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Wynn Free & Gregg Braden

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Feb. 21, 2012


The Shift is Happening Now by Wynn Free & Gregg Braden




There are many quantifiable scientific indicators proving that the Earth and the

Solar System are going through changes which have never previously occurred in

recorded human history. Many psychics and channelers say that we have entered

the beginning of a dimensional shift which is already deeply affecting all of

our lives. And some predict that within the next decade we will enter into an

Ascension process fulfilling the prophecies of Jesus.


Gregg Braden is probably the most recognized person who is evaluating and

revealing the scientific phenomena pointing to this shift. He became intrigued

with all this when he was working for Phillips Petroleum in the late 1970s and

noticed that the magnetics of the earth were at their lowest point in 2000 years

and decreasing at a rapid rate.


Eventually, Braden wrote a book — Awakening to Zero Point — that documented this

and other indicators of our rapidly changing planet.


Wynn: Is it true that the magnetic poles of the earth are in the process of

shifting right now?


Gregg: In May-June-July of 2002, it was very well acknowledged and esteemed

scientific journals actually were saying for the first time that we are in the

process of a polar reversal.


Back in the 1960s, geologists were certain that the earth periodically went

through a reversal. They could tell from core samples, ice samples, and fossils,

as well as magnetized particles that were locked into certain positions in the

rock of the earth. Geologists were so certain about this phenomenon that they

actually mapped out the last four-and-a-half-million years, and the resulting

records suggested that the earth has gone through fourteen of these polar



At that time, back in 1961 and 1962, scientists felt that the last pole reversal

occurred at about the time of the last Ice Age, ten to twelve thousand years

ago. And they were certain it would happen again, but not for thousands of

years, so it was nothing to worry about.


But through the 1990s, geologists continued to refine this kind of information.

They had been saying it took thousands of years for this to happen. Then they

began to say, "Well, it can happen in hundreds of years." But now, recent

evidence from some of the ice cores in Greenland and Antarctica say that it

could happen in as little as a decade.


But now, we know that the poles are actually moving. We're living it right now.

We don't know exactly what that means, because even though it's happened

fourteen times in the last four and a half million years, it's never happened

with six billion people on the earth.


Wynn: Are you saying that it's common knowledge?


Gregg: It's common knowledge to people that need to know these things. For

example, FAA regulations say that when the poles move beyond five or eight

degrees, the runways at the airports have to be renumbered to correlate with the

magnetic headings that the pilots are seeing. The first airport in the United

States to comply with this mandate was Minneapolis/St. Paul, where they spent

something on the order of eighty-five thousand dollars to go through and

renumber the runway headings.


But what happened in the May-June-July time frame of 2002 is that journals such

as Nature, Science, Scientific American, and New Scientist released reports

saying that we are definitely in the process of a magnetic reversal, and the AP

wires picked it up.


Scientists have no idea what the impact is going to be to electronic and

electromagnetic power grids. But even more, they don't know what it means to

human immune systems. Alternative healing modalities have shown a connection

between magnetics and the immune system, which also would imply that our immune

systems could very well be keyed into the magnetic fields of the earth.


We know that birds and animals migrate along the lines of these magnetic fields.

So there is speculation that the changes taking place in the magnetic field are

responsible for the changing migratory patterns in birds that have been recorded

in Asia and North America.


The change in the fields also may explain why whales are beaching themselves.

The lines of navigation that the whales have always followed have shifted and

now lead them onto a beach. When we take them back out into the water and set

them free, they continue to align themselves with the same magnetic lines, and

in following them, they end up on the beach again.


So, yes, it's common knowledge now. The most respected scientific journals say

that we're in this shift. And even though we don't know precisely what that

means, it's significant that it is being acknowledged in peer-review kinds of

literature, and not just in speculative or pseudo-scientific magazines.


Wynn: When was this magnetic shift first acknowledged?


Gregg: It would have been in the June/July time frame of 2002. People were

sending me emails that they had seen it, and giving me references. I also found

references in the magazines myself.


Wynn: Would we survive a complete pole shift?


Gregg: Any answer to that question must of necessity lie within the realm of

speculation, because in traditional recorded human history it's never happened.

On the other hand, there are Native traditions and ancient Hebrew biblical

traditions suggesting that a magnetic shift may have happened even more recently

than the last Ice Age. That was 10,000 to 12,000 years ago, but these traditions

suggest that the last shift may have happened as recently as 3,600 years ago.


Native legends speak of a day 3,600 years ago when the sun rose from the west as

it had always done, hovered in the sky for more than a full day, and set in the

east — but the next day, it rose in the east and set in the west, as it does

today. Hebrew traditions speak of this event, also, saying that it happened

during a battle. The ancient Hebrews took it as a sign that one side was

receiving celestial assistance, because it stayed light long enough for the

battle to complete in their favor.


We can't verify this in the rock or fossil records, because 3,600 years is too

short a period of time for such an event to be reflected there. All we have to

go by are traditions, legends, and myths preserved in oral and written



What the trandition tells us, however, is that if something like this were to

happen, the people of the earth would live through it. It would have to be a

really strange day to live through, but if the ancient legends are true, it

happened and the people apparently survived. However, we don't know how it

affected their lives.


Wynn: Do you have any idea how this magnetic shift might change consciousness?


Gregg: The speculation is that there is a correlation between consciousness and

magnetics. In order to understand how this connection might work, it is useful

to compare it to a computor's memory. The magnetic fields in the memory are held

in place through an electrical charge — a trickle charge — within the computer

itself. When the batteries in the computer die, the charge is gone, and the

memory is lost. We have to reload the operating system.


Similarly, by researchers and descendents of indigenous peoples believe that

when the earth goes through what science sees as a magnetic reversal, it also

will be a great shift and cleansing of the earth's consciousness. There will be

nothing holding all the magnetic patterns that have been put in place. So when

we awaken from this shift, what becomes consciousness will be our truest nature,

our truest essence. And the memory of all of the evil or all the bad things or

all of the grudges or the ego and we've held against one another as individuals

and nations will not be part of that new consciousness, that new grid.


From that perspective, many traditions predict, sense, or speculate that we are

nearing a time of what they call the Great Cleansing, and that this cleansing is

happening at a level of core memory of consciousness.


Wynn: So is it possible to assume that in some way, our memory is connected to

this magnetic field?


Gregg: I think so. I think that because of the strange accounts of the

astronauts who left earth and went into space during the Apollo Program. In

leaving the earth's atmosphere and circling the planet many miles above the

surface, the affects of earth's magnetics were negligible. And the astronauts

began to have experiences that they were not prepared or trained for, that were

totally unanticipated.


When they were in space and looked back to earth, they began having insights and

feelings, awakenings and awarenesses that they had never had when they were on

the earth. It meant something different to each one of them.


In much the same way, friends of mine who went to Viet Nam were all changed when

they came home. It changed everyone. For some, the change was so painful that

they could never speak about it, and for others, the change was a catalyst in

their lives and they spoke of it incessantly.


And I believe there was actually a PBS special that documented this same

phenomenon with the astronauts, that they were never the same afterward. When

they came back, there were some who didn't know what to do with their outer

space experience. Some turned to drugs and alcohol. Others channeled the change

that occurred within them in very positive, life-affirming projects.


One of this latter group was Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who founded the Noetic Sciences

Organization in an effort to validate the phenomenon of human consciousness.

Another astronaut undertook the search for Noah's Ark, and actually found it

embedded in the ice on Mt. Ararat, right where the Bible said it would be.[1]


Wynn: So the implication here is that these astronauts, because they left the

magnetic field of the earth, had some kind of spiritual awakening?


Gregg: They certainly went through a catharsis when they were no longer in the

influence of the earth's magnetic field.


We also see something similar happening when we look at the magnetic fields of

the earth. They are not constant over the surface of the earth, and contour

maps, available through United States Geologic Survey, show the varying

intensities of magnetic fields over the surface of the earth — where magnetic

fields have a very high intensity and where the intensity if very low.


Those fields have shifted over time, and may actually account for why

populations of humans have migrated to the places they've migrated to. They

might have been following these magnetic contours.


What happens is that in the places where the magnetics are very low, where their

effects are negligible, tremendous change and innovation appear to occur. Where

the magnetics are traditionally high, those are the places of stagnation where

changes, although they do happen, take a long time and change is very slow in



If I were coming here from another world and didn't know anything about the

people of the earth, and if I were looking for a place where the opportunity of

change was the greatest, I would look for the zero contour lines. And if you

look at a map of the magnetics on earth today, what you find is that there is a

zero contour line that runs along the West Coast of North America — along the

California coast and on up off the coast of Alaska. In other words, the

magnetics along the West Coast are almost nil!


When we think of the West Coast, we think about wacky California. Well, the

truth is California is a seed, one of several, and it's traditionally been very

innovative in technology, science, fashion, finance, and the arts, because there

is an opportunity for tremendous change there.


Within North American, the flip side of that would be an area of highest

magnetics, where the magnetic fields are the most dense. And you find this down

through some of the Southeastern states — the very states that are traditionally

viewed as being conservative. This doesn't mean that change can't happen there.

What is says, however, is that change takes a long time there, and people have

to see a really good reason before they are going to budge from what they've

always done.


Wynn: So where the magnetic field is less dense, people are more open to the



Gregg: They're open to change, period. It doesn't mean that the change is good,

bad, right, or wrong. It's important to be clear about this. The consciousness

of the people will determine how that change comes about.


I'll give an ironic example. There is a zero contour line that runs right

through the Middle East. It actually runs almost directly underneath the area we

call the Suez Canal, right up into Israel, right along the coast of the Red Sea.

Yes, right in that area is a zero contour line. This means that area is ripe for

change. But again, how that change comes about — whether it's peaceful and

constructive or angry and destructive — is determined by the consciousness of

the people who live there.


Wynn: So it's not good or bad either way?


Gregg: Precisely. It simply is an opportunity for change. At the same time, the

highest magnetic contour lines noted anywhere on the planet earth have

traditionally been in portions of the former Soviet Union, Russia, and Siberia.

We know that in that part of the world, there was a system that was in place,

and while change came about, it was slow and painful, a long time coming, with a

lot of suffering. But when that change happened, there was a cascade effect, and

it happened almost overnight.


So the correlations are very interesting between human consciousness, the

opportunities for innovation, change, doing things in a new way, and the

magnetics of our world.


The Earth has many areas of high and low change.


Wynn: Our readers are going to want to know how they can best face the changes

that are coming in our world as a whole.


Gregg: I'll be as concise as I can. I think that the answer to that is perhaps

encapsulated best in the words of those who have come before us, the ancient

Essenes, in a text that's more than 2,500 years old. It reminds us of our

relationship to the world around us, and says simply that the world around us is

nothing more and nothing less than a mirror of what we have become from within.


So when we see a world that appears angry, cruel, and thoughtless, that produces

suffering for our brothers and sisters all over the world — from this

perspective, that world is a mirror of what we have become as individuals,

families, societies, and nations. It's not right, wrong, good or bad. It's

simply a reflection of who we are. The condition of the planet is a feedback



So if we want to see change in our world, we must become that change in our

every day lives. If we want to see peace, tolerant understanding, compassion,

and forgiveness at the global level, we must become that. At the dinner table.

With our families. We must become that with our schools.


We must demand that we be entertained through peace, compassion, and

understanding. It doesn't have to be dull and boring. It can still be very

exciting, but it does not have to be ruthless, thoughtless, cruel, or heartless.


So in our daily lives, every moment of every day, we make a choice that either

affirms or denies life in our bodies. Because we are linked through this grid.

Our individual choices all pool into the collective answer to our future.


If we'd like to see a collective change, we must individually become that



Wynn: We have this date of 2012 that many people are saying is this time of

global shift or Ascension. What do you think is going to happen?


Gregg The date 2012 is interesting because it comes up in Mayan traditions,

Egyptian traditions, some of the Christian traditions, and even in the Bible

Code — which is very controversial unto itself.


My sense is this date could be any date. If we focus on a date and live our

lives preparing for a change on that date, we miss life. From my perspective, if

we simply live each day of our lives to its fullest, we reconcile the

experiences that cross our paths each day, we reconcile the opportunity to honor

life, to honor our relationships with one another.


If we are honest, truthful, considerate, caring and compassionate, if we live

this each day, we have already prepared for whatever could possibly come on 2012

or any other day, any other year, any time in our future.


I know people who are living their lives hoarding boxcars full of food and

ammunition, preparing for the day when our world changes. I understand, and I

think it's good to be self sufficient. I understand what they are saying. But

also what I've seen is that so much of their lives is dedicated to preparing for

that day, they've missed the beauty and the mystery of life that unfolds in

every day. And it's in perceiving this beauty and mystery that we prepare for

the greatest challenges!


Wynn: So basically, if one wants to approach this change with the maximum

positive outcome for themselves, the key is to live each day with the maximum

output of love, compassion, and caring?


Gregg: Yes, and to do this, we have to live each day consciously. Be aware of

the opportunities. Recognize the opportunities that cross our paths. Every day,

we're given the opportunity to be tolerant of another belief system, to forgive

someone who has hurt or angered us, to reconcile our own judgments about what

should or should not be in our world.


If we can reconcile these things as they cross our paths and consciously deal

with them in the moment, then we know we're changing the chemistry of our bodies

by changing the way we feel, and are thus preparing ourselves for whatever

transitions the earth is going to go through.


If that makes sense.


Wynn: Yes, it does to me. Is there anything really important to close with for

our readers that I might have missed?


Gregg: For the first time in our history, the fate of our species, our entire

species, rests upon the choices of a single generation. And what we've just done

is talked about what some of those choices are all about.






You can see photographs of a ship buried in the ice, right on top of the

mountain. The government in Turkey is now refusing to let anyone excavate

because of all the religious implications.