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 Those Fourwinds Readers, who have plans for a project to make a difference in our world following funding of the Prosperity Programs and Farm Claims and the NESARA Announcements, or who already has a project in process, or who plan to help financially those, who need funds for their projects, please send your information to Fourwinds for posting on Fourwinds for others to see. 

 For some time we have had a category in our News and Information section called “Projects: A. Humanitarian,  B.  Environmental,  C, Educational, D. Provide Expertise, E. Provide Funding, and F. Project Ideas.   The purpose of this Project category is to provide opportunity for public exposure to those persons, who either have projects in mind or in process, or for those wishing to help in some way with a project.

Please make a brief public statement that we can post in this Project section describing your project, your needs, hopes, dreams or what you have to offer to someone, who already has a project or idea for one. Send your statement to us, ( so we can post it for others to see and respond to you.

Also, please give your contact information such as e-mail address, telephone number or regular mailing address, so interested people can connect with you.


Here are some further thoughts about projects from Casper, which you will find helpful.

 1.) Don't be in a hurry. We have not been funded yet and when we are we have banking and family and other things to see to first so there is no rush "to get in line".

 2.) Your information will be "posted" as received not edited or even reviewed (to any great extent) so do your thing your way.

 3.) Provide all necessary contact information as contact will occur direct not through Fourwinds.

 4.) Your goal should be contact rather than a full blown business presentation for all to see. Presentation follows contact.

5.) Read others posts.  You may spot and make contact with other like minded individuals and accomplish more as a team than individually.

6.) Advise Fourwinds in which area/category you wish your info posted.

7.) Imagine yourself a potential Investor or Benefactor. What would you want to know?

8.) Don't be intimidated. Some projects may require grea intelligence or business acumen but most only require a good heart and a motivation to help others.This is not a contest.

9.) Never never ever lie to or mislead your potential benefactor.

10.) Notice the category available for offering your expertise.While a complete resume might not be appropriate any more so than posting a complete business plan, this section will likely be reviewed by those seeking help with projects.

11.) Be patient. Your posting is a constant reminder and will be seen by new readers over time. Then the day comes and your phone rings or you get an e-mail.

12.) Be ready. You will be talking to a stranger and first impressions count. You will also be talking to someone who is on the side of good deeds and helping others otherwise he/she would not be calling.

13.) Nothing to big or to small. "Whatever the mind can conceive an believe--it can achieve". On the other hand, most opportunities to help others are understood best and addressed best at the local


14.) Get Excited. Very soon now, likely this week, you will bear witness to worldwide changes in money and banking. It will be on television. Let that be your cue, "I better get my ideas together", this deal is real after all.

15.) Be aware. Of the power of senergy. Get together with like minded others as suggested above and Be Aware, WE are likely doing the same on our side of the equation.

16.) Be Specific. "I want to save the whales, dogs and cats, the planet". Well don't we all? What are you going to say to attract responses? There is no request here for you to be brief. Only you can decide what should be said for all to read vs private conversation.

17.) Be willing to Speak Up For Others. Perhaps you know someone who has already devoted their life to helping others, has a winning formula and needs financial assistance to do more.

18.) Its Personal and Confidential. Your PFR (Project Funding Request) is public but your contact and discussions with potential investors/benefactors is private. You must never disclose the personal information of those who contact you without their permission.

19.) REPORT: You must report a sucessful funding agreement to Fourwinds which will also recieve a report from the Investor/Benefactor. Your PFR will then be highlighted as being a sucessful match to preclude multiple fundings of the same project. This report is required. Failure to do so will cause you to be censored and blacklisted. 

We hope these suggestions will prove helpful and will aid you in obtaining the capital needed for your projects, and that many "matches made in Heaven" will result.

 Good luck to each of you.




    The intention of Fourwinds is to be a "clearing house" for project information, that is to provide a public forum through which ideas and people and money can connect to produce positive results to make a difference in our world for good.  Be advised that Global Family will be tracking all monies received by the Prosperity Program and Farm Claim recipients and all projects to insure that all is done with good intent.  Should fraud or evil intent be found in the use of these monies, those parties involved shall immediately lose all their funds.

    Therefore, Fourwinds requires that the person responsible for a given project must notify Patrick Bellringer, when adequate funds have been received, and that the person providing such funds shall do the same.  We shall indicate this on Fourwinds by highlighting that specific project in our listing in the color, red.  Then all will know that this particular project has been funded.

    Please send your project information. comments or questions about same to   Be advised that Casper has no public e-mail address, and that he is not directly involved in this Project Information Exchange.

    In the Love and Light of Creator Source goodness shall prevail. --- Patrick H. Bellringer