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Germany signals massive drop in Russian gas as European “sanctions” regime begins to unravel

DIESELGEDDON – America’s diesel supply on verge of catastrophic collapse, leading to HALTING of food, fertilizer, coal and energy

Energy prices set to skyrocket further as Biden takes troubling action

Blistering new report takes down media's gas-price narrative, reveals 81 ways Biden sent prices sky high

SORCHA FAAL: World Trembles Before “Lord Of World” Putin’s Energy Apocalypse 24-Hour Deadline

SORCHA FAAL: Biden Warns Of “Long Fight Ahead” As Mexican Death Blow Nears


Skyrocketing fuel costs spark mass protests in France, Spain and Albania

Director Adam McKay Demands Defunding of Fuel Industry as Gas Prices Crush Working Class

Stop soaring gas prices . . .

Up, Up, and Away: Biden/Democrat Policies Drove Gas Prices Sky-High Before Putin Attacked Ukraine

Gas and the Great Reset . . .

Paying Iran for oil . . .

Is this his plan to eliminate oil and gas? . . .

Drill Baby, Drill . . .

Oil prices soar as Russian sanctions stir supply chain concerns

Energy markets in turmoil as European gas climbs 60%

Rapidly Intensifying European Energy Crisis Deliberately Manufactured by Globalists DURING COLD WINTER to Turn Every Nation Against Russia

Utility warns customers of looming blackouts under Biden energy policy President considering shutting down yet another pipeline project

Massive energy and power crunch coming soon as U.S. coal producers have already sold their coal inventories for 2022