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Paul Stramer

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For Immediate Release
To: All Media Outlets
From: Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Assoc.
Date: June 28, 2018
Contact: Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret) 928 432 1879
We've watched and we've heard and we cannot take it anymore. The lies and the hypocrisy are so legion that our nausea has turned to regurgitation.
The press, nearly all Democrats, numerous Republicans, and self-appointed pundits have all made the most outlandish and ridiculous accusations that reason is not only standing on its head, its steamrolling all common sense and decency.
Case in point, President Trump is actually attempting to fix a problem (illegal immigration) that the last five presidents ignored or purposely exacerbated. Now we have families from Mexico and other Latin American countries risking their lives and the lives of their children, because corruption and oppression are so severe in their countries, that they willfully risk all to come to America. Then, beyond astronomical amazement, the hate mongers blame Trump! They actually call the President cruel and inhumane. What are the regimes called that force their citizens into this horrible quandary? Nothing! What do they call the Cartels and human traffickers? Nothing!
We do not believe that the message should be spread throughout Latin America that if you bring your children with you it will be easier for you to come into the USA. We know that the Cartels have used children as mules and much worse.
This horrible border problem was not caused by Trump, not by a long shot. But if you want to discuss “cruel and inhumane” look no further than the Obama administration.
Under Obama we saw unprecedented cruelty and ruthless bureaucratic inhumane injustice. The following are just a few examples:
  1. “Fast and Furious” where hundreds of military weapons were illegally transported to Mexico, guns obtained and used by the Cartels. U S Border Patrol Agents were killed with these weapons. How did Obama respond? He declared “Executive Privilege” and the whole episode was dropped.
  2. Amish families have had their homes and farms raided by SWAT teams from the FDA because the Amish don't pasteurize their dairy products. This dictatorial malfeasance has destroyed families, terrorized children, and imprisoned fathers. Yes, fathers have been stripped from their children and forced into jail. This happened to Amish farmer Samuel Girod in Kentucky and he languishes in prison right now after being sentenced to 72 months for making a salve out of chickweed. The tyrant judge gave this good man six years in federal prison because he “failed to register with the FDA.” Yes, this was done under the Obama administration and no one has done anything about it.
  3. The Obama adm. has had the BLM destroy ranches, farms, and all sorts of rights to public lands. Fifty three ranches have been destroyed in Clarke County, Nevada and no one has done anything about it, except one of the ranchers.
  4. SWAT teams have been deployed against law abiding Americans who have failed to repay some of their student loans. Black Americans have been victims of this abuse and still, no one has done a thing to stop this “cruel and inhumane” treatment. Please see for verification.
Perhaps before we try to “tar and feather” President Trump, we should clean our own backyards and protect our own citizens from injustice and cruelty. The number one need for prison reform is the horrible routine of putting INNOCENT people in them. Before you pick up your next bucket of hot tar or empty your pillows of down, take a look at our own injustice, cruelty, and inhumanity.
We ask President Trump to address this disaster that has left so many families devastated by our own government. Thousands of our citizens sit needlessly and helplessly in our federal cages. We have all ignored this for far too long!