain some of the de ones might say "of your senses") to play out your hand in projecting forth IN THE PHYSICAL your theories on life, growth, and manifesting creative energy in the physical domain.

This is the time that you ones have long awaited, and yet we monitor that many of you are in fear of that which is coming.  The more "in touch" ones are living in a state of anticipation and these ones will be the ones who will be keeping "things" going while the rest down there go through their "shock" and "disbelief".  And yes, many will there be who transition out of your planetary domain--not so much because they "had to" as because of decisions they have made, perhaps not in wisdom, such as insisting upon continued residence in the proximity of major volcanic or earthquake fault locations.

The changes that will take place on your globe are as natural as when your body changes temperature to fight off foreign invaders such as viruses or flu bugs.  Your planet will be much the better for having gone through the cleansing cycles, and the overall value to the quality of life experience will be greatly enhanced as a result.

e="5">This message will serve you each in your own unique way.  Some shall dismiss it entirely; others will glean from it that which will help them to connect various phenomena in a new and different manner.  The more perceptive reader may find even more "between the lines" here and realize greater purpose to their own life experience.

As has been a recurring theme in many of these "spiritual" writings appearing in CONTACT, you should EACH be consciously efforting to connect to Source FOR YOURSELVES at this time and be SEEKING WITHIN for your personal answers.  Our ability to help you depends upon the efforts YOU make to help yourself.  And though there is just as much compassion on our part for you ones as for Mother Earth, we can only hold your hand for so long and then we will leave you to your choices and lessons.

Again, be thankful for the time that has been GIFTED to you, largely as a result of the great nurturing compassion of Mother Earth for ALL life is dependent upon her.  Treat every day as though it were a personal gift to you, and give thanks to your Mother Earth for her compassion and love for life.  ightfully deserves. &nbayers for her at this time would be very appreciated by her as well.

I am Lady Nada, come with the Hosts of God.  I am sent as a Messenger of Truth in answer to the petitions for greater understanding.  In Light--BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL!



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, September 30, 1997, Volume 18, Number 6, Pages 14-15.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.