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"Hello, Central!" The Dove Writes Of The Coming New World ORder. Is This True? What Should We Do?

Patrick H. Bellringer

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? If it is true and is in the wings waiting, I believe it is time someone really blow the horn. If this is true we do not stand a chance unless something is done immediately. If there is such a thing as help from outer space or where ever, then I suggest they get with the program and help. Let us readers know what you know.



FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer


DATE: March 4, 2006


Dear RR:

Thank you for your letter and question concerning the latest Dove Reports. This discussion of the One World Order's plans of martial law, foreign troops and concentration camps is old news. The Dove is fifteen years behind in her information.

The Phoenix Journals of the early 1990's carried all of this information to warn us of the Darkside's Plan 2000. By the turn of the century the world was to have been under total lock-down, if they had their way. During this same time-period a police officer on the Phoenix, Arizona police force by the name of Jack McLamb, put his life on the line and published a booklet about the New World Order to warn his fellow police officers of the coming disaster.

The booklet is entitled, "Operation Vampire Killer 2000" and can be found on Fourwinds at In the early 1990's the world was asleep and Nuclear World War III was imminent, but Creator God Hatonn/Aton also had a Plan 2000. That also was discussed in the Phoenix Journals (Phoenix Journal # 57 "God, Too Has A Plan 2000!" ). Because people have awakened, the tide has turned against the Darkside. The have missed their goal of world domination by year 2000 by six years and counting. Nuclear world war has been avoided and the world's people are demanding peace.

Creator God Hatonn/Aton aka Christ Michael has decreed an end to war and to nuclear use for evil intent on Earth Shan. The Darkside has fallen, and their plans are in tatters. The only camouflage to cover their falling house of cards is the lying media. The public announcement of NESARA shall cause the curtain to fall and the Truth revealed that is behind the evil media. The Light of Truth always creates the demise of darkness.

The Dove Reports have merit at this time, as a reminder to us of what was to be. The Dove may have a second agenda. Has she been ignorant this whole time and just now discovered the Darkside's Plan 2000? Is she, therefore, presenting this material to her readers to warn them of what is yet to come? The real reason may be to create fear, so people will respond to her call to invest money in the "roll" programs to earn money to buy the gold needed to create the collateral necessary for the new gold banking system required under NESARA, so the New World Order can be stopped. Really?

No, even that scenario has a catch to it. The gold for the new banking system has been in place in the depository banks for years, waiting for NESARA to be implemented. Investing money in these "roll" program will put more money in the banker's pockets and make the Dove a rich, though a featherless, Dove! She lost her spiritual feathers three years ago when she moved into the Shadows. This may be the true agenda.

Know that there will be no martial law allowed in the U.S., ever. The masses shall not be put into concentration/containment camps and incinerators and box car shackles and guillotines. That time is past! With the assistance of the Forces of Light we have soundly defeated the Darkside. All they have left is their charade. Their end is near. Know it, my friend, and walk in peace!

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer