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"Good Riddance Attention Whore" (Updated May 30, 2007)

Cindy Sheehan

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ore milder rebukes.

CindySheehan's diary :: ::

I have come to some heartbreaking conclusions this Memorial Day Morning. These are not spur of the moment reflections, but things I have been meditating on for about a year now. The conclusions that I have slowly and very reluctantly come to are very heartbreaking to me.

The first conclusion is that I was the darling of the so-called left as long as I limited my protests to George Bush and the Republican Party. Of course, I was slandered and libeled by the right as a "tool" of the Democratic Party. This label was to marginalize me and my message. How could a woman have an original thought, or be working outside of our "two-party" system?

However, when I started to hold the Democratic Party to the same standards that I held the Republican Party, support for my cause started to erode and the "left" started labeling me with the same slurs that the right used. I guess no one paid attention to me when I said that the issue of peace and people dying for no reason is not a matter of "right or left", but "right and wrong."

I am deemed a radical because I believe that partisan politics should be left to the wayside when hundreds of thousands of people are dying for a war based on lies that is supported by Democrats and Republican alike. It amazes me that people who are sharp on the issues and can zero in like a laser beam on lies, misrepresentations, and political expediency when it comes to one party refuse to recognize it in their own party. Blind party loyalty is dangerous whatever side it occurs on. People of the world look on us Americans as jokes because we allow our political leaders so much murderous latitude and if we don’t find alternatives to this corrupt "two" party system our Representative Republic will die and be replaced with what we are rapidly descending into with nary a check or balance: a fascist corporate wasteland. I am demonized because I don’t see party affiliation or nationality when I look at a person, I see that person’s heart. If someone looks, dresses, acts, talks and votes like a Republican, then why do they deserve support just because he/she calls him/herself a Democrat?

I have also reached the conclusion that if I am doing what I am doing because I am an "attention whore" then I really need to be committed. I have invested everything I have into trying to bring peace with justice to a country that wants neither. If an individual wants both, then normally he/she is not willing to do more than walk in a protest march or sit behind his/her computer criticizing others. I have spent every available cent I got from the money a "grateful" country gave me when they killed my son and every penny that I have received in speaking or book fees since then. I have sacrificed a 29 year marriage and have traveled for extended periods of time away from Casey’s brother and sisters and my health has suffered and my hospital bills from last summer (when I almost died) are in collection because I have used all my energy trying to stop this country from slaughtering innocent human beings. I have been called every despicable name that small minds can think of and have had my life threatened many times.

The most devastating conclusion that I reached this morning, however, was that Casey did indeed die for nothing. His precious lifeblood drained out in a country far away from his family who loves him, killed by his own country which is beholden to and run by a war machine that even controls what we think. I have tried every since he died to make his sacrifice meaningful. Casey died for a country which cares more about who will be the next American Idol than how many people will be killed in the next few months while Democrats and Republicans play politics with human lives. It is so painful to me to know that I bought into this system for so many years and Casey paid the price for that allegiance. I failed my boy and that hurts the most.

I have also tried to work within a peace movement that often puts personal egos above peace and human life. This group won’t work with that group; he won’t attend an event if she is going to be there; and why does Cindy Sheehan get all the attention anyway? It is hard to work for peace when the very movement that is named after it has so many divisions.

Our brave young men and women in Iraq have been abandoned there indefinitely by their cowardly leaders who move them around like pawns on a chessboard of destruction and the people of Iraq have been doomed to death and fates worse than death by people worried more about elections than people. However, in five, ten, or fifteen years, our troops will come limping home in another abject defeat and ten or twenty years from then, our children’s children will be seeing their loved ones die for no reason, because their grandparents also bought into this corrupt system. George Bush will never be impeached because if the Democrats dig too deeply, they may unearth a few skeletons in their own graves and the system will perpetuate itself in perpetuity.

I am going to take whatever I have left and go home. I am going to go home and be a mother to my surviving children and try to regain some of what I have lost. I will try to maintain and nurture some very positive relationships that I have found in the journey that I was forced into when Casey died and try to repair some of the ones that have fallen apart since I began this single-minded crusade to try and change a paradigm that is now, I am afraid, carved in immovable, unbendable and rigidly mendacious marble.

Camp Casey has served its purpose. It’s for sale. Anyone want to buy five beautiful acres in Crawford , Texas ? I will consider any reasonable offer. I hear George Bush will be moving out soon, too...which makes the property even more valuable.

This is my resignation letter as the "face" of the American anti-war movement. This is not my "Checkers" moment, because I will never give up trying to help people in the world who are harmed by the empire of the good old US of A, but I am finished working in, or outside of this system. This system forcefully resists being helped and eats up the people who try to help it. I am getting out before it totally consumes me or anymore people that I love and the rest of my resources.

Good-bye America are not the country that I love and I finally realized no matter how much I sacrifice, I can’t make you be that country unless you want it.

It’s up to you now.


Information Clearning House Comments on Cindy Sheehan's Resignation


Native peoples on this continent have come to the same conclusion that this system forcefully resists being helped and eats up the people who try to help it.

Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu Jamal and several political prisoners have come to this conclusion also. They have been severely burned by this system for speaking up for those who get severely burned. Omly difference is, they cannot just pack and leave.

They are trapped and their people are trapped. Native peoples are trapped within a dominant society which is the landlord with immunity and impunity rights on their lands.

Many parents, children have wept for their LOVED ONES who have met the ultimate sacrifice on the other end of the U.S. long arm of the law. People of color have also made these similar sacrifices.

Please take the time to study these two cases. Two in a sea of injustice, misery and domination.

Johnniecakes | 05.29.07 - 5:34 pm | #


Many of us will miss you, Cindy, and we thank you. You did NOT act in vain. But you are right - it's our turn, now.

brian | 05.29.07 - 5:34 pm | #


Dear Cindy,

We shall miss you. Glad you're reclaiming the rest of your life. Casey's spirit within you inspired you to go out and change the world.

You did.

You shall always be in the pantheon of selfless heroes.

You have given an immeasurable gift to the American people and the world and especially to Casey's memory--he has come to stand for everyone who ever died unjustly--and what a large number that is.

How can anyone ever get around that?

You showed us how.

I met you and you were so easy to be around--brimming over with lots more faith than I had.

We will never forget you.


Severina | Homepage | 05.29.07 - 5:42 pm | #


Nothing we ever do is in vain, so I hope you don't walk away from this believing that all of the hard work you did means nothing. If anything, it has been an inspiration to me, and brought home the tragedy of war. I have a three year old son, almost four, and my love for him is nothing I could ever have comprehended before I had a child. What's so utterly terrifying about loving that much is that you know if you ever lost it you would be forever changed. Being a mother opens you to something new in the human heart. It somehow connects you to a more powerful force in nature, and expands your capacity for compassion. When I first learnt of your story I cried, because I know what it means to love a child with all of your heart, and your pain, as a mother, I also feel - not to the same extent, of course, but we are the same, in motherhood.

I want to thank you for everything you have done, and respect your decision to resume your life as best you can without Casey. Your courage, fortitude and heart will never, ever be forgotten.

With love and respect,


Willie | Homepage | 05.29.07 - 5:44 pm | #


you did a lot and thats enuff.

cuda | 05.29.07 - 5:46 pm | #



You accomplished more than you think. Without you and your sacrifice, we would be even more pitiful.

Freddie | 05.29.07 - 5:47 pm | #


thank you for all you've done, and God Bless you Always.

dan & sara | 05.29.07 - 5:53 pm | #


Cindy, were I a rich man instead of a crippled one living on the money stolen from me by the gov't, but now called "benefits," your debts would be paid. I am so sorry for your loss of your son. You have been my hero since I heard of you first, and you still are. God bless you, and may you find inner peace and comfort as you rebuild your dear life.


Andy Key | 05.29.07 - 5:54 pm | #


Well said.

The only thing that stops empire is collapse. Good try though!

Bernie Maopolski | Homepage | 05.29.07 - 5:56 pm | #



You son died for less than nothing. Americans are less safe now. The smear is forced by the profit motive by war mongers. There are more of them in high places than those who support you and your position. It was tough because you were alone when you started - now you have a following. My hope is that you recharge and surface in favor of a particular candidate for President who can represent the people and keep them safe.

William Sumner Scott

William Sumner Scott, J.D. | 05.29.07 - 5:58 pm | #


Cindy, you are right about everything.

I lived twenty years in Europe, in a far saner society as far as politics goes, and I recommend that you consider doing the same. This country is not worth saving at the moment. Go and enjoy better places. After awhile, when this country has woken up, you can return. You've done enough hard work. Dean

dean brown | 05.29.07 - 5:59 pm | #


Thank You! I love you.

Sam August | Homepage | 05.29.07 - 6:00 pm | #


Cindy, I love you with all my heart and soul and revere your memory as leading us on in the fight against this unholy war in Iraq. You will never be forgotten. The slime that besmerched you are already forgotten and will be buried soon in a grave that gets no attention. But you, you are an icon of womanhood and will remain so long after you are gone. I am ready to put my body in front of the war machine rather than be buried by it! May the Nobel Peace Prize be yours some day soon! God Bless you!

Richard Neva | 05.29.07 - 6:00 pm | #


God Bless you Cindy. From the bottom of my heart I am grateful for your blood, sweat and tears. America is a nation of ingrates. We are collectively a society of sleepwalkers, somnabulists in a national coma. America is a nation of amnesiacs!

I agree it is MORE important to protect and defend what is left of your blood family than to continue to destroy your personal health and be driven into bankruptcy by an alleged "peace movment" which has zero unity.

I am almost 53 and worked in the peace movement since 1968 when I was 14 years old. I spent 10 years on Capitol Hill as a professional Human Rights Worker. I worked 20 years as a syndicalist. From what I have seen of what allegedly passes for the "peace movement" - what is the so-called "Left Wing" and "Liberal Movement" is that is full of hypocrisy, treachery, duplicitious back stabbing and chicanery.

90% of people who go to Peace In Iraq demonstrations drive in their gas guzzling, carbon dioxide global warming gas spewing car. They left wing does not want to leave their "comfort zone". I have had violent abuse spewed at me when I politiely suggested to these peace demonstrators to get rid of their gas guzzling car and ride public transit, bike, walk and use alternative modes of auto's such as biodiesel and electric hybrid.

The vast majority of "liberals" refuse to buy certified organic food, but instead insist on shopping in supermarkets which is 100% grown with petrochemical/oil based fertilizers.

90% of the "Liberals" I know are too lazy to recycle their trash. Here locally in Sacramento the two most famous leaders in the environmental movement each have six children and refuse to practice Zero Population Growth or limit their child bearing to one or two kids.

Those same two local Sacramento environmental celebrity leaders drive SUV's which get 12 mpg. One of the local environmental leaders rents our her farmland to GMO pesticide farmers! Yet she finger points at WTO and USDA, corporate agribusiness for polluting the world!

Cindy you are SMART to renounce the phony baloney Armchair Revolutionaries in the Democrat Party and the so-called Left Wing.

What you did was for your self survival, your spiritual peace of mind and to preserve what is left of your family.

Cindy, you and your family have sacrified enough - you have suffered more than anyone can fathom.

You deserve to have a peaceful personal life and be with your family. I support you for not continuing to throw pearls before swine.

America did not deserve Casey. America does not deserve you.

God bless you and I wish you every blessing!

Keep Hope Alive!

Keep hope alive, because there is nothing more tragic than the cynicism of a failed romantic.

Colleen Whalen

Sacramento, California

colleen whalen | 05.29.07 - 6:01 pm | #


Cindy, you are a heroine. You deserve a Medal of Honor because you fought the REAL enemies -- greed, ignorance, apathy and..did I say greed? Your words and deeds revitalized thousands of people. Casey did not leave this life in vain. His passing sparked the torch you set afire in the hearts of millions of Americans. Your soul and his will be reunited, and live forever in joy and peace -- long after this pitiful excuse of a "World Power" is as forgotten as it deserves to be. God bless you, Cindy -- may the light of the All Seeing One light your path forevermore into the future as it has in the past.

Jean Goldstrom | Homepage | 05.29.07 - 6:02 pm | #


Dear Cindy,

I am so sorry for your loss. Please know that your son would be prood of you. Thank you for trying and please do not think it was in vain, You have fought the good fight and are still involved in a worth while cause. When Bush and Cheney crashed those planes on Sept. 11 they sucker punched America so hard that we are still unconcious, but I believe that some day we will wake and realize our folly. In time we will restore democracy to the people. Until then, hold on tight, Good Luck.

Warmest Regards, Kurt McNally

Anonymous | 05.29.07 - 6:04 pm | #



You did what you could and gave it your best. You were fighting a big ugly beast buried within the USA. Not easy to defeat, but you did open some peoples eyes and so your effort has not been in vain. Enjoy your time off.

Peter Mathyssen | 05.29.07 - 6:04 pm | #


Cindy Sheehan, I'm Gary DeVaney, a retired Army National Guard officer. I have website that also has links which take issue with murderous crimminals. Like you, some of my links take drastic issue with President George W. Bush. It also compares how mindset believers worship the Biblical God, in spite of His murderous Chapter & Verse track record just like they support, right or wrong, their US President. You have been on a most moral and legal agenda. You have done extremely well. I view that history will ultimately be kind to Cindy Sheehan.

Regards, Gary DeVaney

Gary DeVaney | Homepage | 05.29.07 - 6:05 pm | #


You have left a great legacy. You have physically resigned, but mentally have left an indelible mark on those who understand. At least to a few more that has taken off the veil of ignorance towards politicians and politics and governments.

Wally | 05.29.07 - 6:10 pm | #


Cindy, peace be with you. I cannot say much more as I am shocked and too emotional at the way you have been treated. Thank you for the work you have put in, it has been invaluable. Now it is time for you to rest and re-evaluate your life. Love to you and your family.

Cheryl Thompson | 05.29.07 - 6:11 pm | #


Dear Cindy,

I understand your position. You are absolutely right. Both major parties are beholden to corporate interests. Peace groups do not work for peace in a cooperative, peaceful way. I have personal experience with that myself. Know that you did a great job of bringing this horrendous joke "Operation Iraqi Freedom" to the attention and consciousness of people all over the world.

I love you Cindy. I think you are a remarkable person. You did your part and you deserve to rest. Enjoy your children. They are a gift from God.

With love and respect, Sharon D'Amico

Sharon D'Amico | 05.29.07 - 6:11 pm | #



I was a Christian Republican who initially did not like what you stood for. I saw you speak one time, I forget where, but the interviewer had an obvious animosity towards you though the new program was supposedly fair and balanced.

Your sincerity was evident, your answers clear and resonated with an unassailable truth and honesty that so obviously frustrated the interviewer who was trying to paint you as unpatriotic.

I had an epiphany then, and realized I had been living in the fog of deception thanks to your message.

You woke up at least one American and I am forever thankful to you for that.

John Rowe

Tacoma, WA

John Rowe | 05.29.07 - 6:14 pm | #


American mothers, wifes, sisters, aunts ,grandmothers, have just lost ten more loved ones today, did that stop the NBA playoffs, did that matter to any political leader, did that cancel even a third class ball game in any town in the United States. Did the people skip the beer at the ball game? did they take a moment of silence? do they care at all about their own let alone the Iraqis. My country is living in a different dimension of the real world. They are too busy getting drunk, laid, paid.

Cindy do not feel that you are the only one ignored by majority of the American people, we have lost our humanity and turn in to the weapons of mass media, food, drugs, lies , shopping, religious consumption, with hardly any ethics left in us. Our minds and souls are controlled by a group of organized criminals and we are in their total control. Our minds are numbed, and we are turn in to mindless zombies. “Demorats” or “Repugnants” leadership is the lowest forms selected by the criminals to conduct a fake political wrestling match every four years.

concerned american | 05.29.07 - 6:15 pm | #


47 Reasons To Oppose The Democratic Party

1) The Democrats are just a faction of the enemy -- not allies in any sense. They are not the "lesser evil;" they are an auxiliary subdivision of the same evil. They have betrayed us beyond all possible reconciliation, and are more truly allies of the Republicans than they are "friends" of ours.

2) It's just a fallacy to believe that the Democrats can somehow be transformed into a political force defending the interests of the broader public. That's not what they are. That they dare posture as the "party of the people" is an insult to our collective intelligence. In reality, they use this tattered & tired popular image to collude with the rightwing, confuse the public, & sell us out at every turn.

3) I encourage you to rethink your well-intentioned support of Democrats. (The writing of Howard Zinn is useful, in this connection.) The history of the Dem Party is one of deep partnership with Republicans, not of genuine opposition. The ballyhooed "rivalry" is just on the surface -- essentially, just a deception. The Dems were full co-partners in building the military-industrial complex and the national security state; in inflicting criminal wars in SE Asia & Latin America, etc etc. And since 2000, they have outdone themselves in shameless unprincipled collusion.

4) This is a party ready for the dustbin of history. The only "help" we should give them is helping them get there. We should focus on laying the groundwork for a party that genuinely represents our interests, not helping to resurrect a disgraced & decaying enemy.

5) The Kuciniches and McKinneys are different from the Hillary types -- but there are compelling reasons not to get too excited about them, either. First of all, they are used by the party as a "Left decoration," simply to keep potential left defectors in tow. Secondly, the party power brokers will NEVER in a million years let the Kucinich-McKinney faction have any real power.

6) In other words, the progressive Dem faction is cynically used as a marketing tool by the national party. They are dangled before your eyes to make you think that the Dems are still the "lesser evil" (since the Republicans offer no such Left decorations).

7) But the real face of the Democratic Party is revealed, for example, by the way they had police drag people out of the 2004 convention for wearing anti-war tee-shirts. Or by John Kerry, who tried to pretend during the entire campaign that his connection with Vietnam was just that he "served" -- trying to hide the fact that he'd been an outspoken OPPONENT of a criminal war.

In other words -- don't be fooled by the existence of a few decent Dems. They make no real difference in the overall alignment of the party, and will never be internally influential. They are a distraction.

9) Taking over" the party is a naive illusion. Both parties are dominated and driven by the interests of huge corporations and plutocrats. Neither gives the slightest hoot about the well-being of the general public -- which, as both of them well know, is utterly defenseless, politically. Both parties regard the public as a lamb to be fleeced on behalf of their (the parties') patrons. This condition is non-negotiable & not subject to alteration by ordinary well-meaning people.

10) Both parties represent little more than the will of giant oil, banking, media and defense corporations. The only way they differ is in marketing strategies, target populations, rhetorical style, & external fluff.

11) You make the oft-cited argument that the Republican Party was "taken over." This is not quite true. The Republicans were always the party of Wall Street & Northern manufacturing. The Democrats were the party of the Southern slaveocracy. When the national Democrats defied southern racism by passing the Civil Rights Acts in the mid '60's, the southern states bolted, destroying the Democratic coalition. The Republicans profited from this by adapting to southern tastes, values, & religious/cultural conceptions.

12) In other words, neither party is particularly virtuous, and both are merely fronts for coalitions of big-money interests. The Republicans weren't virtuous before they merged with the Religious Right out of self-interest, and they aren't virtuous now. The Democrats weren't virtuous when they were allied with Southern racists, and they aren't virtuous now. Virtue has nothing to do with it.

13) Together, the 2 parties form a governing structure that responds only to the needs of American capitalism. If you go to the Dem Party "pooh-bahs" and say, "I have some nice ideas for peace, housing, environment, and education," they'll laugh in your face. If you go and say, "I have a $10 million donation for you from ExxonMobil, if you just relax a wee little regulation about mileage standards," they will say, "Please come into my office. I believe we can do business."

14) The point is that both US parties are big-business parties, responsive ONLY to the needs & desires of corporations. The personnel of both parties are tightly linked to lobbyists. Both parties are stuffed to the gills with consultants, fund-raisers, careerist apparatchiks, connections in the MSM, & so on. All together, this forms an institutional structure that is completely unresponsive to the needs and aspirations of ordinary people.

15) When you try to sell the feel-good idea of "Let's take over the Dem Party," you're in effect proposing a project that ignores the true nature of the Dem Party. This is too big a thing to overlook. The far right was able to take over the Republican Party because that kind of alliance was always very much in the nature of the Republican Party anyway. It was compatible with, not contradictory to, the big-business nature of the Republican party. Forming an alliance with fascists, racists & religious zealots ADVANCED the big-business agenda.

More Here:

http://www.progressiveindependen...& topic_id=68191

chlamor | 05.29.07 - 6:22 pm | #


This nation is doomed Cindy, save yourself and hope to rise again to lead from the rubble and ashes that are ours to reep. Everybody pays Cindy and the walls are closing in from all four sides. You have thrown down your guanlet and your character is etched in the stedfast stone of time never to be stained by the cynical hordes or ridalyn addicted revisionist eels. Our children will sing songs of you and a brighter future will have your story as required reading in elementary and high school text books to teach valuable lessons in courage, sacrafice and duty. We can write you tributes in prose but we can not best you astonishing courage and persevarance and bravary as you endured life in the meat grinder of hippocritical, self righteous American Democrazy.

You can rest a spell, but yours is valuable...priceless experience and valour. We will need you and your guidance...those of us that servive the pending onslaught. I witnessed and followed your journey and I stood afar for I could not stand beside you. Such is the nature of our reality. That is the key to our hope, those of us of like mind, or who still value those universal truths we hold to be self evident as the rights of mankind above all else.

Retirement is not the end only a different direction. You did more in your stint then most of our useless politicians have done in a life time. Send us a line when you settle in on that new stategy. I hope one day we can walk the line together.

GreatCeasersGhost | 05.29.07 - 6:25 pm | #



Come to Europe,particularly the Mediterranean, I live in Sicily which has the best climate I have ever experienced. The politics are such that it is difficult for the dictators to get to the top, and also the people are wary of fascists having been victims in 1940-45.

I am sure there are many who will regret your going, bujt I am amazed that you took it for so long.

Fred Lovett

Fred Lovett | Homepage | 05.29.07 - 6:33 pm | #


God bless you Cindy.

May your son's spirit rejoice in your accomplishments.

London, Ontario, CANADA

Bob Andrighetti | 05.29.07 - 6:35 pm | #


Cindy, You HAVE done so much GOOD!! You have opened up the eyes of so MANY AMERICANS and were I am certain, what sparked the awarness of the people world wide to the horrors of this "war" and made us look more deeply into who and what was behind it all! Your courage and devotion, and sacrifice will NEVER be forgotten! Your story HAS to tug hard at the hearts of any loving, compassionate human being! The ones who aren't affected by it, and who love warring and innocent dying, and have no REAL respect for human life are lost anyway and may NEVER be reached (unless, of course, it happens to THEM!!)! I understand how you can feel bitter; you have sacrificed so much to open our eyes to a national tradgedy, and I know it feels like a defeat, but it is far from that! Even though Congress and the Senate have let us down, we have made great strides! The US public has now a lower opinion of those two houses than of BUSH himself! That is because we relied upon them to get his destructive, greedy, crazy ass OUT and our REPRESENTATIVES FAILED US in that respect! That is what our votes, even those who changed parties to vote were SUPPOSED TO HAVE ACCOMPLISHED! THOSE "REPRESENTATIVES" should be the ones to resign, broken and defeated for letting us down, NOT YOU!! THEY should be ASHAMED for taking our precious votes and squandering them, and then spitting in our faces on top of it!


And you can certainly know that your son is PROUD of you for your love of not only him, but for the others who have and are paying the price for this illegal war based on greed and power! YOU will be remembered in HISTORY as a fighter for TRUTH, and a warrior for RIGHT, and a LOVER of HUMANITY!! BUSH will be remembered as the HITLER of the 21st Century!


Cheryl Petrovich | 05.29.07 - 6:40 pm | #



You have done your very best and many of us thank you for it. Its time for you to devote more time to your family.

Fred | 05.29.07 - 6:48 pm | #


Cindy Sheehan's farewell to arms somehow reminds me of what the "Africa" Family in Philadelphia were describing in their back to nature MOVE protest of the establishment. You fix your world , we want out. Even dropping out can get you in trouble, but it's a hell of a lot safer,easier,and more rewarding.

Bless you and Cindy, and enjoy your kids and take all the time in the world to smell the roses YOUR WAY !Good Luck !

jerrygates7 | 05.29.07 - 6:50 pm | #



Those who can see your work for the support of humanity will remember your every single effort.

Mother Teresa died doing great work to save and help who cannot get it.

Now she is a landmark for the humanity.

Your effort fall into the same class.

In this century, The Ugly US of A is one biggest bad thing about humanity. However, imagine those countries like Australia, who wanted to please this devil USA for their own benefit becomes worst than USA to their own people and humanity.

There are draconian laws against Muslims in Australia; the media pumps false manipulated bigoted information 24/7. In addition, all Australians believe them.

Most of the Muslim activist in Australia is in Goulburn Supermax jail. 95% are not guilty of any terrorism charges.

Same as US home security has found only 12 people being charged of terrorism amongst 870,000 immigrants

This has turned the world into two sectors

1. Anyone one who does not believes in Islam

2. All of the world Muslims

The results of this in the next 20 years are beyond imagination. Most probably many million s more innocent people will lose their live

So should we just give up and wait for the mercy of these Evil regimes of the world.

Khalid Haleem

khalid | Homepage | 05.29.07 - 6:50 pm | #


Dear Cindy,

I admire your courage. You stepped forward to question your government which put you in the limelight though you had no training in communication. Thanks to you people can better tell the difference between words spoken from the heart and demagoguery.

You also did an immense service to anti-war people by exposing the shameful rivalry among different factions of the Anti-War movement.

Just for this you deserve many, many thanks and I hope your name will go down in history for the great service you did your country.


kamo | Homepage | 05.29.07 - 6:59 pm | #


You did not fail your son- your actions gave some meaning to his death, and you showed your country up for what it is. Your committment and integrity has put me to shame in the knowledge of how little I have really been doing, and has been a source of inspiration for what we are all capable of doing. If we all committed ourselves in the same way, the war would be over and Bush and Cheney would be on trial. Just for starters.

Roachman | 05.29.07 - 7:00 pm | #


Dear Cindy,

I am a crippled old man who has followed your life closely. You have been the beacon for so many. For the many that see all the wrongs in this world but dont know what to do about it or lack the courage to confront it, you have showed us how to courageously confront them. I have long believed what we see as reality is in truth an illusion. An illusion created by God as a test of our spirit. Most of us, me included, have for the most part failed our test and will have to try again. You have passed your test so far. We have a mountain side where we have carved the likeness of our heroes. They are all men. God has a mountain side where images are carved without regard to sex. Your likeness will appear on that mountain side. You have passed the test.

God bless you. It would have been an honor to have met you.

Glenn Wall | 05.29.07 - 7:04 pm | #


Cindy's exit to antiwar activism is an extreme indictment of the USAn's grand apathy and stupidity. There is no hope for this so-called democratic country to ever wake up from their hypnosis. they're dead. I sympathize with you Cindy and I know you did your best to wake up that country but those people are losers and they'll always trade their freedom with crass and shallow needs like shopping and TV.

Ferd | 05.29.07 - 7:07 pm | #


Welcome back to Northern California, Cindy! It has been a long, and exhausting journey and you have earned this time for yourself. I believe I know you well enough that you will not stop being the caring and fighting woman you showed the world you are, by traveling and meeting heads of states in other countries and speaking to groups, protesting and even buying property in Bush's backyard! You have many admirers! Many more than those who would distract from your valiant efforts, but I can understand how these fools have taken their toll on you. Rest for now, but keep in touch with us via the internet AND please give some consideration to running for Congress, and defeating Dianne Feinstein. She needs to be replaced. She does not listen to those of us that want peace nor does she care about the people she was elected to represent. Meanwhile, Thank You, for all you have done. Casey would be proud of your efforts to bring peace to the world, and I'm certain he would never say you failed him. You have made every mother of peace proud!

Peggy Manfredi | 05.29.07 - 7:10 pm | #


Attention whore

mike | 05.29.07 - 7:15 pm | #


Mike, I hope you have not come here to add your 2 cents by promoting the hatred and policy of this sick nation and it's government. It is the sound of evil and it is not welcome.

Peggy Manfredi | Homepage | 05.29.07 - 7:24 pm | #


Cindy: I´m not a US Citizen, nevertheless, I have a passport of the US imposed over my own identity: Puertorrican. I admire you, as well as many Puertorricans I know. As slaves of the US we have political prisioners jailed in the US for doing the same as the Founders of US did: Struggle for liberation. We are one of the last colonies in the world and keep struggling. We have kept our langauge intact, our ways of live and our spirits. The US´s transnational capital won 33 million dollars in Puerto Rico in 2006. Yet the story goes that we are lazy people. The US pharmaceutical industry used all the water they needed for the last decades paying nothing and contaminating our acquifers, rivers, streams. We have 1,700 rivers, the most abundant acquifers that have more than 80 meters deep, the second largest underground river system in the world,(Río Encantado) but we are poor. The US has legislation pending for Puerto Rico, H. R. 672, "Puerto Rico Karst Conservation Act". The most meaningful act of conservationism is to allow 15 USC 3710a operate in the karst region which gives jurisdiction to the National Nuclear Security Administration to operate a Weapon Production Facility of the Department of Energy. This entity operates with national security purposes and is engaged in producing, testing, mantaining or the dismantelment of a nuclear weapon, or its parts. WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION OVER MY COUNTRY. And yet, Cindy we don´t give up. Never will. I understand your dismay over the traditional politics that you have to face. The same that Iraquis are been assasinated for their oil and water, the same happens to other peoples in the world. And the struggle is going to get worse. No matter if you quit now, you are already a threat, because conciously, or not, you became entangled in the wider struggle of people for their liberation. You have the capacity to stand up and fight, the system will never forget. You are a leader and the system knows. They will be watching. Take your time. Hug your loved ones. (The more annonymous the better!) Bless your friends and enemies. All of them give you the reason for dismay, for strength, for struggle, and for love.

But, Cindy please understand that you no longer belong to that system. You have outgrown it. You no longer bear the weight of the desitions of a nation that does not represent you, as it doesn´t represent me neither. The worst kind of slavery is of whom that thinks that he or she is free. (Goethe). Now that you know that the free nation you love doesn´t exist and has beeen practicing slavery for centuries, now that knowledge sets you free. Free people will be waiting your comeback. And we are more than what you are measuring right now! And yet we have the capability to build better. Never give up.

Verdad. Means Truth in spanish.

Verdad | Homepage | 05.29.07 - 7:32 pm | #



From your sadness you stood strong to show others to stand for what is right - that is the American way many of us know. The lust for greed and power has brought a pervasive evil which is running through our nation's corridors. You are a truly good person and Casey must be watching down on you with deep love and admiration. Do what you must for yourself. This system is rotten to the core, on both sides, you are right. God Bless you Cindy.

Diana | 05.29.07 - 7:34 pm | #


First, want to thank Johnniecakes (he wrote the first comment above on Cindy's Daily Kos blog) ---for helping people become aware that Native Americans and other minority groups suffer as unjustly, with as much pain and sorrow, as the small number of the great majority, represented by Cindy Sheehan.

But we can all look forward to a day, perhaps not long off, when more and more of us privilged people will undergo the same kind of suffering as Pelletier and others---in concentration camps (many already built, I believe) by presidential order under martial law invoked during periods of dire emergency. But you say: "It can't happen here!" You sure?

Second, Cindy Sheehan also wrote a "Letter to Democratic Congress." A copy can be found at Truthout, 29 May. Perhaps all is not lost. She states in that letter that "the Camp Casey Peace Institute is calling all citizens who are as disgusted as we join us in Philadelphia on July 4th to try to figure a way out of this 'two' party system...." and so on. So maybe those of you who want to help the despairing Cindy can find a way through the Camp Casey Peace Institute meeting.

For my part, I haven't seen a politician you could trust since the decline of the Roman Empire.

k. Jayson | 05.29.07 - 7:35 pm | #


Let us all focus,



"Extreme Love"

to Mike.

I love you mike! I love you mike!I love you mike!I love you mike!I love you mike!I love you mike!I love you mike!I love you mike!I love you mike!I love you mike!I love you mike!I love you mike!I love you mike!I love you mike!I love you mike!I love you mike!I love you mike!I love you mike!I love you mike!I love you mike!I love you mike!I love you mike!I love you mike!

Umberto | 05.29.07 - 7:35 pm | #



Not only have you left a legacy, but through your letter above you have continued to build upon it. You began your journey likely believing that if we could just get rid of this president or the Republican congress, things would get better and other sons and daughters would not have to needlessly die. But your journey has awakened you to the falsity of the left-right paradigm, and the true depths of the corruption being faced. The Democrats are no different from the Republicans. They play to the tune of the exact same corporate and banking masters, regardless of their apparent differences in rhetoric.

Through your letter you are helping to expose others to this truth that you now see. And that is very important. It is only the mass realization of the false left-right paradigm, and thus mass understanding of the extent of the corruption, that will provide the impetus for the needed holistic revolutionary change.

We must learn to disregard the labels. It is not what someone calls themselves but what they stand for, evidenced by what they do, that we must look to. Like the Republican Ron Paul, whose record shows that he truly does stand for non-interventionism abroad and freedom at home.

Thank you for all you've done Cindy. "Blessed are the peacemakers" and I know that Casey could not help but be extremely proud.

With best wishes

Lee Mayzes

Lee Mayzes | 05.29.07 - 7:39 pm | #


Well, fuck 'em all! They will soon enough discover for themselves what it is you've been trying to tell them, Cindy.

Why in the world did your son, Casey, go into the military in the first place? Did you try to talk him out of it? Was it his death that woke you up?

Now that you are awake, will you ever know peace in your own heart, will you ever stop mourning his death, or the fact of war itself?

Many people understand the stupidity of war, the stupidity of other people, the stupidity of governments.

During WWII there were villages in France, and communities throughout Europe, for whom the war was like a vicious fight going on in the next apartment. They were relatively untouched. This is the way it always is.

The world is in a condition of profound crisis. This is a world of Never Before, a time when the past is no precedent and the future is very difficult to imagine. All bets are off. Therefore, you use all your energy to imagine a world of the future, the one you would prefer. That world exists. You will know it because you will see it reflected back at you from the hearts of others you meet. You can't change the world for others, only for yourself.

Don't let your broken heart make a cynic of you.

Did you ever imagine that you were in a world that would destroy itself? Like a citizen of Atlantis, which legend says was destroyed dramatically, quickly, with only a rumor of its existence left behind for the future?

This world may have no future.

To know that and accept it and still live cheerfully, with enthusiasm, that is the secret of living well. She never lost hope, she remained engaged in the world, she had a ready smile up until the final nanosecond before the blast and heat vaporized her body. She never knew what hit her. She had no regrets.

And she never died and she eventually realized that death simply doesn't happen. Casey never died, either.

Actually, no one dies. That just deoesn't happen.

cruxpuppy | Homepage | 05.29.07 - 7:39 pm | #


I cannot thank you enough, Cindy, for your effort. I, too, tried to educate Americans as to what seems to be going on, and have only received rebuke for my efforts, mainly in losing everything I worked for. Do I regret it? Not for a second; I stood-up for what I believe, as you have done, and I know how you feel. Thank you so much, for your effort. It's a big government out there!!! - Bill

Bill Duck | 05.29.07 - 7:40 pm | #


A very sad but true testament to the truth, and the way it is. Things are the way the are, because too many of the wrong people want them that way, and we the people, have unfortunately given away our power to the corrupt, those steering the ship. Nothing short of a revolution or Ron Paul as president, is going to change a thing. The two party system has us by the balls, and is not letting go for anything short of a miracle.

The Doc | 05.29.07 - 7:47 pm | #


Cindy, I remember when you first camped out in front of the W's "ranch" and Randi talked about you. As I remember, nothing happened for a couple of days and then the rightwing hate mongers started calling you horrible things. That lit a fire under a lot of women, some of whom had also lost sons. That little kindling fire led to many other women, and men, having the courage to speak up and (I believe) led to the democratic victory in 2006. It has at least slowed the planned wars. Whatever you think of the democrats, and I agree with you that they have betrayed us, you are responsible for the 70% who now are against this occupation. As a friend of mine once said when I came across similar dissembling, there are people who build and people who destroy. You, my dear, are one of the builders. Don't let anyone take that away from you.

Cactus | 05.29.07 - 7:55 pm | #


My dear, dear Cindy,

You have made a super-human effort to bring enlightenment to a somnambulant society. Not one in a million would do as much. Please be at inner peace with a well-deserved retirement,knowing that you have done what you could to arouse the sleep-walking giant that is America. Though, perhaps outnumbered,there are many who recognize the value of what you have so heroically attempted in the face of virtually insurmountable difficulties. It is unfortunate that there are not enough courageous and committed individuals in this world to reinforce your efforts to awaken and enlighten the masses of the public as to the plight in which they are being devoured by the machinations of the alliance of huge corporations and politicians whose lust for power and greed for profit are found to be satisfied through war, using the masses at their disposal as expendable fighting machines. I am sure that many share your hope, as I do, for a better world.

Thank you for all you have done.

I admire you.

Walter Waldman

Walter Waldman | 05.29.07 - 8:07 pm | #


You have been a brave lady Cindy, having to put up with all the trash talk.

Finally you have realised that the Left and the Right are but wings of the same bird, and that bird is very devious.

EduardoNZ | 05.29.07 - 8:17 pm | #


Cindy, I am so disgusted with this country that I don't blame you for getting out! I was so hopeful that the "new" Congress would do what the people that voted them in wanted but I guess they are just the rubber stamp that the old Congress was! I have lost all hope for us getting out of the disaster! I kind of feel lost in my own country! I feel that all the protesting I have done in the past 5 years was for nothing!

Whatever you do now I hope you can pick up the pieces of your life and get back to your family and friends. You were and still are an inspiration to many of us and I wish you all the love, peace and happiness you can gather. Peace to you and yours...Addie

Addie | 05.29.07 - 8:19 pm | #


Dear Cindy,

I have watched your journey from across the world in my home, Australia. I saw you reason, then fight, then reason some more. I read your pleas and rational entreaties, followed your speeches and marches. I saw your heart poured out at the feet of those who seemed not to listen and your soul opened to those who seem to have lack one of their own. You touched me every time Cindy. You inspired me to continue when I was also despairing and seeming to lose all that I held dear.

Yes the 'peace' movement can be dirty and mean and short sighted and cruel. It can cut you down because you become too passionate, try to hush you when you challenge it, deny you when you give your all in a world where we are only meant to give what is comfortable - to give more embarrasses those around us. But the 'peace' movement that you have lived in this last couple of years is such a small part of humanity. It does not constitute those who you have changed, inspired, challenged. I am one of tens of thousands you gave a part of yourself to and created good change.

You have not failed Cindy because you touched so many and now it is right that you pass the mantle onto others to build on what you have done.

I wish you healing peace Cindy and that you be surrounded by those who love you

Helen Newman

PS: I always find the name callers a rather dull lot - hiding behind their vitriol they sling witless barbs they know will only find a home if you gave a damn. A cruel name from one whose message is hatred is a compliment - it means I'm on the right track.

Helen | Homepage | 05.29.07 - 8:29 pm | #



You're not leaving your country... your country left you and many of us who not only salute your courage and staying power but understand that your cause was noble, important and true.

May God Bless You...your voice was louder than you may feel and your leaving is appropriate because there is a time one must dust their feet and move on! Your job well done the rest is up to U.S.

M.T. Penn | 05.29.07 - 8:30 pm | #


Dear Cindy:

The outpowering above may be evidence that your capitulation message may do more for the cause than anything else you could possibly do by continuing an impossible struggle against a system that I believe is too evil for honest people to grasp. We will simply refuse to believe that our sons, daughters, mothers and fathers are dying for capitalist greed. BUT THEY ARE. I would ask you to look into 911. I feel that if it could be shown that it is, as I believe it is, an inside job, nothing short of the fate of Mussolini would befall the criminals that have sent Casey to his death. I think it will take something as horrendous as this to bring down the neocon/zionist cabal. 911 could be their Achilles heel. think about it.

Hal O'Leary | 05.29.07 - 8:43 pm | #


To rail against the lies of those empowered over you and to maintain a commitment against such lies while never bowing to vain compromise is the essence of valor and character. To spend your own meager assets and sweat and tears in the process, is the essence of unfettered and unpurchased conviction , the likes of which dwarfs the pompous over-bought maneuvers of a Nancy Pelosi and company. It reminds of our Founding Fathers’ pesky and long fruitful rail against King George of England.

I am sorry for the ruthless name calling and threats you have received. Try to remember the singularly Herculean scope of your efforts and the slovenly, petty inconvenience required to issue anonymous threats. Even worse are the paid corporate media and political spin-doctors who can only feign your level of commitment for our troops. Do you suppose they would remotely consider the risk of their own personal wealth and family security in their primetime rant of such support?

As a Vietnam veteran, I have observed that a high percentage of such thoughtful and vigilant people as yourself come from the ranks of Gold Star Mother's, the Spouses of our fallen, and those who have experienced combat. By and large, they care not for any distinction in one’s political stripe. They care what get’s done and by what means. No less than President Eisenhower himself issued the caveat; “beware the military industrial complex”.

Madam, your efforts have enfolded your son's memory with Honor. Casey shall live on with you. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney did not remotely consider standing in your son's shoes when they had that opportunity - and they could never fill the footprint you and Casey have made on the World Peace landscape. You had more than every right.

Most cannot hope to bridge the gap to your noble and utterly selfless example, Mrs. Sheehan. We can only pray more true Patriots like you will follow.

Being otherwise unqualified, and feeling inadequate in the shadow of your Patriotic service, I offer my thanks and Godspeed.

John Rosina,


d.o.s. 1966-70

John Rosina | 05.29.07 - 8:47 pm | #


Cin, EVERYTHING we covered last night, IN SPADES!



Bill Perry | Homepage | 05.29.07 - 8:48 pm | #


When I first started reading this article, I KNEW there would be many comments. What is missing are comments from all of those who always have only vitriolic, demeaning things to say about Americans. Well, not one of those showed up here (not yet anyway), because in Cindy Sheehan we have an American who walked the walk, and talked the talk. And yet, her story illuminates the difficulty the rest of us face in looking for some way to 'stand down' the monster the United States has become. The beast, Democrats/Republicans; liberals/conservatives, wore her down and left her penniless. Those whose allegiance remains within the two-party (good cop/bad cop) routine are proponents of Imperialism, regardless of what comes out of their mouths.

I hereby nominate Cindy Sheehan for Person Of The Year, Time Magazine can go to hell! And, Ron Paul needs to create a third party, because if he did, even guys like me would vote again.

Douglas Girard

Carmichael, CA

Douglas | 05.29.07 - 9:06 pm | #


From here in New Zealand, thanks. If you are in this fair land my family and I would be honoured to help you as we may be able to.


Basil Avery | 05.29.07 - 9:08 pm | #


I have spent the past few years fighting this war (and I spent many years fighting the Vietnam carnage as well). I have had my energy and resources used up do so. I have a son who suffers (and I mean suffers) from PTSD from the war in Iraq, one who is brave enough to go forward and inform the American nation about his life and the effects of his Iraq service ...

I was run OUT of America for daring to express my concern about Leonard Peltier to a democratic party DAHLING in the early 1990s. I have posted on this -- long, hard and often -- on Impeach Bush groups, political sites and dialogue "circles". In all cases, including involvement with those surrounding Cindy, I have found myself shunned, ridiculed (in one case, I was called a Rush Limbaugh loony on drugs!) and sometimes just IGNORED.

Such is the nature of the mindset that EMPIRE produces.

The more I bash away at ignorance, greed, stoopidity and DENIAL, the more of a pariah I become. A Cassandra in the way of those casting stones ...

I would, however, never ever give up or blame anyone for the things that are evident in the American psyche .. really how ecould it be otherwise? One of its biggest tactics is setting up regular heroes and heroines, just a symptom of the empire building mindset.

I don't need to even "forgive" any of the people, I just have to keep being aware that IN the very symptoms I am watching play out are the answers and CURE for an empire sickness of which we ALL suffer.

When people are abused, we must SPEAK UP. Silence is tyranny's biggest weapon, and it plays on it. I am sure that Cindy's letter will be wildly celebrated by Bush&CO, the democRATS who are taking military contractor campaign contributors, by the lobbyists and the many thousands of perverted people who have found this administration and its codependents to their liking as they act out their cold, cruel personal agendas ... from torturers that were at Abu Gahrib and Guantanamo, arrogant military officers, government lackies who make a living watching us all ....

Life is a series of disillusionments. Cindy finds herself no longer deceived. Well, I for one, wrote her and her friends often in the early "minutes" of their campaign about being prepared for this and got shunned, ridiculed, ignored!! I was not really surprised by this - what WAS surprising was the who and number of those I thought were my friends who played along with them.

Trashing is trashing is trashing - and it's all part of the anti-life strategies of those who do not want to KNOW and feel and thus keep empire's wheels turning, long after the evidence that it is a spiritual failure we are in!!

I am gratified to see the Leonard brothers and sisters posting to this comments section and I implore those with ears to hear, to listen to what they are saying. This EMPIRE will not fall by going back to playing "mommy" and good girl.

It will be defeated by the ongoing spiritual struggle of those who will never ever give up as we KNOW we are all ONE, and what can happen to one, can happen to us ALL.

Today is a GOOD DAY, both for dieing and for living! It is a good day because those who have no stomach for abuse, torture, tyranny, personal or otherwise and all going about their way in a way that moves them. America America has made VAST strides in the past decades furnishing us with strong voices to guide us and lead us against abuse.

The hardest battle is not"in the trenches"; it is living in the heart and belly of the beast and trying to sing it into wellness.

I pray Cindy finds her way (she is obviously suffering muchly) and that those who have staked their lives on her leadership have the commitment to

KEEP SINGING! Keep celebrating lifeand remember we ALL deserve a decent life. All of us.

I remember that the Lakota were there for Cindy when Thanksgiving came to Crawford. I hope she finds the strength to remember finally, that her heart has found her true allies and she can build her life on from there.

The five acres .. ? Give them back to