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President Trump Gets Another Court Victory – Neil Young Just Lost His Lawsuit To Stop Donald From Using Music

Adam Casalino

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What’s Happening:

Trump just got another major win. If you’ve watched any of his historic rallies, you know he loves playing music—loud.

It’s often powerful, patriotic music. Occasionally, it’s fun dance music, like “YMCA.” The music sets the kind of vibe common to Trump rallies: fun, upbeat, and optimistic for America.

But, as you can expect, some of the liberal musicians who wrote some of those songs aren’t happy. In fact, one songwriter even too, Trump to court to stop him from playing his songs.

Neil Young sued the Trump campaign. But it looks like it didn’t work out as he liked.

From IJR:

Neil Young on Monday ended his lawsuit against U.S. President Donald Trump’s campaign for playing of two of his songs at campaign rallies…

Young’s lawsuit in Manhattan federal court was dismissed with prejudice, meaning it cannot be brought again. It was not immediately clear if the case had been settled.

Neil Young sued the Trump campaign over using two of his songs at his rallies. Young claimed that Trump was using the songs without permission, infringing on copyright laws.

The problem? Most songs aren’t “owned” by the songwriters, but the record labels who paid them and published them.

Trump’s campaign would have had to go through the record label and pay them to play the songs. The record labels didn’t bring this lawsuit, suggesting they didn’t break any copyright laws.

Instead, Young was just angry that a popular, conservative president was playing his music.

Young, after all, is an aging hippie who doesn’t seem understand how Americans can get excited for things like patriotism and national pride.

Like most Democrats, he accused Trump of being “divisive,” spreading “ignorance and hate.”

But most people think the real people spreading ignorance these days are working in the mainstream media. Maybe Young should go after them?

The federal court dismissed the case with prejuduce; Neil Young won’t be able to bring it back again. That’s a big win for the Trump campaign.

Although, he’s probably better off not using this miserable old liberal’s music.

Key Takeaways:

  • Neil Young sued the Trump campaign for using his songs during rallies.
  • Young claimed copyright infringement, but the case was rejected.
  • Young accused Trump of spreading “ignorance and hate.”