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Jan. 4, 2012

(NaturalNews) Now that we've started 2012, it's time to reflect on the possibilities of what 2012 may bring. Many have interpreted the Mayan calendar as a harbinger of end times. The rumors of earth changes and natural cataclysms abound.


Extreme climate changes, outrageous earthquakes and volcanoes, even the earth's magnetic poles shifting or the earth stopping its rotation and spinning the other way have been posited as probable.


For sure, there have been some serious natural disasters over the past two decades. But these have occurred throughout inhabited earth's history. Less planetary population in earlier times resulted in less victims than what we have seen lately.


Besides, it seems there have been more manmade catastrophes lately. So thinking we are approaching the end times of life on earth is probably not true.


What the Mayan prophecies actually are




That's what a couple of Mayan calendar experts think. Carl Johan Calleman and Carlos Barrios have determined that we are approaching the end time of our socio-economic comfort zone. This will include a socio-economic power shift. It will be uncomfortable for many, especially those who won't adapt with their own shift of consciousness.


According to the Mayan prophecy masters, the economic and social control shifts will force those who are ready into higher states of consciousness.


Spiritually evolving is what the enlightened masters say life is really all about anyway. Others will simply suffer more as they have depended too long on materialism and consensual mind control for their comforting illusions.

Those who refuse to contemplate life more fully and connect to their inner selves will have more problems and be hit hardest.


Perhaps the difference between 2012 changes and other civilization collapses is this time there may be a real and total change instead of life as usual with different clothes and customs using higher tech tools of destruction.

Preparing for the best and worst of 2012

Storing food, heading for the hills, buying gold or silver, and growing your own food are among the most common suggestions by those who have been predicting what's arriving. But not all of us are able to carry out most of those suggestions.


The coming tyranny has become blatant. Buying wholesome food or supplements may prove difficult at best. So now is the time to incorporate all the healthy lifestyles proposed by Natural News and the Health Ranger for getting stronger and healthier.


Growing your own food garden would be great, but not everyone has that option. However, storing grains and dry beans as you buy them may help get through the leanest times. Learning to make the healthiest bread and juice is wise too.


So is sprouting. You can create an internal garden with sprouting. The Natural News store has devices that make it easier. When it comes to natural medicine, it's easy to make your own tinctures from herbs purchased or grown yourself.


And even if you're deprived of the natural resources you're accustomed to, becoming proficient with Yoga, Chi-Gong, or any similar energetic health and healing practice is something you can start now.


Spiritual practices such as meditation can help you develop the equanimity you'll need for trying times. This will improve your emotional and mental state no matter what comes your way. And you might evolve some spiritually as well. All of these suggestions are explained further if you use the search tool on top of this website.


An enlightened yogic master once said there are two things you take with you when you pass on: Your karma and your knowledge of your higher self. That higher self is the consciousness which unites us all. This awareness makes serving the greater good easier (


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