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Casper Second Update: March 31, 2008

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It is mid afternoon now.
The lives of FITZGERALD and his family are now being threatened by BUSH and his mafia. They are saying, in effect, we will not give up our monopolies and will kill you if necessary. Although FITZGERALD has double and triple guards at all times the situation is very dangerous right now.
BUSH and PAULSON are putting out rumors to all Govt employees that they will have to return all earnings received over the years. This is a lie. Only Senators and those who have incorporated themselves will have to return monies. This is an obvious ploy to get the employees upset at someone other than themselves.  
Deliveries should have begun by now. Under the circumstances we can't help but wonder if "they" have "gotten to" FITZGERALD. WE suggest he should immediately call a news conference and expose everything including the threats.
                 casper   3-31-08   afternoon