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Does It Feel Like Something Big Is About To Happen?

Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media

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Part - I    "The Change and Challenge of Internal Discord" 


This article will address both current scientific events and tends, and social economic stressors. To put another way -- I intend to highlight current events which address earthquakes, volcanoes and other earth changing events. I will also suggest a parallel to human emotions and discord.


Our ancestors have suggested through ancient text, there will be times when earth changing events will escalate. It is also said that in concurrence with such events, humans (and animals) will experience emotional stressors within. Various ancient texts have stated: "During this time of transition, the universe will experience a sudden (and gradual) shift of change." To put another way: What we witness externally i.e. earthquakes, volcanoes etc. we may also experience "internally" i.e. stress, confusion, depression, rage.


"As Within - So As Without" 

"Within" would refer to personal human challenges in the way of emotional discord. This could be related to relationships, employment, finances, injuries or illness, and displacement. Our Mayan elders have told us the period we are in has put us at a crossroads. We have a choice to shed what no longer works and embrace the essence of 'integrity'. Or, we have the choice of holding on to what is familiar and known. The latter suggest the holding on to old ways of being that may no longer be useful, and most likely have become self-defeating.


No one can argue change can be very difficult, especially if it comes quickly. This is exactly what we are facing in the world right now, in this day and in the next and for some time. The questions needing to be asked are not yet awake. They are still yet slumbering behind the elements of fear and foreboding. Once our fears, resistance, disheveled thoughts of knowingness which now appear as no longer knowing, which then places us in yet a heightened state of angst which quickly evolves into undefined free-floating-anxiety. To put in simple layman's terms --our individualized personal worlds could be turned upside down. Oh great ... what then!


It will depend on each individual's ability to adjust to rapid change. The vast majority of all humans of the world are ill prepared for the magnitude of a shifting paradigm. Most of us world-wide have fallen asleep into the rush-rush world of survival. We have detached from our primal selves. From the innate genes of our ancestors who knew the way of the world, the way of community, the way of tribal relations, the way of living on and with the Earth as our nurturing giver of life.


As a result of evolving in this manner -- of which many would argue there is 'no' evolving, but going the way of devolving. -- We have departed from our sacred self. But don't blame yourself. The elders tell us this is exactly the way it was supposed to be. And Now -- we are at the crossroads of choosing something else. The something else is named "Integrity". Are we in harmony with or true spiritual selves? Have we become so dumbed-down that we are blind to what has become.


Perhaps the more important question is - do we have what it will take to right ourselves to survive the "internal" shift which is beginning to press hard into our lives. One predominate example is to witness 'in our lifetime', the demise of the United States becoming a 'subordinate nation'. There is every indication the US dollar will no longer be the world standard of trade by years end.


As our current Mayan elders have been telling us over the years and on Earth Changes Media since 1998, "Greed has contaminated the world". When this was told to us just 10 years ago, most of us just kind-of nodded our head thinking yea, yea you're right, but our governments would never let greedy corporate dictators take over. We now see how wrong and naïve we were.


But there is a greater good coming our way. It will have the effect of a "check-mate" on this devolution road we are on. There is a force which will give us little choice but to join back together as communities. That force will be mother-nature herself. Yes, it will be the earth changing events which are to unfold as the "external" fulfills its mission.


Most all scientific disciplines in the area of earth science and space weather have provided empirical evidence an escalation of earth changes events will unfold in our lifetime.


We have entered the "window" -- that is to say "window of opportunity" for the two forces to join together which will facilitate (I would like to thing by divine order) the transition ancient text has long outlined for this very time.


We are in the period of 14 days prior to, and 14 days which follow a full solar eclipse which occurs July 22nd.


Read my article: "July Solar Eclipse and What May Happen; A Historical View"




Coming Tomorrow: 

Part - II  


"The Changes and Challenge of Rapid Earth Changing Events i.e. Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Hurricanes, etc." 

Stay Tuned...............