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THe Abandoned Patriot

Richard Geffken

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When people express having no loyalty to the Constitution or any law of the United States anymore, do not think too harshly of them.

The judges have no loyalty to the Constitution or any law. They gave themselves immunity from even being tried for their unlawfulness while hypocritically condemning others. They grant the government (that an independent judiciary was expected to control) permission to torture, violate constitutional amendments, rig trials and show mercy only to billionaires.

Legislators have no loyalty to the Constitution. Long ago their role became passing laws that allow its violation. No one directly voted for these laws and when elected officials are removed, their oppressive evil-doings remain enacted in law. It can be justly said that the Constitution only provides for representation. Nevertheless, their foremost responsibility, sworn to when these representatives take office, is to uphold the Constitution that they immediately start chiseling away at with every law they pass.

The president, governors, prosecutors and police form the third branch of government, the executive branch. So far, President G.W. Bush has made torture a form of interrogation, created Homeland Security to snoop on the American people, monitors phone calls, and issues his own warrants anyway. Please don’t ignore the contribution of the neo-liberal Democrats. From limiting the sacred right to writ of habeas corpus and ordering tanks to attack Waco, Texas, their record of obeying the Constitution is equally grim.

The Constitution has no provision for giving officials immunity when they violate the Constitution while in office. In fact, Congress passed a law in 1871 which has never been repealed, confirming this fact. Starting in 1976, the U.S. Supreme Court decided it would dishonorably violate Congress so judges, legislators and prosecutors could commit all the crimes they want to without the threat of even being tried. By 1993 the process was complete. A people who prefer watching football games to controlling their government has guaranteed that evildoers will be running the country forevermore, and there is absolutely nothing any one individual can do about it. When you snooze, you lose.

Washington, Jefferson, Madison and all the heroes who founded this nation believed controlling government the most important concern of all. They believed this goal justified armed rebellion.

The Constitution looks dead. Salvaging it requires work. When government officials can’t even be tried for crimes committed, what did you expect would happen?

The problem with our nation’s salvation is that Americans expect somebody else on Earth to save them in this life and Jesus in the next.

Individuals can do nothing by themselves. We all need each other. When one’s selfish self-interests are the only criteria for living, there is no power to oppose an out-of-control government. Fifty-thousand men and women going to work each morning for their masters have no power. However, 500 marching in step in a column, even unarmed, is power (Remember the power of the people in "V for Vendetta"?).

We need a new Constitution. One that stipulates very harsh penalties for violating any guaranteed right. Traitors destroyed what we thought we still had. We need just retribution for what their greed and self-interest did and continues to do to all of us, including you.

Richard Geffken

Mayo, Florida