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Let's Take Action! - Walk for Truth!

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military recruitment offices, and brushing up on their marching skills for the Walk for Truth, Justice, and Community. In Port Orford, they are collecting hundreds of postcards to send with their contingent of walkers to demand that we bring the troops home now.

In Tillamook, folks have been practicing their framing skills and bringing new people into human dignity work and onto the Walk. In Reedsport, they are preparing their banner to walk for peace in the Memorial Day Parade. Up in Astoria, they are taking to the street corners and ballot boxes to protest the citing of a LNGfacility in their backyard. And from Bandon, to Coos Bay, to Myrtle Point,Coos County is organizing a contingent of 10 walkers and counting!

All of these communities are recognizing that now is the time to let our values be known in bold and strategic ways. Mothers and grandmothers with small children, people with disabilities, students from local high schools, farmers, teachers your neighbors are leaving the comfort of their homes for the inspiration of the broader rural progressive community and our shared vision of a world where everyone's needs are met and everyone's civil rights and civil liberties are respected. And we want you to be a part of it! Join with us in the Walk for Truth, Justice, and Community from Salem to Portland this June 12-18. Contact or call 503.543.8417 to join your county's contingent today. We need you with us on the Walk!

Below is more information. For a registration form, visit, e-mail or call 503-543-8417.

Participants can take in as much or as little of the Walk and its related activities as they are able. Not everyone can be a full week marcher. Some people are joining us for a few days or even just one. And then there are people that will literally lend their bodies for a very particular event on a set day. But we need to know when people intend to show up. Below is a current snapshot of program. While times and details may change slightly, the adaptations should be minor. Please consider the details below and then sign up for the times that you can pledge to be present.

Sunday, June 12, 2-4 p.m., Salem, Oregon:

The People Declare Our State of Emergency Rural caravans from around the state gather in Salem to kick the Walk off with an Assembly of Unrepresented People. We will assess the threat level in our communities due to food insecurity and other failings of the basic safety nets. We will describe the resources, support, and dignity that our communities all deserve. We will declare our People's State of Emergency and begin the week long Walk for Truth, Justice, and Community with a rally.

Walk for Truth, Justice, and Community: June 12-18, 2005: Salem to Portland!