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Dirk Funk

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Gone is Nature's respite in Sol's waning light, causing the bitter sting of Winter's night.  Snow and ice melt into rain and dew.  The circle of life begins anew. 

Though each season offers its own appeal, the Vernal Equinox, I've waited for.  Behold fauna and flora arise and regenerate.  The return of Lady Spring makes my heart soar.

Once frozen brooks, now project sound and sight; flashes of light dance on the waters 'neath sunlight.  Rushing, gushing, babbling waters sing night and day, transporting the last vestiges of Winter far away.

Billowing clouds, sudden showers and chilling gusts vie with warm breezes, bright sunshine and azure skies.  Below, the farmer prepares fields and plants his crops, till the day's light dims and the power of sight declines.

Of all the discoveries and inventions of Man, from most decadent luxury to most basic need, I marvel at that which eludes his grasp, to create one small plant or a tiny seed.

Morning dew shimmers brightly in the sun's first light, delivering life-giving moisture to plants and animals alike.  Diurnal creatures arise to greet life-sustaining rays; so begins a glorious new Spring day.

Inclement weather is a mere memory now; flowering plants and trees abound in its wake.  Blossoms of white, yellow, pink, red, violet and blue exude fragrances transcending imitations Man-made.

Migratory birds return home after a southern respite.  Hummingbird cheeps to her mate from nesting site.  Wildlife is busy hunting, feeding, mating and at play; some awaken at night, some at the break of day.

Forests, meadows, hills and dales adorn in hues of green.  Meadowlarks warble amid tall grasses, unseen.  Honeybees buzz about blossoms of peach and pear.  Signs of new life burst forth everywhere.

Spring reawakens desires of my immortal soul: to seek truth and learn that which is yet unknown, to master life's lessons and become a freer man, to become far wiser than that which I Am, to live in balance and harmony with Nature, to co-create with The Greatest Soul--Creator.

Lakes and ponds host a microcosm of new creatures: butterflies and dragonflies flit and flutter among bulrush; fry and tadpoles feed on algae; fish and frogs jump for insects; birds catch fry and tadpoles, feeding their broods underbrush.

Before sunrise, the lake is ablaze in blended colors.  Sunset breezes caress the waters at the edge of night.  Glints shimmering upon ripples dazzle and mesmerize.  Crickets and frogs serenade The Creation by moonlight.

Near mid-Spring, fog begins rolling in from the ocean, creeping up the western slopes, dissolving by mid-day.  The locals call this rhythmic dance of Nature: June gloom and May gray.

Arising from Winter, melding with Summer, Spring emerges and creates the beauty therein.  Each season is vitally unique and none are tame, and change is the only thing that remains the same.

The magnificent cycle of life's rebirth turns again; joyful appreciation of its splendor wells up within.  Spring, the dawn of Nature through Gaia's prod, whispers softly--all life is but the thought of God.

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