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FULFORD: Western world revolts against Satanic ruling class [FULL Report]

Benjamin Fulford

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There is a massive attack taking place against the Satanic ruling cabal in most Western countries. This is being seen in mass demonstrations, military moves and criminal prosecutions.

Take a look at these huge demonstrations in Italy, Australia, Austria, Switzerland, Brussels, etc. It looks a lot like what happened just before the fall of the Berlin Wall in Eastern Europe.

The pattern is the same, the ruling class -facing bankruptcy and popular revolt- increases repression of the population. This creates a negative feedback loop by causing ever more popular discontent until the military and police join the people and overthrow the ruling class.

After Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg decided to confine unvaccinated people, the police and the military announced they would refuse to control the “health passes” in the name of “freedom and human dignity.”

“Europe has fallen. Austria was lost and the rest will all collapse by year end,” says MI6.

In North America as well, a major military campaign against the cabal has begun. This is being seen in the media as large floods that have cut off Vancouver, Canada, from the rest of the country.

“If anyone thinks this climate storm that severed Vancouver from the ROC was anything but the military, you are jackass morons. The odds of EVERY highway being closed defies probability. The intensity of the storm defies the natural law of the area. This was weather warfare and the landslides were equipment deployed during the summer by the Canadian Military with crates of explosives labeled Operation Atlas Strike 21. We saw the crates being offloaded from the C17 Globemaster III transports in Kelowna,” a CIA source says.

The floods have coincided with Canadian television broadcasting news about the arson at three freemason temples in Vancouver. What is interesting is that the arson took place in March but it is being broadcast as if it is happening now. Canadian Secret Intelligence Service and CIA sources say the roads have been blocked to prevent criminals from escaping from police action against the Synagogue of Satan in Vancouver. This Satanic temple has been identified as using money from Communist China to fund Antifa and Black Lives Matter demonstrations and sabotage throughout North America.

The Gnostic Illuminati has also now re-emerged in East Asia. They have declared war against the Unification Church, the East Asian drug and weapons dealing allies of the Bush Nazi faction, Illuminati sources say. They say they will use one of the 500 megaton nuclear bombs they took from the Russian submarine Kursk in 2000. The specific target is the Kansai plain in Japan. This area includes the cities of Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe. The sources say they will be destroyed on December 21st unless the following demands are met:

  1. The Japanese government use state and corporate media networks to inform its people the truth about what happened in Fukushima on March 11, 2011
  2. Arrest all Japanese politicians, gangsters etc. who were complicit in the attack.
  3. Inform the Japanese public that the pandemic is fake and apologize for coercing people to wear masks, take vaccines and suffer economic hardship as a result
  4. Arrest all people involved in promoting the fake pandemic and vaccines in Japan
  5. Stop financial support for the criminal and fake Biden administration.

The White Dragon Society supports the demands of the gnostic Illuminati but does not support the mass murder of innocents for political goals. It has thus has asked the Illuminati to not destroy the Kansai plain. However, an evacuation of civilians and cultural treasures from the area is recommended if these demands are not met because the Illuminati seemed determined to go ahead, explaining the ruling class of the Kansai plain was deeply involved in the plan to destroy and evacuate greater Tokyo during the Fukushima attack of 2011.

The move against the Japanese guilty parties in Fukushima is possible thanks to testimony by former Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, Mossad sources say. It’s also because three of the top Fukushima perpetrators were fired from Mossad, the sources add.

To understand the evil being fought both in Japan and the West, we need to look at ancient Babylon, the ultimate source of the evil permeating Western and parts of Eastern civilization. (As a matter of background; the Japanese ruling class based in Kyoto claims it originated in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt).

A message to Asian secret societies from a British royal reads as follows, “We face a shared enemy” so “East and West need to come together to vanquish wrong and defend the right irrespective of race, creed or color.”

As an example of how ancient this enemy is, we note the ancient Assyrian king Ashurnasirpal II (who ruled from 883 to 859 BC) wrote “I built a pillar over against the city gate and I flayed all the chiefs who had revolted and I covered the pillar with their skins.” He burned, blinded, and beheaded rebels, set “maidens” ablaze and condemned opposing soldiers to die of dehydration in the desert.

The reason this ancient history is being mentioned is that the ruling Satanic western elite is still burning young women.

The extremely graphic and disturbing video below was found during the raid on Jeffrey Epstein’s Island. It shows a naked girl being burned with a blow torch, apparently to harvest adrenochrome.  

This is not a random crime, but part of a systematic harvest of children. To join the rich and famous in the West participation in child sacrifice and the resultant blackmail is necessary. FBI statistics show that more than 40,000 children vanish each year in the US, never to be seen again. That is a rate that is over 20 times higher than in countries like those in Africa that do not have a Satanic ruling class.

Take a look at the following picture of celebrities who have visited Epstein’s Island.

The indictment charges Miramax Films, the Walt Disney Corporation, Universal Music, Vivendi, Sprint Corporation, Viacom CBS, the City of New York Police Department, Sony Entertainment and over 200 John Does with “stalking, repeated drug use, kidnapping, sexual assault, abuse, extortion, unlawful surveillance, decades of human trafficking and sexual assault,” among other charges.

file:///C:/Users/benja/OneDrive/%E3%83%87%E3%82%B9%E3%82%AF%E3%83%88%E3%83%83%E3%83%97/benjamin/2021/images2/gov.uscourts.nysd.543369 .2.0.pdf

Convicted criminal Joao Teixeira de Faria was one of the suppliers of slaves to Epstein Island, according to CIA sources.

He enslaved hundreds of girls for years, serving as wombs to get pregnant so their babies could be sold. These girls were murdered after ten years after they gave birth. He was interviewed by Oprah and treated Bill Clinton.

Of course, Epstein Island was only one small center. There are many others, such as the Getty Museum.

The British King claims to have seen a video showing Barbara Bush (daughter of Church of Satan founder Aleister Crowley), George Bush Sr, David Rockefeller and others on a tape in a bloody orgy of murder at the World Trade Center.

We are trying to get a copy of this video from the Mossad to let the world know about it. About Queen Elizabeth II, the King says that much has been done to her over the years – including Diana – but she has survived and is very much alive.

In a sign of how hard they are trying to keep her alive, the source says all the palaces have been stripped to the bone for bugging devices. All the floors have been ripped out. The precautions are being taken because of the ongoing state of war against the Satanists, the source said.

As observant people know by now, the Satanist ruling class has been using mass vaccinations and Mark of the Beast-style vaccination cards to try to establish totalitarian rule in order to stay in power. Their vaccination campaign is now collapsing, not just because of the demonstrations, but because of the sheer incompetence of the people running the campaign.

In Australia, Victorian Health Minister Georgie Crozier says the Andrews government’s controversial pandemic law is a complete shambles. The contradictions, U-turns, etc., were evidence of a dysfunctional government, Crozier said.

For example, you have to show proof of vaccination to buy shoes, but not to visit a nursing home. In Israel, the government confirms that infections, diseases, and fatal injuries occur only in vaccinated individuals.

That’s probably why the FDA is asking a federal judge to give it until 2076 to fully release Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine data. So the feds give Pfizer billions of dollars, shield it from liability, force Americans to take their product, but don’t let you see the safety or efficacy data?

In contrast, North Korea reports zero cases of new coronavirus after another round of testing, despite vaccine shortages

North Korea one of only two countries yet to begin COVID-19 vaccinations: WHO

So many problems came together at once. Food and energy prices have gone up.

Deficits of $5.9 trillion in the 24 months ending Sept. 30, 2021, and an expansion of the Fed’s balance sheet by nearly $5 trillion in the same period have irrevocably damaged the entire price structure of the financial system and the economy

We now find out that the phony Biden regime is selling the U.S. strategic petroleum reserves to China to delay bankruptcy for a while longer.

The situation is so bad that commodity trading advisors are now 100% recommending selling US government bonds.

What we will see will not just be the collapse of the United States. It will be the collapse of a system of secret tyranny that goes back thousands of years.

The European white nobility (as opposed to the dark nobility), the white hats in the Western military and government agencies are on the side of the people. We all need to do our part and keep fighting because these people have no intention of going quietly into the night.

When the Lake Geneva area, home to over 200 international organizations, is liberated, humanity will finally awaken from a long and terrible nightmare.

**By Benjamin Fulford