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White Hats vs Dark Hats: The Underground War Happening Now

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January 7, 2020 19:17

The underground war happening now between dark hats and white hats. The white hats are taking control and winning.

President Trump has a much bigger job than I even imagined. I have been feeling all this bad energy and began to ask God to get me off this planet even though I had no idea why. Now, I know. Hitlary needs a red dot on her mailbox as do all others who are participating with Satan. American Woman

Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake is a large military installation whose mission is to support the research, testing and evaluation programs of the U.S. Navy. It is part of Navy Region Southwest under Commander, Navy Installations Command.

Makes total sense, when you apply logic, when you actually sit down and think through the last few years. Why bring 10,000 troops home. Where has all the Jade Helm military equipment gone, the hundreds of thousands of missing people, including children. The UN and Russian sightings in the US. The trillions of missing military funding. The relocations of billions of dollars and gold under Obama. Where do these people keep disappearing too? The cloning many of us believe has been happening, where does it actually take place. Why the construction of Denver Airport.

All the previous underground facility videos we have seen. I am now convinced I know where there is another underground world, only known from local knowledge. How many others have this same feeling, worldwide. Why the US interest in the Antarctica, prior to Obama leaving office. He was the only President to refuse to relinquish his power because of his vast knowledge and age. This is truly the full dose of the Red Pill or the final dose. Lynn R.