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“If names be not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things.

If language be not in accordance with the truth of things, affairs cannot be carried on to success.”


“No one is so much a fool as a willful fool.”

Medieval Flemish Proverb

Before my first effort for The Platform That Burns I had never submitted a piece for online publication and rarely commented on any forum anywhere despite twenty-five years drifting through this Internet dimension like Voyager 1. This place is my Deep Space Network, and from the start I could hear it calling forth something better, something greater in me despite the ever-increasing distance between us.

The Platform is as unique in its contributors as it is for the silent, thoughtful multitudes who catch its signal daily, though the greatest part of it, the heart and the art and the hope of it, is the captain of the ship, Admin Jim.

We are all here in this place in this moment reading these words because one man wanted to write, wanted to be read, desired to accomplish this unencumbered by rules imposed by gatekeepers and hoped to become supported enough to have the time at his command to do it well. I often wonder if it’s played out as he’d hoped; from what I have gathered he lives and breathes the Platform—no Admin in history is more attentive—yet still maintains a steady gig in the outside world. He’s a marvel and has my enduring respect.


After The Tunnel of Babel was published on this site in November, I was asked to detail what I knew but only hinted at regarding CERN. Herein is a very large answer, though I am compelled to admit that knowing what truly impels our reality makes regular news seem positively restful.

This Rubicon can’t be uncrossed; I realise that fifty percent of those perusing the filet-of-the-day on TBP will ignore this article when they spot the byline. Thirty percent might accept half of what they are about to read, ten percent will think this is all exactly in line with everything they ever accepted as truth and the remainder will think I just did a poo in the punchbowl. Nevertheless.

+++Dramatis Personae+++

Terran/Extra-Terran: AMB Archuleta Mesa Base

Extra-Terran Control Portal: DAC Denver Airport Complex

Terran/Extra-dimensional: GBT Gotthard Base Tunnel + LHC Large Hadron Collider

Terran/Extra-Terran liaison: Terran Base(s) + Lunar Base Aristarchus

Plus a host of Archons, Secret Societies, Politicians, Bureaucrats, Satanists, Space Aliens, Orcs, Ghosts, Goblins, Special Forces, Killer Robots, Captains of Industry, Adherents of Islam and a Gnarly Army of Very Tall Reptiles who absolutely cannot abide humans.

AMB—Archuleta Mesa Base New Mexico

AMB is these days primarily a research, development and deployment facility specialising in weaponry, anti-grav technology and dimensional-fold craft, and though it continues to be prone to outbreaks of violence between conflicting Terran and extra-Terran species, what goes on these days is nothing compared to the battle which ensued when everything came to a rolling boil in 1979.


The genesis of AMB dates from 1947 when President Harry Truman signed a treaty allowing the limited harvest (presumably under the auspices of research only) of local livestock—primarily cattle, sheep and goats—in exchange for what was presumed to be full access to extra-Terran weapons technology. This proved to be the equivalent of exchanging the island of Manhattan for a string of glass beads. As things usually unfold whenever a primitive race encounters a dominant one, it was revealed over time that matters were not going exactly to a plan that benefitted the primitives. Ingrained distrust and hatreds on the base culminated in what is now known as The Battle of Dulce. The timing couldn’t have been better—the cavalry were already mounted and ready to ride.

In 1977 National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski briefed President Jimmy Carter on what was suspected to be happening at AMB, namely, that livestock was not the only living thing being tagged or harvested. Carter was so freaked out he ordered a reconnaissance team assembled, calling upon the newly-established Delta Force accompanied by a group selected from Air Force Special Operations Command, Navy SEAL and Army Rangers.

The report revealed that the NSA had known all along what was going on, were backing the extra-Terran agenda of human research and had developed a Department X to administer the project. The foolishness of the NSA assuming they were capable of handling anything was made abundantly clear when the operation files were eventually prised from their iron grip. Contained within is the stuff of nightmares.

AMB’s ultimate goal was to produce humans who would stay child-sized forever, much like breeding dogs for their toy poodle-aspect, though what they discovered was that the more they strayed from the original genetic blueprint the less human the entities became; they were useless for purposes of sacrifice or sexual conquest because the more the form was tinkered with the less likely it was to house a soul.

Years of experimentation resulted in the production of human-shaped automatons acceptable for sexual use by the lower-ranking members of the elite—much like an inflatable sex doll compares to a human lover—but useless in terms of response capability when inflicting the trauma of rape or sacrifice, as well as yielding desirable pineal glands (the hypothalamus, pituitary and amygdala, as well) demanded for consumption in ritual at the highest levels.

To this day there appears no synthetic substitute for an actual, organically-conceived human child. As an aside, the health risks associated with eating the aforementioned parts of the human brain are alleviated by access to proprietary medications that forestall the resultant decline in health of the consumer. Once a politician, for example, is no longer of use to the Enemy, palliatives are withdrawn, hastening immediate decline. The health trials of Killary spring to mind—swivel-eyed seizures, loss of equilibrium and persistent spasmodic dry coughing fits, all aspects of the symptoms of kuru.

I must also add that the children most desired for consumption are Anglo-Saxon-Teutonic descent Whites with O- Blood Type, though any Rhesus Negative blood group will serve in a pinch.

What the Enemy desires above all is organically-grown, fully-ensouled humans, much like caviar connoisseurs prefer beluga to cod roe. They are intoxicated by the chemicals released when a child is terrorised, and exhilarated by the challenge of conquering and consuming what (they believe) is a pure, sovereign spirit. This is an addiction for our rulers, and by many accounts the world’s oldest addiction since the heyday of Babylon.

As you may imagine there was non-stop friction between Terran and extra-Terran factions regarding policy implementation at AMB and it reached snapping point after humans—though thoroughly vetted, trained and conditioned to perform the dual duties of jailers and research assistants—had a hundredth monkey moment and rebelled against enabling their own kind to be tortured, enslaved and consumed to serve extra-Terran purposes. These rebels risked everything to break every confidentiality agreement as well as spiritual and mental strictures imposed in training to leak intel to those they hoped would act as allies to suppress and ultimately destroy an agenda outlined by the Terran/extra-Terran project MAJESTIC 12.

Another aside, the oldest and most stable Terran/extra-Terran—alliance would not be the right word, perhaps treaty is more accurate—is between Reptoids and humans, hence the historic representation of dragons and serpents in many cultures as symbols of power. The Reptoids at AMB—despite being the best-known and best-represented extra-Terran species on site—are the least amenable to a true alliance because they see humans as merely the most intelligent of all the livestock on the planet, and likely always will.

The plan devised by the Carter administration joint strike team entailed crippling the main generator and freeing humans on all known subterranean levels. The ensuing firefight—after substantial loss of human life—was rendered a virtual draw, and after detailed and frequently acrimonious negotiations it was decided that the human enslavement project be quietly relocated and placed under the auspices of a base comprised purely of extra-Terrans, since humans working alongside extra-Terrans were better off sticking with weapons, transport, communications and general technology R&D. Ultimately, all human, human/hybrid development, cloning, harvesting and sex slavery projects were moved in 1993 to the ever-expanding complex beneath

DAC—Denver Airport Complex: Terran Control Portal

This is the messiest association by far, encompassing the old gods, Terran global economy, political, corporate and bureaucratic branches, and numerous arcane societies. Ladle on International Freemasonry, sprinkle generously with Rothschilds and elite members of the Vatican, Jehovah’s Witness, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the icons of a particular entertainment oligarchy built on the back of a cartoon mouse and you have before you a plateful of the greatest betrayal of humanity by humanity ever served up.

DAC specialises in underground hybrid breeding programs topped up with free-range Terran children and adults, frequently abducted from US National Parks or groomed from families of higher-ranking military, politicians, government project contractors, psychological study programs or from families associated with secret societies. The most physically beautiful are funnelled directly into the clutches of procurers and panderers to the elite as sex toys, sex bribes, sacrifices and honeytraps for unbound politicians and captains of industry. Any human child, unspoiled and with an intact soul will do, but—as in all things in this dimension—the physically desirable command top price.

Those children who survive to adulthood are maintained as sex slaves, entertainers, couriers, messengers and procurers until programming begins to break down in the period between their late twenties and middle age. At this point they are tortured and killed for various glands at the height of adrenaline production which are then consumed in ritual, or they are injected with d-tubocurarine and subjected to organ removal for sale on the open market. A curare derivative is used because best-quality organs are harvested from a still-living, non-anaesthetised donor incapable of movement.

Humans stripped for parts like old cars.

DAC steadfastly maintains that since Dulce the use of human children is fraught with unnecessary risk so continue to develop hybrid drone slaves. Despite this, DAC recognises market demand in that pure humans born with free will are always rated premium product for energy harvesting, and that the power harnessed, released or channelled by torture and execution is superior for both Terran and extra-Terran requirements. To this end, DAC reluctantly runs human breeding programs as well as a thriving abduction operation.

The less sexually desirable children remain in-lab and underground and are used for pure research or as sacrificial stock for lower-ranking elite. His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman contains one of the most elegant interpretations of what goes on via the ‘severed child’ storyline. As related in the book, there is massive amounts of energy tapped in the ritual sacrifice of pre-pubescent virgin children.

On the other hand, if the root chakra is shattered by sodomy at a young enough age children can be severed into multiple ‘alters’ (multiple personalities) that can be manipulated by a handler or series of handlers, whether that handler is Terran, extra-Terran or extra-Dimensional. MKUltra is but one of a long line of programs in this discipline.

GBT—Gotthard Base Tunnel: Extradimensional


LHC—Large Hadron Collider: Extradimensional

We arrive at the heart of the question. As noted above, rather than focussing on extra-Terran/Terran interests, the entire CERN outfit is extra-Dimensional. They really put the woo in woo-woo.

Unlike fighting space alien douchebags peddling human slaves, CERN’s ambition is to release Sauron. I mean Voldemort. I mean Satan into this dimension, and you know what? At the rate they are progressing, they will.

Their major accomplishment has been the collapse of all timelines into one where the Enemy wins. Their greatest challenge is to meet their goal against a running clock, furiously liaising with the architects of the project described below.

These doofuses are the most pressing concern we presently face, and though it was foretold it’s still not going to be as much fun as some people think.

LBA—Lunar Base Aristarchus


Terran Location, Possibly Sandia, Possibly Pine Gap—Both, Other or More

The following is usually the most difficult to accept, and it is thus: The Terran Moon is a hollow artificial base towed from planet to planet. Most developed and developing solar systems have one, though other systems are beyond the scope of my knowledge at this time, or do not apply in any case.

Sixty-one years ago, Terra was scheduled for the completion of a 25,000 year cycle that would have tabula rasa’d the planet, most likely via pole shift. This is a natural periodic occurrence—at least in our former timeline—and one which always wipes all higher life forms, leaving a blank slate for the inoculation and development of a new form of hominid.

Seventy-four years ago a battle was fought and won by a faction determined to forestall the coming shift and the result is a hybrid of the levitated dipole fusion confinement project and a modified Токамáк incorporating the work of Nikola Tesla and currently twinned/coupled/aligned between Lunar Base Aristarchus and the Terran base(s) indicated above.

Thanks to this project, since 1957 we have been living in a version of The Matrix, as well as enduring an epoch that defines the concept of on borrowed time. Like that first snort of cocaine—the way it lifts and transports us to a place we never felt before—we partied through the delirious 1960’s, woke up with hangovers in the 1970’s and have been steadily accelerating towards utter, furious amphetemine-style madness ever since. We were sold The Age of Aquarius; what we got is People of Walmart.

We were never meant to live this way.

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world

When one places a human in a chokehold, their pulse rate and blood pressure rises then crashes when they lose consciousness. Our planet has a pulse rate also, the Schumann Resonance, and it has been steadily rising in frequency since the mid-1940’s. This has placed Earth and all residing upon it in an untenable position of stress and strain exacerbated by the ongoing magnetic confinement project. Much like the mechanical hornet in His Dark Materials, we have been captured and soldered inside a double-walled tin and it is making us increasingly frantic to be free. In addition, with the advent of the ‘God Particle’ project all potential timelines have collapsed into one, making everyone unsure of what they recall as the past, what they can agree is happening presently and whether or not we even have a future.

Dolly, Jaws, and Braces – The Latest Mandela Effect

Berenstein or Berenstain Bears?

Between extra-Terran interference, extra-Dimensional interference and good old-fashioned human lust for power over those smaller and more vulnerable than themselves, people like us, you and me, the good people who have not sold their souls to corporate interests, those who stay far, far away from politics and secret societies, those questing souls debating and arguing on Internet forums, all those eternally searching for a Truth they can be inspired and not enraged by, this dance, this cage match, this epic saga, this Ragnarök of the Forces of Creation and Destruction has a remedy, and I will come to it directly after describing some of the main elements of this periodic table.


A belief system designed a millennium and a half ago to emulate in a crude way what goes on at the highest levels, it celebrates the torturous death of animal and human in halal slaughter. The release of adrenaline at the point of death adds a welcome tang to the taste of their meat; on a spiritual level this makes them addicted to cruelty as a means of control.

Its devout adherents are demons in the physical, roaming the earth eternally primed for conquest, but also subject to being dialled back to the level of benign tumour at will by their controllers. Hardcore adherents also indulge in cannibalism, consuming their conquered as a savoured unholy feast. This naturally leads one to consider

Holy Communion

This also contains aspects of cannibalism, though it remains the exact opposite of the rituals described above. Christ’s body and blood are a gift freely given, not demanded and consumed in the name of conquest. There is all the difference in the world between the two extremes: Communion is a Sacrament; the other, obscene sacrilege.


have infiltrated every aspect of world governments since Trinity in 1945. They are extra-dimensional entities that flooded our plane of existence after the first successful atomic test ripped the membrane between dimensions. They exist with one main purpose: to pave the way for the thousand-year reign of The Infernal One. GBT & LHC are their headquarters. They seek to consolidate all governments into one, centrally controlled. They are also referenced in His Dark Materials as Spectres.


Button men for the Archons. If Vito Corleone is an Archon, Clemenza is a Freemason. These people live for symbology and have perfected the art of the visual in summoning dark power. Eternal flames, torches, black and white checks on floors, flags and uniforms… look, really look, at the world around us. Eternal flame at the grave of JFK, eternal flame at the grave of Diana, Princess of Wales, The World Trade Center, the Statue of Liberty, the Amoco logo, the Columbia logo, the obverse of the American dime, the Arc de Triomphe, black and white check on cops’ caps, taxis and temple floors, twin towers and columns, all-seeing eyes and pyramids sans capstone, a banker ritually hanged from Blackfriars Bridge, pockets stuffed with money and masonry—wherever they complete a hit or claim territory they love to plant their symbols.

The Entertainment Industry, Major Media and Publishing,

Medical, Pharmaceutical, Food and Communication Cartels

Poisoned bread and fixed circuses, tainted water and pesticides in the food chain, heavy metals in the air, mercury in the vaccines, frankenfoods, 5G, extreme pornography and self-designed dossiers on social media. . .do you begin to detect a pattern?

This is crucial to full understanding: every cartel listed above is comprised of corporations; corporations dictate all government policy at every level, no exception. The chain of command is thus: the world’s militaries are enforcers for governments and governments are enforcers for the corporations that run the world.

Their priests are called from the highest levels of secret societies—Knights Templar, the Black Hand, Bilderberg Group, Opus Dei, Skull and Bones, International Freemasonry, Ordo Templi Orientis, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Ancient Order of Druids, Bavarian Illuminati, Knights of Columbus, Seven Society—and the humans and entities at the highest levels of these groups maintain their power to this day according to laws first established in Sumer five and a half thousand years ago, later refined and codified in Babylonia.

This should get you started, a one-stop shop to acquaint yourself with all the ways to manipulate the human mind via fashion, music, sports and entertainment, as well as being a remarkable, encyclopaedic online achievement:

Vigilant Citizen

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil: for Thou art with me

Aside from pain, the most fundamental fear of any human is being outcast and ridiculed. This is exploited by the Enemy to control people’s behaviour, so it follows that in all things humans research, discover and subsequently claim to believe, the quest for truth about the Enemy always bears this hallmark: the nearer one comes to encompassing it the greater the ridicule engendered by the controllers. In short, if one is mocked and ostracised from the Body Popular one may assume they are on the right track.

The vanishingly small number of humans who do overcome this fear are—if judged not worth blackmailing—usually killed.

The answer to soul survival is Divine Protection.

And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul:

but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

There is great comfort in the endless, whirling prayer wheel of routine apathetic rage, but when one chooses to see life as it is, what is the proper antidote to being poisoned by the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?

Temet nosce and in all dealings choose integrity. Feel gratitude for the childhood that made you who you are today. Tell the truth. Place your trust in things that endure, and make you more eager to create than to consume.

Faith is a choice. If you find yourself sneering at that, if it makes you angry, if you fear being seen as a fool then it is because you have bought into what the Enemy is selling in an attempt to keep you isolated, unprotected and afraid.

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,

Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

There are commuter trains running through the Gotthard Base Tunnel, the Denver Airport is one of the largest and busiest hubs in the world, there are numerous straightforward science projects on the CERN campus as well as a steady stream of tour groups in and out of all of them—the scariest entities hide in plain sight and always have.


Learn to See.

Above is the culmination of two decades of discussion, deduction and disclosures between trusted friends from different disciplines and is dedicated with thanks to Drs DG, ND and Bognor Layshaft at ick.ack.uck, Little Rascals of Raytheon, Beanie at Boston Dynamics, Emit Flesti at LHC, Doccabee at MIT, Ob Finno at Novosibirsk, an assortment of archangels and cowboys, and absolutely nobody at Google.

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AMB Battle of Dulce, 1979

Mission Commander Brigadier General HC Aderholt

Astronaut David Griggs

Delta Force Commander Command Sgt Major EL Haney

Command leader Captain Mark Richards

Major Funding: H Ross Perot