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CASPER UPDATE: June 27, 2008 (Updated 6-28-08)

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 casper 6-28-08 27th Report with changes & additions
The WAR continues.
Another long and very intense week, gone forever. Just when you are certain all the snakes are in the sack the slippery rascals find a hole in the sack.
First, regarding the Story updates, WE always learn things we didn't know and find his Intel valuable as we work with our many calculators in a determined effort to have 2 and 2 make 4.  Many times our Intel does not agree with his so we re-double our efforts to find the truth. This weeks example is his continuous reports that the "countries" got paid. Our Intel says no, they have no access. Not before us, which has been our position forever. Moving funds on computers, which did happen, is "bank-work" not funding. Funding is money available for Starbucks. Others, before the countries, were also allowed to "move money" on the computers. Neither the original account or the sub-accounts, however, are "accessible" therefore they are not "funded". They are simply---downloaded.
The ongoing "fight to the finish" has not ended even though we were convinced it had at last update. Then things happen which, as usual, we learn about after the fact. For example our accounts, "loaded" at time of last update got "unloaded" this week.  Not just the 10M some of you may know about, but all our accounts were relieved of ALL funds. Now they are back in place we hear. Bizarre? Yes. Why? WE don't know but the excuses given were false. Same balances as prior? Don't know but "friends" do. If they pilfered the accounts there are records which will reflect that fact.
Other "troubles" arose late in the week some of which are addressed by Story, some not. WE cannot verify unsigned executive orders or many of the other things he mentions but his bottom line is correct-the war continues. The disinfo teams are hard at work and it is very difficult to determine fact/fiction. Deliveries did not occur. That is fact so we work backwards from there.
WE don't understand Story's violent reaction to Whistleblowers questions or his threats against Fourwinds for posting them. Does this not seem strange to you? As we have observed before, Story sometimes appears obsessed that there is only one set of facts, his, and that the unfolding truth, or at least the interpretation thereof, belongs exclusively to him. WE disagree but we repeat-we look forward to his updates with expectation we will learn something from each of them. There are many possibilities when you go about the business of connecting dots. His defense of his Queen for example, while admirable, does not and has not ever comported with our understandings. Recall the years before our writings began to appear on Fourwinds. At that time "WE" included one of our own who spent days and nights with Q meeting her on the tarmac time and time again when she arrived in D.C. for the top secret meetings. She spoke to Q on her bedside telephone dozens of times as the crisis before the World Court and Supreme Court was unfolding month by month.* She constantly argued with Q on our behalf.  Our friend fought for us before both courts and the G-7 receiving standing ovations on occasion. Do you remember? WE knew the Q well. Very very well indeed. She was a reed in the wind, flip-flopping weekly to which ever side she thought had the upper hand. It was sad to watch as she knighted the enemy's and saboteurs of the programs.* In those days HMQ was a partner with the BUSH'S, Merkle, the Vatican, Greenspan and Higgins attempting to preserve the status quo, to stop deliveries and to retain all funds for themselves. Of course HMQ has been around a long time. She still refers to us as "her colonies". Times change. Alliances change. At some point she perhaps tired of the other rats gnawing on her legs and went straight. Our friend died and we lost access to Q's bedroom. Our understandings are "dated". Now we are left with Story's interpretation of her current motivations. Back in the day we were there and she was not our friend.*  And, surely you have not forgotten our spies inside Buckingham who were kind to call occasionally letting us know who was gathering for hugely important meetings. We do not yield to Story's "superior knowledge" or home court advantage when it comes to HMQ. There are several levels of World Control above Governments just as there are many levels of security clearances above that held by the President of the UNITED STATES. It is at these levels the Q and the Vatican operate. And now Story mentions the MORMONS. Welcome aboard brother. WE were reporting the B.of A./L.A. to UTAH money "muletrain" *many* years ago. There are many ways to connects dots. WE DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING and don't pretend to. Me thinks Story's obvious desire to be the "official" one and only chronicler of this historical world changing event is getting in the way of his objectivity. He might have learned some very important things from Whistleblower and the Global Debt Facility Knowledge he has graciously shared on Fourwinds but apparently Story's desire to "CONTROL" the interpretation of events was more important to him. Understand friends, he is writing a book. Any "re-interpretation" might necessitate a rewrite.
I repeat, we usually learn things from Story we didn't otherwise know. His Intel has helped us tremendously in our work.
There has occurred behind the scenes a great big fight over who gets paid and gets paid what. This was settled long ago then the snakes slithered out of the sack and started filling the air with confusion and argument. The final outcome is unknown to us at this time and it may well be that BUSH/CHENEY/ and their D.C. Lawyers (and others) are blowing smoke. WE believe this to be a repeat of previous efforts to screw the most helpless recipient, the one without lawyers making contracts. WE do not believe such efforts will succeed if in fact they are real in the first place. WE sincerely believe those who have brought us this far will not allow any such attempt to succeed. Any attempt to pay the Trumps and Gates of the world, the Trustees and the Countries, the Politicians and the Mormons, etc. while stiffing the "little people" will result in a storm beyond their wildest imaginings........
Some sources say we will be put off till the week of the 7th. Other sources say next week. Our most important sources said yesterday then today just as Story did. WE believe this was completely accurate at the time given then the snakes did something which had to be handled and IS BEING HANDLED. *We believe deliveries can and will show up literally at any time and that the first delivery WILL NOT go beyond the first of next week.*
WE hear there may have been *some arrests* yesterday, mostly Bankers. We hear there were arrests the morning after the accounts were unloaded. The accounts were extremely secure. Professional hackers were unable to get into them. Looks like an "inside" job. If they have been arrested, fine. If not, please turn them over to us for proper handling.
Remember, current news says the accounts have been reloaded and culprits arrested.
The bad guys are scrambling and doing whatever they can to stop the exposures. The events this week, resulting in no deliveries, brings ever more clarity and  visibility upon the thugs who currently control our world. When they brought forward the provisions of the 1917? "Trading with the Enemy Act" and declared the people of the United States to be the enemy of the government in Washington D.C. they made clear who and what they are. They are your enemy. They said so publicly and in writing. They are trying to impose this "legalize" on the entire world and it must be stopped now by returning to the Constitution and "firing" the employee's of the CORPORATION, i.e. D.C. POLITICIANS who currently enjoy a 14% approval rating which no doubt comes from the illiterate, the blind and the newly subsidized illegal aliens.
This fight is between good and evil. Between corruption and integrity. Between them and us. And it is happening before your eyes if not the public's.  Suppression of the truth, immunities for the most heinous of crimes, continuation of the status quo means evil wins, BUSH defeats GOD. It can not happen, it is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.
Get yourself together. Hitch up your britches. Tighten your belt. Say a prayer. Meanwhile WE and Story and other messengers and investigators will be sticking needles in their worthless butts no matter which way they turn.
              casper   6-27-08