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What is N.E.S.A.R.A.? NESARA stands for: National Economic Security and Reformation Act

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Most of us can probably remember Willie Nelson doing the “Farm Aid” concerts in order to help farmers save their farms. Willie Nelson began doing “Farm Aid” concerts to raise money for the farm families who were losing their farms in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

In the 1990’s some U.S. farmers took actions that had been put into motion years earlier and sued U.S. bankers for having illegally foreclosed on their farm properties. These farmers, having done extensive research, realized that many of the farm foreclosures were due to illegal tricks by the U.S. bankers. The farmers’ lawsuits uncovered collusion by corrupt U.S. government officials with the dishonest bankers. A whole array of farmers’ lawsuits went through the State, Federal, and U.S. Supreme Court processes. The U.S. Supreme Court decisions found that the farmers’ petitions were valid.

The Supreme Court validated the farmers’ petitions for restitution from the U.S. Federal Government by awarding restitution to the farmers. Due to the massive government fraud, there was also a requirement that other Americans be given the opportunity to file for restitution of damages done by the Federal Government. These historic court decisions became the basis for the process by which people in all 50 states of the United States submitted farm claims and bank claims for restitution for damages by the Federal Government. We all owe these brave farmers, attorneys, and U. S. Supreme Court judges in the “Farm Claims” lawsuits a huge debt of gratitude for having taken on the Federal Government and the bankers, thereby exposing their corruption and illegal tricks.

In addition to the awarding of financial damages the U. S. Supreme Court found that the farmers’ claims of Federal Government fraud were also true. The U. S. Supreme Court required that major government reforms be enacted at the same time as the payment of damages to the “Farm Claims” people. The U. S. Supreme Court’s finding on the “Farm Claims” lawsuits of Federal Government fraud are part of the legal foundations of NESARA. It was stipulated that all these landmark court decisions remain secret until the government and banking reforms were ready to be made public and the “Farm Claims” restitution funds were ready to be paid.

In June, 2000, a secret law (NESARA) previously passed in March, 2000, by the U.S. Congress came to the attention of some citizens. This law was passed constitutionally and included a gag order with the penalty of death, if any official involved publicly discussed it prior to its official announcement.

In this same month, (June, 2000) a White Knight (a military intelligence contact), said that this secret law:

…eliminated the IRS and Federal Income taxes;

…provided certain major debt forgiveness for people in the U.S.

…would implement a new U.S. banking and monetary system, using

…precious-metals backed currency.

…would absorb the Federal Reserve into the U.S. Treasury Department;

…would restore our personal liberties, and implement massive

…improvements in the Federal Government, and much more…

In mid-October, 2000, a White Knight high intelligence contact advised that the secret law had been signed by President Bill Clinton on October 10, 2000, and a few days later the acronym assigned to it’s name was – NESARA. This stands for National Economic Security and Reformation Act.

Because of the U. S. Supreme Court’s requirement to keep the lawsuits secret, all official word of NESARA was forbidden until the corrections to the Federal Government, banking improvements, and prosperity programs distributions were ready to be implemented. That is why the public has never heard about these landmark decisions. This is why the first official word on NESARA is to be the pending public announcement to all humankind. There are an immense number of steps and procedures required to get everything ready worldwide and in all 70-plus prosperity programs, so that all could move forward together.

The White Knights required the U. S. Government agree to distribute all these long-awaited prosperity programs at the same time as the implementation of the new banking and government improvements. Legally binding “Accords” were signed by various heads of the Federal Government over the last few years that set forth the conditions of how all this would occur, and which guaranteed the funding of the prosperity programs. These “Accords” are the legally binding instruments used to put in place these momentous banking, government and prosperity activities.

Those opposed to this in banking, government, military, and the legal world have used every trick possible along the way to delay the completion of thousands of steps involved in aligning all these programs, the world-wide banking and monetary improvements and the U.S. Government reforms. They know that their power and control ends with the implementation of all the requirements in the NESARA law. This is why the opposition ordered the World Trade Center, Pentagon and Pennsylvania attacks on September 11, 2001. They knew that the final word had been given to notify the networks to get ready to broadcast the NESARA announcement.

We are entering a new era of peace, prosperity, harmony and vitality on Planet Earth Shan. Unfortunately, in order for everything to be executed successfully, much had to be kept secret in order for these great improvements to be made ready. Now is the time for this all to take place and complete the plans that our brave American reformers laid down fifty years ago.

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