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HIStory Indeed! Human Origins

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The wonderful thing about listening to him is that when you hear him say these things you get the feeling that its right because it feels so.  I forget which native chieftain was quoted with the phrase “It takes only a few words to speak the truth.” but Max Igan speaks in just such a manner.

His site is  The Crow House, his you tube channel you can get to by clicking here.  On either you’ll find a wealth of information.  One such tidbit that keeps on giving is his free E – Book Earth’s Forbidden Secrets Part One Searching for the Past.  I always bring it with me when I head out to the beach.  My daughter and I find it fun to read the fascinating finds to each other.

Lately I’ve been listening to his podcast entitled Surviving The Matrix with Maxwell Igan and find him to be a good mix of wake up info mixed with a healthy attitude about how to handle the world now that you see it without filters.

This video below opens his movie The Awakening so you can get an idea for the type of work he brings to the table.


Nov. 29, 2010