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PROJECTS: Education (Updated February 20, 2016)

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  Updated Feb. 19, 2016

NOTE: Under this heading "Project", Fourwinds is posting e-mail letters from our readers giving information about either projects they have planned and with which they need help, such as workers or finances, or projects with which some one would like to assist with their time, expertise or money.

All submissions must be reasonable in helping humanity in some positive way or that of improving the environment, such as the plants, animals, pollution, etc. It is essential that all submissions have an e-mail contact address attached. This will allow our readers to contact each other without the need to go through Fouriwnds to do so. PHB'

NOTE:  The Updated project is #16.  Name and Address is in red.



----- Original Message -----
From: George karavelis
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 12:46 PM

Dear Ann and Patrick,

This correspondence is in reference to Casper's request for projects we have expertise or specialize in. You have been very generous in allowing me to post four articles to The project that my specialization would benefit your readers, are in the following sector or subdivisions:

A. Constitutional issues relating to monetary matters( bi-metallism / gold and silver standard.) which includes the legal fraud perpetrated on all Americans by the UCC Code, which administers the 1933 U.S Bankruptcy.

B. Monetary Science. This subsection of my expertise can include the elimination of the rich history of the Bi-Metallism , that is never discussed in the U.S schools, by all those endowments that have controlled the curiculum of our education system. This was a period (1880-1900) some of the greatest debates in our history took place in the House and Senate.

C. Common law vs British Maritime law...This subsection still needs more exposure..It has, to this day, amazed me that 95 percent of Americans do not have a clue in realizing what a gold-fringed U.S Flag symbolizes...We constantly enter Banks on a daily basis, and this smear on the flag, is not recognized by Americans, as the overthrow of the Repuplic..

In closing I have concentrated my efforts in the short-term on sending letters to the House Judiciary( as you have posted my letters to John Conyers on June 18th ..and my "State of Crisis article on June 9th to Congressman Young) to make sure they understand their Constitutional Duty, in regard to Impeachment proceedings against this Criminal Administration).. Even though my lack of funds, due to being "blacklisted" for my exposure of the criminal element of this administration, have almost dried up, my role as a "Patriot" is my priority in these trying days.. My personal information is listed below:

George Karavelis

(727) 742-2555



----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 6:28 PM
Subject: Projects: Humanitarian
Project Idea: Teach Yourself Enlightenment Tool

We are interested in education and supporting all people to take control of their own personal learning and growth towards Enlightenment.

We have used an Aura Video Station ( as a tool to develop learning resources for autonomous learners, hoping that at some point,  someone would have taken the next step and developed a personal, portable, cheaper version (think of the iPod). This is not currently on any drawing boards.

Once you learn to read the simple Aura and Chakra graphs which shift and move in real time (the graphs change as you change what and how you are Thinking), you will be able to tell quickly, easily and surely so many things including your immediate level of vibration.

It's our dream that everyone be able to grow to connect with and freely understand the Laws of Creation for themselves. This tool has been priceless for helping us to reach that goal. It would be wonderful if everyone could have access to this advantage and teach themselves along their own path to Enlightenment. Do you have the technical skills and resources to develop such a gadget? The professional version of the AVS is based on a straightforward dos program. We would be more than happy to provide programming support to anyone who wanted to work towards creating and mass producing a Mini-Biosensor.

We are currently in Yeppoon, Australia. To find out more, please visit and contact us through the site, or email us

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Vikki Watkins



----- Original Message -----
From: Paul Unruh
To: Bellringer
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 10:01 PM
Subject: Re: Phoenix Journal Reading Rooms

To  Patrick and Anne Bellringer,

In my email June 16, 2008, I mentioned a plan to begin opening Phoenix Journal Reading Rooms. The Phoenix Journal Reading Rooms would be in Towns, Cities, County’s, Community Colleges, Country/Countries using Electronic Digital Audio Readers with your help and guidance.

I have a large amount of funds coming from the programs/settlements/farm claims etc. and I am trustee for a couple trusts that are also involved in FC/ D/O/etc.  I plan to contribute up to half of the available funds to Phoenix Journal Reading Rooms and the other half to converting all farm equipment motors burning carbon fuel to Magnetic motors/free energy.

Back to the Phoenix Journal Reading Rooms!  I’ve been told the average reader retains small percentage of what he/she reads the first time around and if you can add human or synthetic speech to your reader, it will increase his/her retention immensely.  I have found a company, DOLPHIN AUDIO PUBLISHING, that specializes in Digital Audio E-Books.  Dolphin’s software comes with a complete range of solutions such as screen readers, screen magnifiers, text scanners and readers, Braille translators, speech synthesizers and DAISY talking book software.  The Benefits of the Dolphin Software allows you to create a DAISY talking book in minutes from Word, PDF’s, HTML, plain text, scanners, etc.

A few of the many Benefits:

v     Create talking books with fully synchronized text and audio.

v     Use human recorded audio, synthetic speech or record your own audio directly into talking book.

v     Coverts the average textbook chapter in 90 seconds.

v     Write files to CD for easy distribution and to listen on the move.

v     Dolphin software supports over 20 languages as standard and comes complete with Dolphin’s own synthesizer.

There are many more benefits and I know the above sounds like a commercial for Dolphin, however, you may now begin to see my vision for all the Phoenix Journals and Contact newspapers as they can be converted into audio talking reader books, quick, easy and fast for public consumption.


I  open to any and all input as to how the Phoenix Journal Reading Rooms would be operated in all locals.  My thought was something like a Starbucks, Mr. Coffee, maybe an organic Juice lounge with very comfortable surroundings. Each Reading Room would have as many readers available as needed, TV’s around the room playing Phoenix Journal’s etc. A kiosk (index) with what’s on each Phoenix Journal so he/she can choose which journal they might wish to listen/read on their Daisy talking audio reader.  Can’t forget Contact newspaper and any other material that Commander Hatonn/Aton, Sananda, Lord Michael, St. Germain, etc. may wish to have presented.  There is much much more that could be added, however, this is where we begin.

At this time, I’m residing in small town in the middle of Kansas.  Have been waiting patiently for the funds to be released.  We live in interesting times and wouldn’t want to have missed this ride which is coming to an end. Ah Yes!!! Graduation!  Your thoughts on the above would be much appreciated.

The Best of The Best

In Love and Light

Paul Unruh



----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 9:28 AM
Subject: Educational Project
Hello Friend Patrick:
The Personal Sovereignty Fellowship.  This will be an on line subscription community with residual income for referring new members.   
It will provide personal mentorship to subscribers in learning how to use Universal Law to create well being and not suffering for themselves and others and how to receive Divine Guidance from Within.
This project will move people from victim consciousness to Personal Sovereignty in the image of the One Benevolent Source of Which we are all Expressions.
I will be hiring and training sovereignty guides to work with me on this project.
To see a draft of  the site, visit :
We Are All One. I Love You,
Wisdom Paradise
Personal Sovereignty Master Guide
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 9:49 PM
Subject:  Benevolent Projects Awaiting Funds
The Personal Sovereignty Fellowship.  This will be an on line subscription community with residual income for referring new members.   It will provide personal mentorship to subscribers in learning how to use Universal Law to consciously create the life they want and deserve and help them to open a clear Higher Self Channel for enhanced Intuition and Guidance from Within.  
This project will move people from victim consciousness to Creator Consciousness.
I will be hiring and training sovereignty guides to work with me on this project.
To see a draft of  the site, visit :
We Are All One. I Love You,
Wisdom Paradise
Personal Sovereignty Master Guide
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 1:55 PM
Dear Patrick Bellringer,

My Boyfriend and I have been thinking of ways to help humanity in this tie of need for everybody. We have done everything that we can to better ourselves, and although there is still work to be done, we want to help OTHER people feel the amazing feeling you get when you finally realize the TRUTH. We have decided that, more than anything, we want to lead the front on EDUCATION on all subjects, provided the information taught is Truthful, and given out of love in order to improve mankind as a whole. We have been educating people (anyone who is curious, and/or willing to listen) one by one, for a LONG time now, and we have noticed how much more RECEPTIVE people are to this information with the current earth/energy changes occurring. Unfortunately, we are a part of the masses feeling the pressure of this TERRIBLE monetary system. We do our best however to remain in good spirits because we know the work we are doing is of great importance. So, that being said, we are looking to connect with people who want to help, in any small, or big way. Anything, from a place to house information and hold meetings, to funding, EVEN just sending us a quick positive word, every little bit helps and WE WILL TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY UPON OURSELVES TO EDUCATE THE MASSES OF MANKIND ANY WAY WE CAN! THE TIME FOR REEDOM IS NOW THE TIME FOR TRUTH, KNOWLEDGE, and WISDOM is now! NESARA NOW!

-Ryan and Sharr.

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 1:43 PM
Subject: Fourwinds10 Projects
Atlantis Theaters

I may have been exposed to this project on Fourwinds10. I have misplaced the information and am not sure of the details. I believe the man promoting it is named Kirwin or Irwin.

I wish to create or support a chain of theaters that use advanced technology as a teaching instrument. Theater's using advanced technology of light, sound and other sensory input to teach people about subjects of Truth. Call it Edutainment if you will. I would like these theaters to have productions about the truth of Creation as given in the Phoenix Journals. Presentations about Love, Light and the Masters that are in charge of them. Presentations about how to live and grow as we were meant to. I believe theaters of this type could be used as schools to enlighten and teach mankind about who we really are. People are used to going to theaters for entertainment. I believe if we create a system of Atlantis Theaters as a tool of education, people would be willing to come and enjoy the learning process. I believe this could be a method of spreading the word of Creation and as an instrument of Love and Light. I believe I have undeveloped gifts to make me well suited for such a project. If anyone has the details of this or similar project I would be most grateful if you would forward them to me.

 Thank you,

Mark Clarke




Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 6:58 PM
Subject: Educational Project

       Lets put the Phoenix Journals into Audio C.D.'s!  We'll start with the first ones to read, then go on from there! 

       Just C.D.'s, that's all.  People might actually listen more often, if we got those out for sale...

       And, if we could get a POWER POINT PRESENTATION on "SUBJECTS OF IMPORTANCE" and "NOW AS TEARS ARE LIGHT" that would be awesome.

       All are welcome to find those two articles at in the blogs.

       The Phoenix Journals are the most integral key into the Word of Knowledge brought forth by the Heavenly Hosts.  To allow for easy listening capabilities, we could background Hyper Gamma into the tracks.  This would work in the Light's favor, seeing as more people would be interested to listen to someone's voice than to read these days... and the more people we can gather unto the Lighted side the better.  So, let us spread the Word unto the four winds of earth-Shan via the first people to create salable audio C.D.'s of reading the Phoenix Journals since they became scarce.  May we revive the Word like a Phoenix Rises. 

       Good Luck!

In Love and Light,

         Graeme Daryl Whitmeyer

----- Original Message -----
From: "Marje Morrison" <>
Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2008 4:48 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services

I am an artist wishing to create visual beauty representative of this beatiful Planet after NESARA.  I have a business plan for starting galleries, whereby young Moms will have babysitting services (free) so they can explore their creativity, and seniors can paint to relieve their tedium, or the aches and pains connected with the aging process. When I\'m painting I forget my problems, financial worries and just create and explore colour. The time just flies.  I hope to have several teaching centres or Retreat type Galleries whereby people can come to stay long as they want in a beautiful setting and paint to their heart\'s content, with no thought of having to sell their work to survive.




----- Original Message -----
From: "William Johnson" <>
Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2008 7:28 PM
Subject: TourTV online
Dear Bellringer,

I saw your post regarding humanitarian efforts on fourwinds10

I am working on building a site where we are promoting humanitarian efforts worldwide such as the Action for Brazilian Childrens Trust, the 46664 campaign to promote HIV AIDS awareness, the "Kids Rock Free" program for music education just to name a few.  I am self supporting this project and need sponsors.  Please see the following overview of the project.

Thank you

William Johnson


TourTV is a concert television series that uses musical performances as the backbone to promote music education programs and humanitarian efforts on a global level.

The concept began with a live webcast of Paul Rodgers on New Year’s Eve to promote the Ahmet Ertegun education fund through, a sustainability website. With over 100,000 unique views of this webcast, it was decided to begin looking at how we could create a concert tour program similar to our series in the 1990’s. It is our goal to use this new series as a vehicle to attract viewers and work into our episodes stories on music education and humanitarian programs worldwide.

Due to the limitations on television networks and their lack of interest on an overall level to support or promote these types of programs, and due in part to the successful webcast on NYE, it was decided to build an online network where we could broadcast our episodes within our own framework. We will use television and radio outlets as well as print advertising in periodicals to promote and drive traffic to our website where we will exclusively broadcast our series. By running these programs within our own web network, it gives us the ability to broadcast on an ongoing basis without restrictions on program times or availability, thus allowing us to run episodes as long as we wish. It also gives our viewers the opportunity to come back as many times as they want to review these programs at any given time 24 hours a day.

With the availability and popularity of sites such as YouTube, we feel that this is the direction which broadcasting is headed on a global level and it is our goal to be at the cutting edge of this trend.

TourTV, where the music lives and the tour never ends.



----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, July 13, 2008 11:48 PM
Subject: Advancement of Higher Spiritual Consciousness
My Project is for Spiritual Education
    My goal is to have the time to write my experiences, assist others on a one to one basis and have the time to travel and speak before groups of people. I have been on the Spiritual Path of Discovery for 50 years and would like to share what I have gained by achieving a close connection with Divine Spirit. Accessing and experiencing a transformation into higher consciousness. A consciousness of Divine Love and Wisdom that is on a frequency and dimension above good/bad, separation,stress and survival concerns. My goal is to present a deeper understanding and experience of our relationship to life and God. To help others obtain a greater ability to experience a higher consciousness in order to have a more joyful and peaceful life. My home phone # 805-620-0484, Cell # 805-722-7300, Address: 3901 Sheldon Dr. #3, Ventura, CA 93003. E-mail:, Fax# 805-617-1740           
Sincerely, Verlyn Winslow
From: Robert Shangle

Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 3:47 PM

To: ''

Subject: Worldwide Humanitarian Project

Learn About America / World Peace and Understanding
a Non-profit 501 (c)(3) Worldwide Humanitarian Project.
 To Create, Publish and Distribute printed materials to educate and promote the principles established through
 the founding of the American Republic; to bring about a higher level peace and understanding for all humankind.
   Concept Foundation:
The two founders of the organization have over 70 years experience in the necessary areas to fulfill the Purpose
of the organization.
    The Plan:
To distribute created product mainly to the people of the world, beginning first with young people through
the public and private school systems.
    Financing the Project:
1. Through funds provided by the Founders.
2. Through contributions provided by any party wishing to further the principles of the project.
3. Certain aspects of the project can be self funding through the sponsorship by many of the primary
     recipients of the project.  
    Any form of support, whether monetary, spiritual or moral, will be well received. We believe that
    participation will be very personally rewarding.
    First year products:
A 120 grouping of products has been assembled having a retail value $1,419.45.
The plan calls for 120 products to be produced and distributed at a cost of $695, out of which parties
handling the handling and distribution will be paid $200.00 to cover any personal expenses incurred.
There will be a new grouping of products annually approximating the same number of items at
a retail value of approximately $1,500.
This is an active and operating project.
Additional information is available or view
The Robert Shangle Family
Learn About America
10950 SW 5th Street,  Unit #155, Beaverton, Oregon 97005
Phone: 503-672-7502,  Fax; 503-672-7104, E-mail:
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, August 03, 2008 11:06 PM
Subject: Great Article


I was going to submit an idea such as this to you on your education projects adding to George Karavelis’ project. I always thought that if I had the funds I would like to purchase an existing accredited University or College and create a curriculum that focused on much of the material that was lacking from our basic education on American history, law and money. After I read North’s article I thought we no longer have to purchase an existing indoctrination campus, but use the online University concept. Also, I think we need to put together a team of people who have the knowledge of the principles of law and money and aim the development of a curriculum at target audiences. I have many thoughts on this. A great article filled with a melancholy of humor.



Wal-Mart University: No More Boola-Boola

by Gary North


I earned my Ph.D. in 1972. What I am about to describe is academically feasible. It is surely economically feasible.


Wal-Mart should start a college. As with virtually all colleges, it would be called a university. Why? Because of higher perceived value by the consumers.


Why should Wal-Mart bother? Here is a good reason. The total expenditure in the United States on higher education is in the range of a third of a trillion dollars a year. That is a great deal of money. Wal-Mart is not a company to let a large profit opportunity drift by.


You would be hard-pressed to find any industry with this level of income that is less efficient than higher education. If Wal-Mart gets into the field, this will change.


Wal-Mart could offer far lower tuition than any other private university, and lower than 80% of tax-funded universities. All it needs to do is offer what is already available, but which almost no one knows about.


What about room and board? Whatever parents are charging now could be extended for four more years. Or three. Or maybe only two.




It is possible to earn a bachelor's degree from one of a handful of accredited universities by distance learning for about $15,000, total.  You can do this from home, without quitting your job. See my website.


A student can take all of his courses through examination, with or without the Internet, with or without DVDs, video tapes, and other technological tools. If he is very bright, he can earn his bachelor's degree in two years. I know a student who earned a bachelor's degree from an accredited university, Edison State University, which is located in New Jersey, in six months for $5,000. That was about eight years ago.  It might cost $6,000 today.


This can be done, and there is no economic reason why it should not be done. It needs only a marketing system to deliver the product to large numbers of college-age students.


Could Wal-Mart do this? To ask the question is to answer it. Is there any company more computer-savvy? More gifted at marketing? Better positioned to sell anything to anybody?


The Internet can enable any college or university to provide high-quality education to students located anywhere in the world. Examinations can be administered locally in the same way that college entrance examinations are administered locally.


Students can read only so fast. They can read anywhere. They do not need a campus. Most of their academic time is spent either reading or sitting in a lecture hall. Why not just view a You Tube video?


They can buy an on online PDF textbook for $30 (not $150 in hardback) and print it out for (say) $10. That $30 is all profit for Wal-Mart University Press.


They do not need access to a huge college library. They can write term papers in the local town library as well as they can write them on a distant campus.


If they ever do need a research university library, which is extremely unlikely for undergraduate education, they can get into a car and drive a few miles to use an existing university library. Anybody can walk into any university library in the United States and use any of the materials free of charge. Nobody asks if a student is enrolled locally.


They can download MP3 lectures from Wal-Mart University's website. They can upload their term papers the same way.


Can students cheat? Only once. Wal-Mart University will lease anti-cheating software that spots cribbed term papers. Or it will create an in-house division that buys the term papers from online sellers, places them in its computer, and lets its faculty members use its in-house anti-plagiarism service. (It could even market this service to other colleges.)




The University of Phoenix now has approximately 300,000 students. These students are located all over the world. It is a fully accredited educational program. It is generating billions of dollars a year in tuition.


There is no reason why any accredited college or university cannot create a program comparable to the University of Phoenix. All it takes is vision (admittedly scarce), some start-up capital, and a willingness to convert from classroom education to online education. This is a matter of technology; it is not a matter of lack of demand.


Wal-Mart has retail outlets where an individual could sign up for classes. It has outlets for the purchase of independently published textbooks and other materials. It has the technological capability of delivering online education anywhere in the world.


Wal-Mart University would not have a campus, any more than Edison State University (New Jersey) or Excelsior University (New York) have campuses. It would exist only digitally. The university would not have any campus maintenance expenses. It would not have to maintain a multimillion-dollar library because there would be no library.


The course work in the freshmen and sophomore years (lower division) could be graded by machine in most cases, since true/false exams are graded this way in most community colleges. Digital term papers could be read and graded by graduate students enrolled in universities anywhere in the country, just as they grade lower division term papers today in all of the major universities. (By the way, very few lower-division courses these days require term papers grim, but true.) Pay them $5 per term paper. A term paper takes at most 15 minutes to grade.


Nothing has to change academically for lower-division courses. The only difference is this: (1) it would all be handled online; (2) it would be vastly cheaper for students.


This is going to come. Whether Wal-Mart is going to do it, or FedEx, or Target, or UPS, or some other large multinational corporation, is a question that will be solved by the free market. There is no question that it will be solved.


Companies are not going to let the University of Phoenix absorb a couple of billion dollars a year in tuition payments, without getting involved themselves. Why should they let the University of Phoenix skim off this kind of money?


Universities are mass-production factories at the lower division level.

They herd students into auditoriums of 500 or 1000 seats. There is an untenured professor lecturing into a microphone far below the students in the top row. Teaching assistants, who are paid practically nothing, grade all of the papers. No student gets in to see the senior professor, who is in fact a junior professor.


Who are the universities kidding? (Answer: parents) Some of the best private universities generate $1000 per student per semester in one of these mega-classes, or $1 million gross. What does it cost them to run such a class? An auditorium, shared with eight other classes. It may cost $100,000 in salaries per class. Why should Wal-Mart or any other company let big-name universities skim off this kind of gross income for mass-produced classes taught by untenured assistant professors?




Approximately 15 million Americans are attending college this year. About 14 million of them could get perfectly good educations online, at a university sponsored by a major corporation.


The corporation could cut tuition payments to 50% of what most state universities charge. In a decade, at least half of America's students could stay home, work part time, and graduate with a bachelor's degree in most of the social sciences or humanities, and pay no more than $30,000 for the privilege, saving tens of thousand dollars in room, board, and travel.


Of course, the kids don't want this. They want their parents to pony up $50,000 or more to send them off to college for four years of party time. They want to have fun and games at their parents' expense. "Boola-boola!" Moola-moola. Parents' moola. Parents are guilt-manipulated and peer-pressured into going along with this nonsense.


I am talking about getting a good education at a reasonable price. The present university system does not deliver the goods. It will take a large profit-seeking company to set up program that will deliver the goods. Then rival corporations will get in on the act. We will then have price competition in university education.


I am too controversial for Wal-Mart to hire me as a faculty member, but maybe I could run the advertising. This would be a slam-dunk.


    A fully accredited college education for the price of a Honda Civic.


    College? Don't pay $50,000 for three years, and then your kid drops



    College? Pay for your child's education, not four years of party time.


    Wal-Mart University: Save Money. Learn Better.




For undergraduate education, and especially for lower-division education, Wal-Mart could produce a first-rate educational program in one year.


It could easily assemble a faculty that is the best in the world.

Faculty members in any university have their summers free. A faculty member in any field could produce an online course over his summer vacation. He can then sell his course to Wal-Mart on a contract basis.

He can get paid a royalty on a new workbook that he writes. Let's see:  10% royalty. The workbook is digital. It sells for $10. (Cheap!) If 100,000 students enroll, that's $100,000 a year for the professor, and $900,000 for Wal-Mart.


He also will be paid a small amount of money for each student enrolled in his course. At $3 per student, this is another $300,000 a year. He will be a millionaire within two or three years, because there is no question that Wal-Mart could have a million students within three years.


If you think a big-name professor would not sign his name on a workbook for $100,000 a year, you do not understand professors. If you think he would not stand in front of a camera to deliver the same lectures he has delivered for ten or twenty years, for a shot at $300,000 a year, you do not understand professors.


Wal-Mart could hire the most famous professors in the world in every field in the next three months. Pay them a little money up front and give them a nice royalty agreement. Universities would not have time to react. It would be too late to stick a non-compete clause into the contracts. Even if they do, Wal-Mart could hire world-famous retired professors. What could Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Chicago, or Stanford do about this? Nothing.


Wal-Mart has plenty of money to invest. It can sign up the best academic talent in the world. It can create a college-level degree-granting program of such high quality that any accreditation agency that might resist granting accreditation would look like a cartel of special-interest, turf-protecting, guild-mentality dinosaurs still living in the 1950s. In other words, it would look like what it really is. These dinosaurs don't want the exposure . . . or a lawsuit accusing them of restraint of trade through a cartel agreement. I can imagine these guys on the witness stand. C-Span would have a field day.


Accredited colleges have long since implemented assembly-line education at the lower-division level. The fact that a student will get his lecture from a computer screen rather than from a man with a microphone in a lecture hall of a thousand seats is neither here or there intellectually. The difference is, the student getting educated at his computer screen will not be paying $500 per semester credit, or $1500 for the class (maybe twice this). He will be paying $100 per credit hour for lower division, and maybe $200 for upper division.




The main barrier to entry in this field is accreditation. The tenured university bureaucrats who control the granting of accreditation to a new university resist any suggestion that education can and should be delivered online at price-competitive tuitions. They say: "If the mountain cannot go to Muhammad, Mohammed must come to the mountain."

Well, in the digital age, the mountain can go to Mohammed. Millions of Mohammeds.


What if Wal-Mart University cannot get accreditation in a year or two?

So what? Wal-Mart has access to accredited colleges all over the United States, or even 30 miles down the road, that would be happy to take a grant of $5 million to set up a distance-learning program. These schools are already accredited. The distance-learning program sponsored by Wal-Mart would be a supplement to the existing program.


An accrediting agency would find it hard to deny an existing accredited college the right to set up a distance-learning program. The fact that Wal-Mart would happen to get 80% of the revenues is neither here nor there, officially. "We are scholars here. A billion dollars in tuition has nothing to do with accreditation." (Ha!) Wal-Mart could serve as a clearinghouse for several different colleges, with several different specialties, all leading to the same thing: an accredited bachelor's degree.


Within two years, Wal-Mart University will push a hundred accredited colleges to the verge of bankruptcy. Then other corporations can do what Wal-Mart did. They can set up a distance-learning program. These desperate colleges will rush to do the deal. Their survival will depend on it.


Within 10 years, college salaries will be where other middle-class salaries are. No more tenure. No more six hours a week of teaching. The days of wine and roses will end.




Wal-Mart could create a special upper-division major for business students. It could admit only the best and the brightest of the students who have gone through lower division. Wal-Mart would be in a position to hire these students part-time as they take their upper division courses.

At the end of the college degree program, Wal-Mart could make offers to the best and the brightest of the students who have gone through its program.


Wal-Mart would tap into a huge pool of bright, energetic, tested students. It could pick off these graduates to employ in its own organization. In effect, students around the country, and around the world, would pay Wal-Mart for the privilege of becoming candidates to be employed by Wal-Mart.


Obviously, most students would not do this. But for those students who want a career in business, and who want to enter a familiar organization, what better way of doing this than to go through a college degree-granting program sponsored by Wal-Mart? What better way for Wal-Mart to identify these students, test them in advance, and make offers to the very best? It is a win-win situation for the students and for Wal-Mart.


If Target doesn't like the competition, Target can start its own university.


The free market is perfectly capable of providing a college-level education program for millions of students. There is nothing that the average college offers to the average undergraduate that an online college education program could not offer at half the price.


Of course, certain fields may not be suitable for this kind of education. Nuclear physics is one of them. Another would be organic chemistry. But very few Americans major in these fields. The vast majority of college graduates are majoring in the humanities, not the natural sciences. Most courses in the humanities can be taught in this fashion. Music may be an exception. So, Wal-Mart University need not offer a music major. But most fields are well suited for distance learning. You can learn history, political science, sociology, psychology, philosophy, business, and most of the other disciplines through today's Internet technology. If there are some fields that are not suitable, then sell only lower-division courses to these few students. Every university requires certain courses of all the graduates. These are generally liberal arts courses. So, Wal-Mart University can offer these courses. These courses will transfer to any four-year university from an accredited program.




The great threat to a university is that most of its profit per student comes from lower-division courses. The students going through the required courses in their freshman and sophomore years provide the bulk of the funds needed to operate the typical university. Upper-division courses barely break even. Graduate school courses are always money-losing.


So, the parents of the freshman and sophomore students are subsidizing the parents of the junior and senior students. They are especially subsidizing the graduate students. Wal-Mart, by offering price competitive courses to freshman and sophomore students, will skim off the cream, leaving milk for the upper division courses, and skim milk for the graduate programs. This would throw a monkey wrench into the financing of higher education in America. This is exactly what needs to be done.


Any president of a university who does not see this coming is likely to find himself a former president three years after Wal-Mart University begins, and certainly five years after Wal-Mart University has spawned Target University, UPS University, and FedEx University. Private colleges with fewer than 2000 students will be scrambling to survive within a decade of Wal-Mart University.


State university presidents will be begging state legislatures to fund their operations with taxpayers' money, just as they do today. The difference will be, Wal-Mart University will be offering an equally good education for less money than the tax-subsidized State University will be offering. This will make it a much harder sell to the state legislatures. About the only thing that the state universities will be able to tell the state legislators to vote for is the football team or the basketball team at the sports program. That will least let the world know what the real purpose of higher education is.


Wal-Mart University will be granting degrees for education; the state universities will be granting degrees in order to recruit semi-professional athletes, half of whom will not graduate, to entertain the voters. The voters deserve to know this.




Why should we believe that the free market, which delivers the vast bulk of the services and goods that we consume, is somehow incapable of delivering higher education at competitive prices? Why should we believe special-interest bureaucrats who claim that higher education is of necessity a nonprofit venture and usually a tax-funded venture?


Wal-Mart University will have to deliver a high-quality product from the very beginning. It will have to be visibly superior to the product delivered by every community college in the United States. It will have to be better than the product delivered by 70% of the private colleges and 80% of the state universities.


It will not be better than the education delivered by the top schools in the country, because it will not recruit students of the highest caliber. But this is true of 95% of all colleges and universities. The difference is, the free market, through its system of open entry and competition, can deliver what the buyers really want for their money.


Buyers today face an educational delivery system that is a cartel. All it will take to break this cartel is for one major retailer to enter the field, produce a high-quality product, and enroll a million students. At that point, the myth of nonprofit education will be a thing of the past.


Wal-Mart could put this together in three years. In a crash program, it could probably put it together in two years. All it needs is a cooperating college or university that is accredited and which would like to get 5 million or ten million dollars. I daresay there are several that would like to do this.


Wal-Mart does not need to stick its name on the university. It can simply make available the service and take a hefty fee for marketing.


Some large retailer is going to do this. It may not be Wal-Mart. It doesn't really matter which one launches the program. What matters is that it will break the monopoly of the educational cartel. It will generate so much money, enroll so many students, and deliver such a competitive product at a competitive price, that the cartel will have to respond in order to survive. The moment colleges begin to respond to the free market by offering services at a competitive price, the cartel will be busted.


Cartels always break down. There are always members of the cartel that cheat. Cheating in academia means delivering a high-quality product at a competitive price.


There is no doubt that Wal-Mart or UPS or any other major American corporation could deliver such a program. If Wal-Mart doesn't do it, then Toyota could do it. The major television networks could do it. Any of the major cable television networks could do it. This is not rocket science.


Think about the big three television networks. They are suffering from shrinking market share. They have lost the young people. Cable is eating their lunch. Advertising revenues are falling. Nothing has been done in the last 20 years to reverse the constant decline. Here is a way that they could combine their digital communications skills with their retail outlets to produce an educational revolution. Why won't they do this?


The oil companies could do this. The tobacco industry could do this. Proctor & Gamble could do this. Dow chemical could do it. Dow is already associated closely with the Northwood Institute. It could simply extend its existing alliance to fund the creation of a national university.


There are times when I wonder about the entrepreneurial commitment of America's largest corporations. They want to recruit bright entry-level employees. They should imitate baseball. Baseball has set up a system of farm teams. They recruit players for the major leagues through the minor leagues.


If American businesses are really interested in recruiting superior middle managers from the pool of educational talent in the country, they can do this. They can use Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Chicago, and the other 30 universities to provide the super-talented graduates.

But there are never enough of these people to go around. It makes far more sense to recruit bright students right out of college, put them in managerial positions in a low-level, and see how they produce. Give them on-the-job training. The goal is to attract competent students for the initial hiring. This can be done through the creation of a national university.


Higher education has got to break away from tax subsidies. As state budgets get tighter, legislators are going to be looking for ways to cut expenditures. An obvious thing to cut is higher education. This is going to happen. The question is: Will the free market provide a viable alternative to the red-ink universities that now absorb several hundred billion dollars a year? I think it will.


Another person who thought it would was management guru Peter Drucker.

He was convinced that higher education would be completely restructured as a result of the technological revolution that was taking place in the 1990s.


That revolution has begun: the University of Phoenix. The model already exists. It is a highly profitable model. It will take only one major American corporation entering this field to prove that the existing model of tax-funded, nonprofit higher education is inefficient. That model belongs to the past. Technology, when coupled with price competition, always replaces older models that cannot match the discount prices of the new products made possible by the new technology and mass marketing.


Students will initially resist this. They want their parents to give up half of their retirement portfolio in order to send them off for four years of partying, and four years of delaying making a judgment about what to do when they grow up. University administrators will also resist this, because they want the students to show up on campus, and they want the parents to write the checks. But, at some point, it is going to become obvious to hundreds of thousands of parents that there is a better way. That better way is distance learning. The technology exists.

The model exists: the University of Phoenix. All it will take is the marketing. The rest of it is just a matter of setting up the administration.


If an American firm does not do this, then a European firm will. Or maybe a Japanese firm will. There is nothing that keeps education inside geographical borders. When the product is digital, there are no borders.

If an accredited university in a foreign country wants to create an international university, it can do so. If American entrepreneurs are unable to see the potential, then some foreign company is going to enter the field and capture it. All it will take will be a cooperative venture between the company and an accredited university in the home country.

There are dozens of universities in the British Isles that would be happy to do this. Oxford and Cambridge probably won't, but how many people do those two institutions educate?




The free market is better able to deliver high-quality education than the state is. The state has used its power to license and accredit colleges and universities to preserve an educational cartel. That cartel can be broken, and it will be broken. It is just a question of time.


Any university president who does not see what is going to happen has to be blind. It is his job, as a fund-raiser, to make certain that his university is prepared for the competition of the future. It is obvious where the competition is going to come from: the profit-seeking private sector. The private sector is going to deliver the goods. It is going to sell the goods cheaper, offer a wider range of choices, deliver the package anywhere in the world, and let the student graduate as fast as he can pass the examinations.


Of course, these schools will not have athletic teams, saving millions of dollars per year. They can offer video game competitions for their students. They can set up a league: the NDAA (National Digital Athletic Association). I can see it now: Wal-Mart University vs. Target University for the Division I national championship. Then on to the World Series, where Tata Motors is the favorite.


August 2, 2008


Gary North [send him mail <>] is the author of Mises on Money.



He is also the author of a free 20-volume series,  An Economic Commentary on the Bible




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Sent: Sunday, September 14, 2008 4:26 PM
Subject: Projects: Education- Music

         I would like to make a pitch for some funding spread over 

the next three years to provide a "backstop" for the drum & bugle 

corps activity in the United States. Specifically, the activity that 

is administered by Drum Corps International which impacts directly 

thousands of kids across the country ranging in age from 12-22 years 

old. (The age limit for active participation is 22 for DCI level corps).

         The  activity has a long and storied history dating back to 

World War II and earlier when some of the first  "corps" appeared. In 

the mid-fifties many of the local units began competing against each 

other in parades and field shows (think football half-time marching 

band/unit performance).  In those early days the VFW's and American 

Legion Posts as well as large Catholic parishes sponsored these 

primarily local units.  Today the activity, that is the corps 

themselves, consist of essentially self-supporting non-profit 

organizations that depend on huge  volunteer efforts by interested 

staff and helpers, donations, fees collected from the participants, 

money from gate receipts, selling "corps" souvenirs et al  and a 

variety  of fund-raising efforts that the corps directors et al 

organize for that purpose.

        Briefly, there are at present 20 or so "world" class corps 

throughout the Unites States that field anywhere from 120 to 150 

( the present allowed maximum) marching members that play either 

brass instruments, drums including pit ensemble instrumentation and/

or perform in the color guard.  These corps prepare and refine a 13 

minute field presentation and compete against each other during an 

8-10 week period from mid-June to mid-August each summer at  various 

football stadium throughout the United States and Canada. During that 

8-10 week period the corp members, volunteers and staff travel from 

one venue to the next like a huge caravan or traveling circus. When 

the corps arrives at each "gig", they will practice all day, perform 

in a competition at night and then immediately travel to the next 

venue by bus. The members sleep on the bus and on gymnasium floors 

usually at the local high schools or other facilities in the vicinity 

of the competition event.  At the end of the "tour" season there is a 

final "world championship" competition where all of the corps compete 

to declare who is the best of the best.  In addition to the "world" 

class corps there are another 40 plus "open" class corps that compete 

generally in more local regions(i.e east coast, west coast)  for  

most of the summer until the final championships where they also 

compete against similar  units  in their own class.

       The  various  "tour" season venues are set up and organized by 

Drum Corps International ( see  The gate receipts 

collected at the various  competition sites are distributed  between 

the primary sponsors of each show and the individual corps that 

compete, thus they serve as a very important source of  revenue for 

the individual corps.

     To move one of the  "world" class  corps around the country 

requires 4 or more busses for the participants and staff, several 

tractor-trailers for the equipment, a feed/mobile kitchen, souvenir 

truck and whatever else you can think of.  They log thousands of 

miles during the tour  season, provide three meals a day for the kids

( thus the volunteers) they have as many as 20 people in their 

technical staff(usually high school or college band directors and/ or 

former members)  that shape/teach the program etc. to the kids with 

the various intricacies.  In addition to the 8-10 week concentrated 

"tour" season, the corps actually  "re-organize" each fall with 

auditions and tryouts for new prospective members, then during the 

winter they  will have weekend camps to begin to shape and learn the 

new program for the upcoming year, followed  by a concentrated 3-4 

week pre-season camp to learn the program usually starting at the end 

of the school year (end of May-early June).

     The budgets for the  corps goes from several hundred $k to well 

over a million dollars depending on what new instruments or equipment 

is needed etc.  The top level staff generally  are paid- (this is 

something akin to summer job for a high school band instructor) but 

may be volunteers as well.  This particular year a number of the 

corps did get hit hard with the rising cost of fuel and i am hearing 

of $60k to $100k budget shortfalls to be not uncommon.  I will return 

to this thought later.

      The benefits of  the activity to music education, however, is 

almost limitless.  The corps themselves ,during the  tour season, 

often put  on free clinics for  the local high schools where they 

are  staying.    For the individuals who actually get to participate 

in one of these corps, the lessons learned from the close proximity 

with the other members (friends for life) for that brief 12 week 

( pre-season plus tour) are incredible and incalculable. Things like 

teamwork . dedication, hard work, overcoming adversity and 

challenges, that is all former members ever talk about. These lessons 

stay with you for life.  As for music education, having participated 

in the  activity myself, I can tell you that you will learn more 

about how to run/organize /instruct a band, orchestra or chorale 

group etc. by  touring one summer with a world class drum & bugle  

corps than in 4 years  of music school  at any institution in the 

world.  The best high school and college bands are formed and 

developed by former drum corps staffers or participants.

      For the most part, the activity is flourishing at present 

though the tour seasons have been getting shorter in extent . The 

corps get better and better each  year with more demanding shows and 

talented individuals participating.  However, I think the handwriting 

is  on the wall.  It is no secret that in hard economic times there 

have been some tough times in the activity, the late 70's and even 

early 90's when a few corps went financially belly-up and the tour 

seasons were dramatically curtailed.  Economically speaking, we are , 

by anyone who reads and follows your website, in for some very hard  

times ahead.  The price of diesel  fuel impact on corps budgets is 

just the first salvo in what will soon, probably very soon, be a very 

difficult environment especially for an  activity completely 

dependent on volunteerism and donations.  There is no way to "borrow 

and spend" to keep the activity strong and vibrant.  The advantage 

here is that the activity except  for budget shortfalls is already in 

place,pretty solid and would greatly benefit by a "safety" net of funds.

     Let me say, I would  NOT at all suggest anything that might in 

any way jeopardize the volunteerism and self-supporting activities 

that  the corps  now engage in to keep solvent, but ONLY  to provide  

that needed backstop.    What I would like to see is a level of funds 

that could be distributed between both the "world" and "open" class 

corps as needed as well as to some of the individual participants.

        I mentioned earlier that fees are part of the corps revenue 

stream. Individual participant members are charged a fee, sometimes 

as high as $2000 or more to help defray the costs of "boarding" the 

participant for the 12 plus weeks of the tour season and the winter 

camps just to be in the corps.  Given that many individuals in the 

corps go to college during the year and since they can't work during 

the summer to earn money for  college if  they participate, this fact 

alone shuts off the doors for many  talented individuals who would  

like  to  participate but can't because of the financial 

obligations.  What  would be helpful here would be to provide a 

portion of the funding to pay the  fees (like scholarships) for 

several talented but financially strapped individuals designated by 

each of the corps directors.

    I think this gives you the general  idea.  An appropriate funding 

level might be $2.5-3 million a year for three years.  I would like 

to be directly involved if something can be worked out for this.   

Drum Corps International has an infrastructure built-in for the 

distribution of funding to the various corps and this would probably 

be the appropriate pathway.

thanks for the consideration,

Dennis Rathman

Home phone-508 881-6132




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Subject: PROJECT: Artist retreat etc.
Dear Family,
As an artist, I feel I can best contribute by creating peace, harmony and spirituality in the community through art, and my husband shares these goals.  We have had this idea for some time now, but this past weekend we were 'led' to our Inn/Artist Retreat/Healing Center, so now we actually have a 'plan'.  The area where this is located is a quaint small town which people travel to from all over the world.  Not only would we be able to share what we know in our own community, it would also be far reaching to others from all over the country and world as well.  We have the spirit, desire, and will, and no shortage of ideas.  What we currently lack is funding.  We view this as a way we can best serve.  Thank you.
Kathy (Pruschen)
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From: "Edward Rivera" <>
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 1:06 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10

 Project Re-Education Community Center


 Mr. Bellringer,


 How are you? I have been thinking of a community center that re-educates the ancient trades, arts, farming, spirituality, etc. with mother earth and positive scientific methodologies available today.

 These centers would also focus on the lost history of mankind that has been deleted.


 These "university campuses" would be self sufficient in the terms of food, crops, water, livestock, Tesla energy, etc. all friendly to mother earth.


 The end result would be a healthy mother earth and healthy light beings! Can we discuss this further?


 Take care,


 Edward Rivera



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From: "Eileen And Walter Adamson" <>
Sent: Wednesday, January 19, 2011 3:27 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10

 Projects: Not sure if this is how I submit our project. We are second generation beekeepers in New Zealand and have 1500 hives. I have run spiritual retreats here and were running weekly teaching groups about the I AM PRESENCE and the use of the Violet Flame of transmutation but have had to put all that on hold and take a more active part in the beekeeping because of the struggle financially to maintain our honeybee industry. Because of the weather pattern changes and Varroa mite and other things that kill our honey bees the cost to keep bees is close to exceeding what we are making now. Bees are so important to the diversity of this planet.Silently, billions of bees are dying off and our entire food chain is in danger. Bees don\'t just make honey, they are a giant, humble workforce, pollinating 90% of the plants we grow.


 Multiple scientific studies blame one group of toxic pesticides for their rapid demise, and bee populations are recovering in countries where these products have been banned. But powerful chemical companies are lobbying hard to keep selling these poisons. Our best chance to save bees now is to push the US and EU to join the ban -- their action is critical and will have a ripple effect on the rest of the world.Bees are vital to life on earth -- every year pollinating plants and crops with an estimated $40bn value, over one third of the food supply in many countries. Without immediate action to save bees many of our favourite fruits, vegetables, and nuts could vanish from our shelves.


 Recent years have seen a steep and disturbing global decline in bee populations -- some bee species are already extinct


 We are breeding expensive carneolian bees that are hopefully resident to the mite. However it is becoming increasingly more difficult to  make a living out of this and for that reason rather than ask for funds to continue my spiritual retreats etc it has become important to sustain our bees. I am using the violet flame over our hives and so far we are disease free but by law we still have to do the expensive treatments and processes of checking.Last year we bought a house in Christchurch as a retreat to teach spiritual teachers to help others in their own communities but have now had to rent it out because of the Earthquake and de-evaluation of the property and the increased mortgage   rates with less income from the bee business.I thankyou for your wonderful website which I have followed everyday for years. I AM THAT I AM Eileen Adamson 0064 3 4449 235 Wedderburn Central Otago New Zealand.


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From: Roy S
Sent: Friday, February 19, 2016 12:38 PM
Subject: Re: IMPORTATN CORRECTIONSFw: Project For Category C - Educational


Transcendence: The 3 Levels
Level 3 (Will You Care To Remember Your True Path?)
An online movement designed for those who has little to no awareness of our true nature, but is starting to scratch the surface. The website and it's message across the internet has a light-hearted approach, and contains the following: creative articles, conceptual photography, audio & video production, which is intended to inspire, motivate, and inform. The subjects of the content are focused on holistic health & philosophy, which provide unconventional solutions for the mind, body and spirit, as well as transcend the view towards the old paradigm.
Level 2
Vendetta Rising (Vendetta Is Now Rising, As The Truth Boils From Underneath The Rotting Lies)
A project that delivers straight-forward, out-in-the-open knowledge on esoteric matters in a very wide spectrum. This knowledge, combined with artistic means, is spread through viral music videos that raise awareness and inspire to take action. These videos are linked to a ''Esoteric Vendetta'' conspectus, which encompasses the big ''Behind The Veil'' picture of our World. In the following stages of this project, Vendetta Rising acts as a public figure, organizing workshops and collaborating with independent media.
Level 1
A.V.C. (A - symbolizes the corporate pyramid, V - symbolizes the corporate pyramid upside down and stands for Vendetta, C - means Community)
A representative of A.V.C. is appointed to carry out the following duties: to contact, brief and recruit Light-Workers and other relevant individuals, in order to form a global community which supports the New Paradigm. Encourage A.V.C members to work together and demonstrate ''one for all, and all for one'' unity. The goal, is to stand as one, and introduce all the programs of Light-Workers to the world.
Project Founder: Silent Roy 
Phone: +34671132790 
Location: Barcelona, Spain