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Illuminati Sacrifice Denver June 21st AM! Pray!


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Share this article everywhere for maximum prayers tonight on the night of June 20th and going into the early morning hours of the 21st on the Summer Solstice!  I need patriots to post this to REDDIT and post to Twitter to @denver @potus and @realdonaldtrump.  I’m censored but they can’t stop ALL of you from posting to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other places to make it go viral!  Maybe Trump will send the Marines down there tonight if we heat this up!

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The Illuminati will kill a child tonight and drink it’s blood unless our prayers stop it!  The child will be sacrificed in Denver between Midnight and 4:59 AM Denver time am so pray heavily during this time.  



In the first interview, Anthony Lavey Exposes the truth about the Illuminati sacrifice on every summer and winter solstice in Denver Colorado.  They meet at the Old Navarre in downtown Denver because it sits directly on top of a ley line that amplifies demonic activity.


Anthony says both President Bushes atttended His Father’s Anton Lavey’s Satanic Sacrifice in Denver Colorado!  During this sacrifice they kill a baby and drink it’s blood!   They get high on the blood and believe satan will give them power for this evil act.


Anthony also states Ted Gunderson married into the satanic Lavey family when Ted Gunderson married Anthony Lavey’s mother!  Ted Gunderson was fired from the FBI for conducting satanic ceremonies in his office but later worked undercover for the FBI infiltrating patriots with help from Alex Jones.  Ted Gunderson tried to kill Stew Webb and did put patriot Dave Hinkson in prison for life on a  bogus charge!  Alex Jones covered up all of Ted Gunderson’s treason to patriots up for his FBI masters.  



Anthony Lavey Sees US Leaders at Satanic Sacrifices! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.


Stew Webb and his friend Joe go over the Illuminati child sacrifice happening in the early morning hours of the summer solstice on June 21st!

Illuminati Child Sacrifice Summer Solstice In Denver! Spread the Word! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.


If you live in Denver get down to the Brown Palace hotel and go to the bar there called the Ship’s Tavern.  You can call Stew at 816-492-9809 if you are at the location.  Don’t call him unless you are going down there for sure or are there already.   You must get down there tonight on June 20th.  They will kill the child after midnight in the early morning hours of the 21st!  The party starts tonight across the street at a museum called “The Navarre”.   You will see signs of activity tonight!   Get pictures if you can!   Should be plenty of suspicious and very evil people around the area.  Stew can tell you where the tunnel is to go underground to the Navarre from the Brown Palace so you can keep an eye on it also to see if you see any Illuminati cockroaches at the Ship’s Tavern bar in the Brown Palace hotel.  Don’t go in the tunnel!  They could grab you if you do!  Just observe and report!


On the night of June 20th and going into the 21st, (between midnight and 4:59am in Denver of the 21st) the Illuminati Council of 13 will descend on Denver Colorado for their regular sacrifice of an infant on the summer and winter solstice.  We need your prayers against this evil now!    Stew Webb was the first to break this story when he was told by retired Secret Service personnel and super spy Otis Johnson.  The secret service guards the outside perimeter of the meeting for the Bushes but were not allowed inside.  Otis Johnson was one of America’s top spies and he found out about it when he had to meet then Vice President Bush to sign some important papers!  H.W. Bush had a hood on his head and Otis told him he must take it off so he could verify it was him!


Stew Webb got the first interview by an eyewitness  to the sacrifices – Anthony Lavey!  Stew has a signed affidavit from Anthony stating everything you will hear in this interview is true!   His father, Anton Lavey was the head of the Church of satan and Anthony names both G.W. and H.W. Bush as being regular attendees to his father’s sacrifice!  After this interview Anthony was beaten so badly he told Stew he could never discuss it again or they would kill him!  


In June of 2013 we got the final proof on the Illuminati Human Sacrifice!   On June 17th, Sammy Lamont attempted to kidnap a child in Walmart. He would later be shot by police but not before he told them everything about the Illuminati sacrifice on  the early morning hours of June 21st when the infant was going to be sacrificed!  They found all the proof in his apartment after he was killed.  In the first video you will see the mainstream news report where the FBI admits the Illuminati is a satanic cult and goes over what Sammy Lamont told police!


This shocking information has always been censored by Alex Jones shown on the Illuminati Card Deck as “Agent in Place”.  Now we know why!   No true patriot or Christian would censor the truth about the Illuminati human sacrifices we now have proof on from mainstream media and Anthony Lavey!  Nobody would lie about super patriot Stew Webb and say he wasn’t “real” to his staff when the Illuminati has tried to kill him so many times and he has literally gone through hell fighting the bad guys for all of us!  Stew has fought them for over 30 years!  Alex Jones promotes Roger Stone who loved Richard Nixon.  Richard Nixon was part of the plot to kill JFK!  Nixon was a total scumbag who partied at the Murchison mansion to celebrate killing JFK!   Roger Stone lied and said Johnson killed Kennedy.  Total lies!   Johnson knew about it but Nixon partied with the members of the murder plot!    Roger Stone’s buddy Nixon was in the plot so how could ANY patriot support Roger Stone for supporting JFK assassination plot member – Richard Nixon!  You can see proof of this on the video “JFK to 911 Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick”  Go to the 1:34:34 minute mark on this great video.  Stew Webb was told Richard Nixon was there also by one of his whistleblowers so this is from multiple sources.  Roger Stone also helped elect gun grabber and total scumbag Sheriff Scott Israel who allowed the kids to be killed in Parkland and then promoted gun control!   Email Alex at and demand Roger Stone address why Roger Stone supports Richard Nixon a JFK murderer!  It’s OUTRAGEOUS Roger Stone is pushed on patriots as some sort of patriot when he backed a JFK killer!


Never accept censorship of any kind!  Once you stop accepting censorship and outright lies in alternative media we have a real chance to win.  Keep up the great work out there!