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Are the Plants and Animals Going to be Evacuated???


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There is no need at all for saving plants and such from this planet. Who do you think stocked this planet to begin with??? They will evacuate pets and animals that people have developed a special relationship with, because they don't want a lot of upset people all at once. I've evacuated planets before this one, and trust me, they know what they are doing. People are well trained to do the evacuation process.

It is my understanding that plans have changed once again, and so they are gearing up for a rush evacuation. They can't wait forever for the people to announce NESARA anymore. There is an excellent chance that the planet will do her thing in the next two weeks. Even though there is some confusion upon the ships, they know what to do. Planetary evacuation is a fairly common thing, for various reasons.

Though you will absolutely will not see it in the mainstream news, Yellowstone is heating up very nicely, and they are watching the super-volcano closely. Don't panic, don't run and cause even more trouble. Those closest to the volcano can be evacuated in one second if the need arises. They can evacuate the whole planet, on, inside and above the planet in 15 minutes, because there are literally millions of ships here (you don't seriously think those lights in the sky are suns, do you?) ready and on high red alert NOW!!! The massive computers know where you are at all times. (And we have evacuated some from bathrooms even!!) So stay calm. It literally does not matter where you are when the call is given. They will get you.

So do not worry about the small stuff, everything you need can be gotten up on the ships. Women, do not even worry about your purses!!! The important thing is to get the people off the planet. And that will be done. You can locate your loved ones later on. They know where everyone is, and you can get together later on, after the rush is over.

There will be no time for conversation when this is going on. You will just be evacuated. No choices to make. Sorting out will happen later. So just enjoy the extremely brief ride. You have seen people 'beamed up' on Star Trek. It is, in reality, much faster, but essentially the same process. Stay calm and remain in love. Transporters don't hurt you if you have love in your aura. We can see your aura. That is why Sananda puts so much focus on 'love thy neighbor as you love yourself'. He meant it literally. When you love others, you have love in your aura and you are saving yourself. LOVE IS THE KEY!!! Those that are protected by the love in their aura can be evacuated easily.

Naturally, those would be taken first, because they are easiest to do. There will be a few landings for those who don't.

This is how we divide the wheat from the chaff, it is a decision on your part, not ours. These that hate, steal, kill, etc. Cannot be evacuated, by their own choice. To do so would hurt them and probably kill them. Karma is perfect justice. You cannot fake love.

Just remember that the body dies, not their spirit. They will also be sorted out later on. They will go to another 3D planet and begin their schooling all over again. Just not on this planet. She is ascending so they couldn't remain here anyhow.

They will have their chance to learn how to love. It will just take a while longer.

Those that have learned how to love have graduated!!! See you up on the ships!!!