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Defeating the demons of Davos

winter oak

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In this issue:

  1. Defeating the demons of Davos
  2. The Great Resist: uniting against the empire!
  3. A triple revolution for life
  4. Profits of destruction
  5. Richard Jefferies: an organic radical inspiration
  6. Acorninfo

1. Defeating the demons of Davos


Regular Winter Oak readers will already be well aware of the World Economic Forum, particularly if they have ploughed through our October 2020 analysis of its vile aims as revealed in three books by its boss Klaus Schwab.

So it will have come as no surprise to hear Schwab opening the 2022 WEF gathering at Davos in Switzerland with talk of “the global agenda” and “our global system”, spouting forth about improving “the state of the world” when he actually means imposing one.

For those who have followed our various revelations about the close relationship between the intersectional social-impact “left” and the financial mafia behind the Great Reset, his mention of the......