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What Monsters We Have Become!


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The news that science has entered into the realm of the uncharted has been heard throughout the media. The public is now introduced to Advanced Cell Technology. Luminaries of the likes of Jose B. Cibelli, Robert P. Lanza and Michael D. West, all three being ACT principals; are extended limbs of Mary Shelley's family. Avid proponents of a technology that will alter the human species is a hefty responsibility. What better way to announce to the world this grand achievement than to write about it in Scientific America!

If this is science, thank God that man did not create the universe. But that is exactly the enigma normal people have with the august arms of technology. These specialists of the art of science are determined to remove the artistry of self reflection and substitute it with the discipline and cultivation of fecundation. Can it be any clearer what is at stake within the domain of the possible? If it can be done, it will be rendered. That is the motto of this new breed of Doctors' Frankenstein.

This issue defies debate. Allowing yourselves to consider that there is a valid argument, that justifies the research of the designer clones, you are mistaken. Nothing illustrates and proves the precise debased nature of mankind, more than the casual demeanor of this group of three. Interviews with Mr West soft peddles the profound departure from morality that is at the core of the decision to grow clones. The essence of life, is treated as just another amoral choice.

Are these the ethics that man has evolved into, or has he always been this corrupt! It seems self evident, from all the records of history, that the nature of human morality has constantly evaded responsibility of evil deeds. The psyche of the scientist is especially immune to morality. Their ethics consider themselves exempt from self restraints or from the reproach of society. ACT is but the latest example of abuse. But this time the stakes are so great that only the fool will deny the ultimate outcome.

Aleister Crowley would be proud. The sin of pride is being repeated by ACT; the Adam of Conceit and Trepidation. The natural order was not created to be usurped by hubris. But that is exactly the mindset of the scientist. Their denial of a supreme power, and their own denial of that authority is the ultimate failure of science. There are exceptions that recognize our subordinate role in the universe. But for those technicians who worship the technology of discovery; they forget that they are not the creators of these findings. The result from their arrogance is enslavement of the species. The human condition never changes, only the complexion of the latest hue.

If you doubt this truth then answer the following questions: Has science improved the moral climate in society? Has science diminished man's cruelty to man? And has science given us the answer for the purpose of life? It should be crystal clear that science is no substitute for moral choices. Providing the means for self destruction under the guise of alleviating suffering is crazed. Absurdity becomes the only valid conclusion, if cultures adopt the precepts of scientific amorality, that is an essential part of their reasoning. Science is not superior to moral virtue, as we are urged to accept. So why will you not become vocal in your disdain for the ranks of the modern day Prometheus? Jurassic Park will become your neighborhood. The island of Dr Moreau will become your community. And each of us will transform from a Dr Jeckyell, and become a Mr Hyde.

Just what kind of a world do you want? Do the noble claims and bountiful promises ever become reality, or are they more likely to progress into the newest nightmare? We all know that laws cannot change human nature. Legal hindrance is fine, but limited in its scope. If baseness is the price of scientific advancement, it will be accepted as necessary. This rationalization is an intricate part of the scientific method. ACT offers up eternal immortality for the small price of immorality. Who would want to stand in their way! Isn't this a world that everyone desires to live within, forever?

That may just be the greatest horror in this great experiment. People are satisfied with their condition. They want to keep it alive, and are willing to trade their dignity for the prospects that continued existence will be their reward. The fact that each decision is reducible to an individual choice is inescapable. As much as the neo Dr Mengula's want you to forget this truth, evil resides in each of us. They do not bestow life, but are the 'angels of death'. Demise of moral conscience is their membrane of choice.

It is up to each of us to revolt over this revulsion in research. Life may be changed forever, we may not be able to reverse the march into oblivion, but it is our duty to resist and condemn those who seek to play God. The only ACT that I support is that of Faith. Judgment lasts longer than the eternity of a cloned body. Allowing a few select 'scientists', to be fraudulent creators is the absolute transgression. Pride is the Original Sin, and it is being committed once again. And the apple is being supplied by the snakes of science.

SARTRE - November 27, 2001