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Are You A Mushroom?

By Judi D. Johnson

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d meaningless prose.

For horses with blinders, or a bull with a ring in its nose.

Junk imposed on our fogged up minds, every single day.

Energy, resources and prices controlled in every way.

Parasites are plotting more wars and dissention.

More monitors, restrictions, police and detention.

Gun control cost us a real pretty penny,

passed first in Germany, to protect the few from the many

Our versions are worded in much the same way,

To protect us from terrorists and criminals, they say.

Consider control of our people and nations,

Our system of law says they’re all corporations.

Statute laws and Commercial Code,

Replacing our protection in citizen mode.

Admiralty flags set up in our courts, like in a state of war.

admiralty court is just as though you are being tried offshore.

Common Law Court for you and me is no longer in the rules,

We are prejudged by statute law as though we were just fools.

You’re a numbered asset on government books,

to be robbed and controlled by the same bunch of crooks.

Your value is in dollars, between bankers and the state.

Yes, an asset of the state, based on your birth certificate,

This missive comes more than just close to the truth,

What was said can be checked without being a sleuth.

It’s fun playing zombie for some folks I know.

When the bad action starts, just where would they go ?

Who controls whom, and what is the score ?

If you’re not mad already, should I tell you more ?

By: Bud T. J. Johnson - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

September 2005