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Gas and the Great Reset . . .

Mat Staver

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Secularists have a plan to cripple America and the world. They want MORE economic pain for the next eight years until you own nothing … and neither does anyone else.

Gas prices doubling is not a “problem” for these social Darwinianists because it fits with their climate control and depopulation agenda. It’s simply a “tool” to force the next part of their agenda.

In his book, COVID-19: The Great Reset, Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, hopes to use the pandemic to “reset” the world. The WEF produced a video imagining the year 2030 in which you’re greeted by a smiling young person who says, “You’ll own nothing and be happy.”

Higher gas and oil prices fit their agenda to end fossil fuels and save the planet from carbon emissions and carbon users—you and me!

But we don’t have to follow their plan. America can be energy independent. Our people can prosper. And we can have national security. Urge Congress to immediately pass the Energy Freedom Act to open up new energy production and effective transportation for American independence. — Mat


The Great Reset website states on its home page that its goal is to “shape the recovery.” But actually, their efforts are intended to cripple it.

The website says, “The pause during lockdown created by the pandemic resulted in a 7% decrease in global emissions in 2020. The UN states that we need a decrease of 7.6% every year until 2030 to avoid climate and ecological disaster. This means we need to maintain the same decrease every year as if we were living in lockdown … Right now, we have a small window of opportunity to reset and shape the future we want.

The empty roads, people locked in fear in their own houses, even that level of shutdown was not enough to reach the economic collapse these people want!

Remember Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's honesty: “Normal was not working for our community ... We need to, kind of, realize that we’re not going back to normal.”

We must fight for our values to be put forth on Capitol Hill. We have the energy we need available in our nation. We don’t need to rely on anyone else. Urge our federal legislators to support the Energy Freedom Act and to make America self-reliant today.

This radicalized environmental agenda goes far beyond protecting the environment. And social Darwinianists like Bill Gates are pushing for drastic population reduction. They not only want to eliminate the production of people—they even want to eliminate the inventory of people. Some groups estimate that we need to reduce the world’s population from nearly 8 billion people to just 1.5 to 3 billion. That is a drastic reduction of more than 80% of all humans!

People like Schwab and Gates believe to save the planet, we must reduce the human population and cut carbon emissions to zero. For some, “Mother Earth” is not just a slogan; the earth really is their “mother,” and people are expendable.

But this is just a high-tech version of the same old lie from the Father of Lies. In ancient times, the Aztecs would engage in human sacrifice to appease the gods and find blessing. Some people sacrificed their children to pagan gods. Today's population control advocates lack the biblical understanding that each person is created in the image of God, and thus, each individual has the right to life.

Within the Great Reset, there is the concept that people are nothing more than “inventory” that “needs to be strictly accounted for: be registered in a central database, be readable by a scanner and easily ID’ed, and be managed by AI, using the latest ‘science,’” reports journalist James Corbett.

This treats people like inanimate objects to be controlled and manipulated. It is time to throw off the chains planned for us and our children. We don’t need to listen to these same lies from ancient times. All life is valuable. But if we do not rise up and counter the lies, this destructive agenda will march our nation off the Great Reset cliff.

Remember Joe Biden said during the presidential debate he wanted to eliminate fossil fuels. So rising gas prices fits his objective.

There is legislation in Congress to open up American ingenuity for energy creation. Congress can act on this now. Send your faxes to demand that our government allows energy independence from other nations.

Oil and gas shortages destabilize America and undermine national security.

Boomtowns from North Dakota to Texas have been abandoned. But with support, these towns can be turned around and revived. America can become energy independent again.

The question is, will we sit by while our economy rots, our enemies are enriched, our travel is eliminated and our freedoms are erased? Or will we stand up and fight for our nation to be self-reliant again? Together, we must fight back. Send your urgent faxes urging Congress to support a bill filed by Sen. Ted Cruz and any other legislation that makes America energy independent again.

Decisions in Washington, D.C., have a huge impact on what is happening across America—on the economy and national security. Our ministry works to give people like you a voice in the decisions our legislators make.

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Mat Staver, Chairman

Liberty Counsel Action


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P.P.S. Send faxes to key leaders demanding they open doors for energy independence. Then sign our petition to these leaders to be delivered at critical moments in this fight for the security that independence will bring.


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