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Urgent Message From Ashtar Sheran

Channeled by Samara - Heidi Stadler

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all those who want to be with us, who want to leave Earth because of the chaos and the cataclysms.

Everything is prepared for you.

I have come to assure you that you are welcome with us. Do not be afraid of what will happen. The important thing is to stay centred. And it was so important to make the contact today with your Twin Flame.

You have no idea of the beauty which awaits you in our space ship. It is our star base and it is the unconditional love which reigns there. The Beings who are there have been waiting for you since such a long time. Our contact with the Hollow Earth is very strong and friendly. We are all together. We are all ready to help you in the moment of change which could happen tomorrow.

We have given our channel a lot of pressure over the last days: the pressure to give this message, so that you do not worry about the unknown and are open for the new.

The worries you have are not needed. It is just the rest of the mind which is making up a story, making its game with you. It is so afraid of the unknown. It takes on a role in order to make you even more afraid. And because of that, you have our help, as well as from your Twin Flame.

We have stationed our immense vessels around the Earth.

There are thousands of them. My fleet is always with Sananda. There are also other vessels which have come from even further away to help in this great change - we also say “spectacular performance”, because we know what will happen. Of course, we do not know the date, but it is very near.

We are truly your friends and if we come to you, I would very much like that you are not afraid of us. Those who come from other galaxies have a different appearance, but they are all there to help you. They will never hurt you, because you are the most precious jewel in all the galaxy.

We are all with you.

That is my message for today.

I am your friend Ashtar.