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Dirk Funk

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He commands the realm between Autumn and Spring,

exacting penalties and granting reprieves to living things.

Conifers sometimes bow down to this governor of snow,

as diverse fauna and flora hibernate in the ground below.

Presiding over the longest night and the shortest day,

Winter heralds new years, as the past fades away.


A severe Winter storm allowed nary a lifeform reprieve;

mercury below zero caused lakes and streams to freeze.

Snow lashed, thunder growled, winds howled and screeched;

ones caught outside gasped for breath and could not see.

Their chance for survival grew increasingly small,

as the fierce gale drove snow and sleet horizontal.


After arctic blast and massive blizzard had their way,

over a drab world of brown, partially concealed,

snow drifts adorned the ground on a sunny day;

a new season unwrapped--Winter's gift revealed.


Kids of all ages were outside, hard at play,

after schools had closed for the holidays.

Countless Yuletide evergreens were on display;

Christmas carols were heard both night and day.

Mundane cares and concerns were put on hold;

higher emotions of love and goodwill did unfold.

Friendly exchanges of Merry Christmas! in the air,

followed by sincere wishes of Happy New Year!


The waters had frozen some six inches thick;

winds had swept clean the surface of the lake.

Villagers gathered skates and dressed in layers

to enjoy a day outside and a well-deserved break.

With skates in hand, I walked the streets alone

and through the forest between lake and home.

Once upon the woodland path, I slowed my pace

to enjoy Nature's cathedral and Nature's grace.


Contrasting against the gray ice was a cheery sight:

guys dressed in earth tones, gals in colors bright,

figure and speed skaters, games of tag, whip-saw lines,

couples skating together as little ones lagged behind.

Some brought hot and cold beverages to share, others,

Yule logs to fuel a bonfire throughout the day.

Smiling faces, all, skating and resting by the fire,

simply happy spending the holiday this way.


Into the evening, large snowflakes gently fell,

before a dynamic firmament of blended pastels.

Most appeared surprised by this celestial sight,

but all were exhausted and parted for the night.

Illumined by headlights, the scenic falling snow

performed for passengers a Winter light show.


Morning arrived early with the squawk of a blue jay.

Outside, a Winter wonderland--'twas Christmas Day.

The even snow glistened in the sun's light like glitter;

awakening birds cheeped, chirped, flitted and flittered.

Cheerful voices and laughter rang out from a hearty few,

through the frosty air in a sun-soaked sky of blue.

Camaraderie and joy prevailed throughout the day,

feasting, exchanging gifts, snowballs and horseplay.

'Twas wondrous, the spirit of brotherly love in the air

-- may this divine emotion touch all lives, everywhere.


Twilight replaced daylight as long shadows grew,

below evolving heavens of ever-darkening hues.

A sudden gust brushed along snow mounds,

stirring into the air, ice crystals of silver-white.

Whirling and swirling round and round,

the "flurrious" vortex sparkled in the waning light.

An ethereal violet veil briefly kissed the eastern sky;

white jewels above slowly appeared before the eye.

The winds relented; twilight became starlight

--'twas Gaia's gift to Mankind on Christmas night.


From Ohio Winters past to the Autumn of Life,

I recall Greenhills' unique and charming face.

Thoughts turn into words as I leave behind

this brief tale of that rare and eventful time.

From out of the village, hills, forests and lake,

to the people I loved and the friends that I made,

came memories so special, they can't be replaced,

from experiences we shared in that idyllic place.


He is the coldest and harshest season of the four,

yet without Old Man Winter, would life not be a bore?

Without his challenges, Man's testing would be small,

his memories of good times much fewer to recall.

For without Winter, there could be no Spring nor Fall,

only one endless torrid Summer, after all.


Dirk R. Funk    ©  2019


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!