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MUST WATCH: Guccifer 2.0 Ties up Everything

Tracy Beans

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Tracy Beanz


Published on Jan 28, 2018

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Guccifer 2 deep dive and timeline G2 Wordpress Site:

VIPS Memo:

June 9th: Don Jr meets with Veselnitskaya: Trump Jr. meets with Veselnitskaya who is granted a Visa by the Obama state department after being denied by Preet Bhara. She is working with FusionGPS on the Magnitsky case with Prevezon and against Browder. She meets with Simpson the day before and the day after, as per his testimony, though he says he can not speak to her because she doesnt speak English:

June 15 2016- First G2 dump stating he hacked the DNC. Fusion GPS Hires Christopher Steele

DNI report on Russian interference into the US election claims that Russian cyber espionage started into the DNC in July of 2015 and maintained until June of 2016 (VERY IMPORTANT)

Link: Page 12/13

June 20th: First memo of dossier written by Christophew Steele

The DNC Leaks began in June 2016 right about the time when G2 took credit, and were published by Wikileaks in July of 2016. The claim was from G2 himself, as well as the “17 intelligence agencies, that G2 provided the information to Wikileaks”.

July 5th 2016: Steele makes contact with the FBI about the Trump Russia Dossier, not surprisingly right when Clinton is also testifying not under oath: The FBI begins its investigation, and goes 8 months between beginning this and letting Congress know it is investigating, due to the “sensitive nature” of the investigation. It is released in the press on 11/1/16, due to Fusion GPS (Simpson and Steele) going to the press with the fake dossier information, and attempting to influence a presidential election.

On 9/13/16 Wikileaks RT the “NGP Van” information but does NOT host it. Also in September, the FBI obtains a FISA warrant on the Trump campaign.

December 13 2016, Steele writes the final memo that alleges a Russian tech exec hacked the DNC, he denies it (he is also tied to Clinton) He is suing Buzzfeed and Steele:

Interesting WSJ article:

Where does Seth Rich come in? Seth Rich was murdered on July 10, 2016, right in the heat of all the craziness. Wikileaks offers reward for info leading to his killer, and in August, Burkman comes out with a crazy story about Rich being killed BY RUSSIANS-- at the same time, we have Sy Hersch meeting with Ed Butowsky (he paid Rod Wheeler) telling him that SR was the source of the DNC emails. Talk about a rabbit hole. Lets listen to the interview.

I believe this is a plot to somehow cover Richs death by making it appear like he is connected to Russians, just in case they can not maintain the story, and need a scape goat to keep the Russia Narrative going- In other words, if it comes out that SR did in fact leak the information to wikileaks, then they need to keep the Russia nonsense going.

Because of the DNC leaks, two attorneys in Florida filed a class action lawsuit against the DNC: Jared and Elisabeth Beck, whos process server in the case Shawn Lucas was found dead after the DNC was served.

He was found dead in August of 2016 after serving the DNC with the lawsuit less than one month earler. On July 22nd 2016, the DNC filed a motion to dismiss because they stated they werent served correctly. It was denied. The lawsuit continued, and was dimissed without prejudice. An appeal on that decision was granted. The lawsuit will continue. Elizabeth Beck was on CNN and Elizabeth Lea Vos wrote an op ed.