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Sisters of Peace with Music by fJranz Lizst

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Sisters of Peace

The need to fight, to oppose,

is older than red rock hills

rising from the desert landscape.

Springs of violence swell

from a righteous vein

to spread upon the dry ground

soaking evening’s quiet.

A crescent moon softens,

the dipper points to north star

but trouble’s impulse continues.

Across the stony ground

and abroad the night sky

comes the inspiration to lay down arms,

to let the calm of ancient light

bring healing to our troubled thoughts.

Over and again we choose our nourishment,

the paths we take on the fields of Cain.

Perhaps one night, may be this night,

we might follow Orion to discover again

the Sisters of peace and become once more

a home among the stars.




photograph by Robert Aughenbaugh

Reading of “Sisters of Peace” with music by Franz Liszt

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