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Stop soaring gas prices . . .

Mat Staver

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Gas prices have reached as high as 8.49 per gallon for premium unleaded. Gas prices will continue to climb higher—unless we push for a new solution.

Biden’s horrible plan is to try to form a new, under-the-table partnership with the brutal communist dictator of Venezuela. It is shocking that Biden wants to rely on Venezuela and Iran and even Russia—which I’ll explain below. The fact is that we could easily begin producing our own oil and natural gas again by ending Biden’s foolish restrictions.

America desperately needs to become energy independent. Sen. Ted Cruz knows this is critical and just introduced the “Energy Freedom Act.” We can never be free when we rely on nations who hate us.

Legislators in D.C. must be flooded with messages of support for Sen. Cruz’s bill and other efforts for our nation to be self-reliant. Urge our federal legislators to demand energy independence today. — Mat

Joe Biden’s team was so bad at negotiating the Iran Deal the first time around, he asked Russia to negotiate this time—supposedly on America’s behalf.

Who could have imagined the United States would display such incompetence in its foreign policy?

“How hair-raising, then … even as Russia was marshaling its invasion forces, the Biden administration was relying on Russia as its principal intermediary in the negotiations with Iran. It’s doubly humiliating,” said one news outlet.

As it stands right now, we are:

  • Renewing the JCPOA Iran Deal, which removes sanctions on Iranian oil, making it available for sale.

  • Negotiating with Venezuela to purchase oil.

But that’s not all. Not only are we effectively trading Russian oil for Iranian oil, but this gives Russia the ability to trade weapons with Iran and gives Iran permission to store nuclear material in Russia—a country that publicly threatened the world with nuclear war.

This must STOP!

Join Liberty Counsel Action in flooding Congress with demands that America become energy independent, and that we stop relying on corrupt and brutal leaders that hate America. Send your urgent faxes to Congress urging them to pass the “Energy Freedom Act” today.

Biden insists on tying the hands of Americans to refine and transport the oil and gas that is already here. He summarily blocked the Keystone XL Pipeline. Then yesterday, Biden publicly slapped these companies, blaming them for not increasing production! Yet he was the one who shut down the method of supplying their product to their customers!

The problems we are facing today are much deeper and more complicated than misguided attacks on our own people. Now, Biden is bringing together an axis of powerful nations against America. He is throwing cash at nations that hate us, like Iran and Venezuela.

This is insane! Biden is arming our enemies with cash and weapons when we could instead be supporting American oil and gas production!

This is a serious threat to America. Demand that Congress protect our nation and allow us to create our own self-reliance. STOP Biden’s bad decisions and support Sen. Cruz’s bill for natural gas and energy independence with your faxes today.

The problem with American energy dependence gets much worse. This does not just affect gas prices. It affects the price of everything. From food and clothes that must be transported to plastics that are by-products of production and even to an Uber ride, dining at a restaurant and a car repair bill—the final price will be much higher unless we create a solution.

We cannot wait for Biden to mess us up even more. Higher gas costs will cripple our nation.

Instead of calling drilling companies to open up again, Biden chose to attack those companies and refineries in a speech yesterday for not supplying more, even though he was the one who shut down their ability to get their product to consumers.

Legislators in D.C. need to be flooded with messages of support for Sen. Cruz’s bill and other efforts like supplying natural gas so our nation can be self-reliant. Urge our federal legislators to demand energy independence today.

Our ministry is about making your voice heard on Capitol Hill and demanding that Congress take action now. We rely on your support to expose the truth and help our nation find the right path forward.

Please consider DOUBLING the impact of your gift today through our Challenge Grant. Support Liberty Counsel Action by selecting here or the button below.

God bless you!


Mat Staver, Chairman

Liberty Counsel Action


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