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Jim Stone

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Last night I was furious enough with the left to toss and turn until 3


Then I got up, had a peanut butter sandwich, and finally fell asleep.


Something new has come to light with the left, and it is that it is unabashedly, proudly evil. This evil is not only in what they will do (bestiality, murder kids, run the slave trade, abortion, overtly seek to destroy Western civilization) you know the list - that list is well known but that's not what had me tossing and turning. What had me burning last night was the hipocracy.


Here we have a group of people who proclaims women's rights, yet allows them to be destroyed by antidepressants, and promotes a lonely slave life where they defy everything "feminine" while claiming to be "feminist" and work themselves to death, only to return home to a empty silent home. "Feminism" causes it. And when after seeking answers for why they feel like shit after getting their brains beaten out by traitors who claim to be professors in college, they are told they have a mental problem and are prescribed pills that destroy them. Liberals are that evil.


On the left we have a group of people who claim free speech, but attempt to destroy it everywhere, especially if you are not into bestiality, child sacrifice, running slaves, abortion, or you do not want to destroy Western civilization. and when you take a stand against what liberals stand for you get labeled "a threat to society" and banned on Youtube, Faceplant, EVERYWHERE, even your e-mails which are now automatically scanned and censored.


You can't even widely get the truth on Kavanaugh via alt media because of this.


Kavanaugh's lynch pin issue with me is abortion. It is not good that he is a swamp creature either. HOWEVER, does anyone out there in alt media realize that Kavanaugh was the only one to dissent against it with Obamacare, or that he was the only judge to dissent and say no to an illegal immigrant who wanted an abortion? LET ME BE CLEAR: Kavanaugh is not a bishop from the year 1823. But in the context of the filth he comes from, which is the only thing Trump can choose from, there's really no other choice.


The left is satanic, which shows clearly in their behavior


Name one issue the left has been honest about. They bash the white male as being violent, yet white males are the least violent of all males worldwide. They claim and unborn child is just an un-differentiated tissue blob, like a cyst, yet rip them out of the womb clearly and obviously as whole babies, and after doing it, lie and say it is just an un-differentiated tissue blob with no form.


And back in the 90's after someone dug through the remains at the Robbinsdale clinic, many abortion facilities started throwing the bodies into a homogenizer (which is like a super fine hamburger grinder) that reduced the bodies to pink slime so "no one could ever pull whole bodies out of the garbage again". They then claimed all they were removing from women was "jelly" and they showed that "jelly" to a guy I worked with, to "prove they were not killing babies" and I argued and argued with him saying what do you expect to see of ANYTHING after it's been sent through a homogenizer? He was too stupid to get it, a classic liberal.


Choosing to homogenize the bodies after being busted, and then increasing the level of the lie is exactly what Satan would do. And now that things have corrupted even further, there is a market for the bodies so they probably don't homogenize them anymore - there's a profit to be made - time for controlled distribution channels.


In the abortion issue, we have a classic example of Satanic behavior. In scripture, what is the ONE GOAL of satan? What is the key goal? The end summation? Answer: Satan wants to destroy the work of God. Abortion is a supreme, prime example of this desire of satan. And I am also fairly certain that another issue with this topic is the fact that God can't return until all souls have been tested to where they can be judged, and Satan is trying to buy time by killing as many as possible before they are born. And in addition to it all, the abject dishonesty of the abortion industry is a hallmark of satanic behavior.

The bottom line? Kavanaugh had DAMN WELL BETTER overturn Roe V Wade.


Trump is our last chance. If he fails to fix this country, and Facebook is censoring, and everything good is under attack and slated for destruction, the alt media is going to be diminished, diminished, and diminished further, and the precise moment the left has calculated they can get away with it, everyone is going to be rounded up and shipped out.


This time, unlike other predictions like this, we have a glimpse of what the left is actually going to do. Just look at Zukerberg and facebook. If you stand against abortion, child molesting, the slave trade, IF YOU EXPOSE ANY EVIL AT ALL, YOU WILL BE DECLARED A THREAT TO SOCIETY AND GET WIPED OUT. They proved this with Diamond and Silk. They proved it with countless others less prominent.


Folks, what kind of society is threatened by having evil exposed? ANSWER: THAT SOCIETY WHICH IS RUN BY EVIL. Zukerberg, which is really just a symptom of a greater disease, already told us. If you fight evil, you're a threat to society. Only a society increasingly ruled by satan could ever spawn someone who would ever say speaking the truth and fighting evil is a threat.


And so I tossed and turned, and tossed and turned . . . . .


Jim Stone

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