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Mike Adams

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Despite all the alarm and warnings about fossil fuels and carbon dioxide emissions, the “scientific” establishment has systematically blocked the publication of science papers and the dissemination of knowledge about cold fusion, also known as Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR).

LENR describes a phenomenon that has been replicated in hundreds of laboratories around the world, including labs in Japan, China, France, Italy, and across the USA. It involves the release of excess heat energy — unexplainable by normal chemical reactions — through an electrochemical process that transforms mass into energy via a mysterious fusion-like phenomenon that takes place at temperatures close to room temperature.

Originally announced by Fleischmann and Pons at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, in 1989, so-called “cold fusion” (which was never called cold fusion by Fleischmann and Pons, by the way) was almost immediately derided as fiction by establishment physicists who were trained in hot fusion (involving a plasma). The Dept. of Energy, which protects the industry of nuclear fuel in order to produce weapons-grade nuclear materials as a byproduct of nuclear fuel production, crudely denounced cold fusion as a hoax. This all took place before the rise of the internet and the alternative media, so the entire narrative was controlled by the establishment media (NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, etc.)…. which we now know routinely lies to the American public about everything of substance.

Thus, the entire field of cold fusion, representing the best hope for renewable, clean energy for humanity, was maliciously discredited by the scientific establishment in order to protect the careers and reputations of “hot fusion” scientists and bureaucrats. As part of the campaign to destroy any research into cold fusion, two brilliant scientists — Fleischmann and Pons — were discredited, ridiculed and smeared by the establishment. They were labeled con artists and quacks, even as they had given the world an extraordinary gift that could revolutionize the application of clean energy technology for the world.

(You’ll recognize this pattern everywhere: When a brilliant researcher dares to announce something that makes the status quo obsolete, they are immediately attacked, smeared and ridiculed, then stripped of all funding and sometimes even criminally prosecuted and imprisoned. This is what “science” has become in our world: An authoritarian cult of thought police, now fully protected by the tech giants that censor all opposing views on every subject involving science and medicine.)

The science establishment has become a dangerous cult of anti-knowledge and the suppression of real innovation for humanity

This just further proves how so-called “science” is actually a dangerous anti-knowledge cult. No evidence that contradicts the current beliefs of the cult is allowed to be presented. No facts that don’t fit current models will ever be published. The science establishment has abandoned the search for knowledge and truth, and in its place we now get total junk science lunacy pushing progressivism nonsense like the absurd idea that there are an infinite number of genders and than “men can have babies.”

And instead of embracing the promise of LENR technology which could replace billions of barrels of oil consumption around the world, the scientific establishment instead pushes the climate change hoax, pretending that carbon dioxide is a pollutant that will destroy the world. (In fact, CO2 is the miracle greening molecule for all plant life on Earth. Without it, human civilization and nearly every food web on the planet would collapse.)

Mainstream “science,” in other words, has become a complete joke. Meanwhile, governments around the world are spending hundreds of billions of dollars trying to build a hot fusion plasma reactor that so far has eluded any practical achievement. By current estimates, the hot fusion scientists might be able to produce one calorie of excess heat by the year 2050. Yet Fleischmann and Pons were already producing excess fusion-like heat energy in a low-cost lab in 1989. For pennies, essentially… not billions of dollars.

You think mainstream “science” is the search for the truth? Think again. It’s really about keeping humanity uninformed, illiterate and enslaved under the tyranny of dangerous vaccine ingredients, nuclear weapons, poorly-designed nuclear power plants and ill-conceived GMOs that threaten mass genetic pollution across our croplands. The realm of “science” has become more interested in suppressing knowledge than sharing it. And academia has become almost entirely corrupted by corporate-funded “scientism” that promotes toxic chemicals (medications, herbicides, chemotherapy, etc.) which are devastating life across our fragile planet.

Establishment “science,” in other words, has become a clear and present danger to the future of life on Earth. And its primary goal is the suppression of knowledge and discoveries that could revolutionize the future of human civilization.

Learn more about cold fusion, LENR and the collapse of “science” into cultism. The website hosts many fascinating podcasts with some of the best LENR scientists of our time. covers cold fusion research news and revelations from around the world.

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