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Good morning, old friend, and thank you for sitting this day.  It is I, Lady Nada, come to commune with you this day so that you and your brethren might have the insights that shall carry you forward in this upcoming time of transition.  I come in service within the Radiant One Light of Creator God.

Many are reaching out at this time for "something more", yet they do not know exactly what it is that they seek.  These ones are restless for they feel the stress of day-to-day living increasing more and more, and thus it becomes harder and harder to function at a rational level without losing one's temper.

This is a time wherein you ones shall have need to control your emotional state to the extent that you will have to monitor every thought and REACTION that you have, and try to trace back to the CAUSE of those thoughts that precipitate a "stressed" mental condition.  This is not easy, especially in the case of a reaction, for the reaction is usually an automatic response (without conscious thought) to your environment, a current situation, or a past-life experience with great emo8ional trauma.  In the case of this latter condition, it is Most difficult to trace back the reactionary response to the cause, yet it is possible with the proper training and guidance.

You ones must be responsible for your actions and reactions of the conditions in which you currently find yourselves, for you have agreed to participate in the game at hand.  Your feelings are OURS!  You must realize that what you feel, regardless of what you may think has caused these feelings, is SELF-generated.  Whatever you feel, whether it be loneliness, frustration, sadness, boredom, anxiety, doubt, or higher emotional feelings such as happiness, joy, love, fulfillment, or certainty-- KNOW that YOU have created these feelings and that YOU have created the conditions that would cause you to have to confront any emotional challenges.

You ones need to stop blaming others for YOUR mental and emotional states.  Take responsibility for what you feel, and what you do, in the haste of emotional excitement, without thinking.  When you can remain rational and calm under these situations, and allow for conscious thoughtful understanding of the entire situation, then you will have diverted much grief for yourself and others.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are feeling anger and frustration, try to step out from the situation and ask yourself, "Why am I allowing this situation to anger me?"  Take the time to think the situation through and find for yourself the part of the situation that you CAN take responsibility for having helped to create.  This is always best done PRIOR to reacting out of anger or frustration.  Know also that, if a situation affects you, whether it be good or bad, then you have helped to create the conditions that precipitate the response within self.

This is one of the main reasons why you are in the physical:  TO LEARN TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THOSE THINGS THAT YOU HAVE CREATED.

At this time on your planet you are being constantly bombarded with all kinds of mental distractions which are designed to keep you in a condition of mental stress.  The intention of these evil, would-be controllers is to keep you so off-balanced that you will not have the mental "headroom" (wherewithal or mental computing ability) left to realize what it is they have planned for you-the-people.

Ones are asking, "What can I do?"  The first and perhaps most important thing you can do is to get yourself educated.  Learn the methods and ways of the adversary.  Learn to recognize the subtleties that he uses to "push your buttons".  Learn to recognize the clues he is required to leave when he is manipulating  [you and]  ones around you.

Know that I am referring to the very real entities, Satan and Lucifer.  These ones, whatever your perception may be of them, are masters in their own right and should be taken most seriously.  Know also that when you have Creator God on YOUR side, you have nothing to fear, for they cannot touch you.

Many think that they have God of Lighted Creation on their side, or that "Jesus" will "save" them-- but these ones have bought into the lies and distractions and are heading down a path of irresponsibility.  Esu "Jesus" Immanuel was impaled and left for dead, and now, some two thousand years later, ones are still giving thanks for his sacrifice.

This was a blood-human sacrifice.  Blood-human sacrifice is satanic, whether it happened two thousand years ago, two million years ago, or two days ago.  Ones are still running around  symbolically drinking of his blood and eating of his body.  This is vampirism and cannibalism at best!  Yet ones partake in these rituals without thinking for themselves what it is they are actually doing-- all the while believing they are somehow pleasing God and glorifying the pain and suffering of a Christed Being.

God of Light does NOT need human physical blood to prove your love for Him-- He never has and never will.  God knows your heart intent and desire.  You must begin to realize that the adversary controls those ones who so easily give up their personal responsibility as to not even think for themselves what it is that they do so mindlessly and ritualistically.

When the adversary can get you to give up your personal responsibility, then he has won, for you will no longer give thought to your actions, for you will believe that the one to whom you gave your responsibility will take care of you and protect you.  You will believe that you no longer need to worry about the condition of your world or how your actions (or inactions) affect the whole.  The adversary no longer has to worry about you, at this point; for you have given over your inner, God-given power to another.  Now, all he has to do is control the other and he, in turn, controls YOU!  Who might YOU think controls all those religions?!

Think for yourself and be your own person.  If you find yourself feeling confused, then seek diligently and consciously to understand why you feel that way.  You may find yourself looking at some "seemingly" unrelated situations, but keep in mind that all is connected to all.  Also, please keep in mind that if you do not care enough about self to find your own way, then who do you think will?  Perhaps those who would have you give over your responsibility to, or in the name of, another.

You must realize that YOU have, within YOU, all the potential to express and create as a Christed Being.  You will need to earn the responsibility in order to be allowed to use this potential.  If the adversary can keep you in a mental state of irresponsibility, then he, in effect, keeps you from reaching your true Christed potential.  Recognize the game here!

You do not need to follow any one or any group.  You have all that you need to manifest this Christed potential within your being.  This is not to say that you will not have need for lessons and teachers.  It may very well be possible to reach this level of responsibility without the Guides and Wayshowers-- but WHY would you choose such a lengthy path to get from point A to point B, when there are ones who have come for this very reason, to assist you?

For many of you this is merely a review of what you already know.  Please be patient with us for there are many reasons for these messages at this time.  You ones are approaching a time on your planet when the many religions will have to face the fact that they have erred in their perceptions of Lighted Spiritual Truth.  You will have the masses crying out for understanding of what is truly real.

These messages are for you to share with your brethren when they come to you seeking to understand who we of the Lighted Hosts of God really are. We are your Elder Brothers, come to offer a helping hand to any who would seek and desire same.  We come in many forms so as to ease the impact of the various realities  at this time.  Some can accept the fact that there are extraterrestrials who are both spiritually and technologically more advanced than you.  Others may not easily accept the idea of Angels or Spirit Guides. (Angels are simply "God's Messengers", in whatever forms or dimensions they exist.)

These messages are for you of Ground Crew to use as tools, for self and others, so that when the masses come thirsting for knowledge, you can have short, digestible messages to share with them.  Please do not go around trying to force your perceptions of reality off on another.  When these ones are ready, they will be guided to you.  Be forever offering, but do not insist that another listen to you.

Be patient and kind.  Forgive those who may laugh or have laughed at you, for they do it out of ignorance, and that is excusable in God's eyes. Remain humble in the presence of these ones for they are the ones who need these messages the most and they are the ones who you have come  to assist.

May this message help you to understand who you are and why you are there.  I am Lady Nada, Master of the Sixth Ray of Creator's Spectral Expression.  Salu!