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Lee Wanta's Side of the Story

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'When Ronald Reagan signed Exec Order 12333, it allowed Lee to lawfully start his own corporations (in this case, New Republic in Vienna).  Lee was the Trustor of the Reagan Task Force and, in that capacity, was made the guardian of the $150 billion given to the Task Force to bring down the ruble.  Lee repaid the $150 billion within six months of the grant.  Thus, any profits he made via New Republic belong(ed) to that company (and Lee is/was the only stockholder).  It's like buying a car and borrowing money from the bank.  When the car is paid for, it belongs to the borrower, not the bank.
When Lee was arrested, "they" began raiding his funds -- which was the entire purpose of his arrest.  The Agency began telling banks around the world that Leo Wanta was dead.  They got their hands on 23 trillion of the money.  They offered him the 4.5 t as his total compensation from what were lawfully his funds.  He either got that, or nothing.  That was the deal.  It was signed and was an in-depth agreement, literally stating what his tax payment would be, etc.  (35%), and a gag order was imposed (but does not become effective until payment is made to him).  That agreement was signed in 2006, I believe and that's when Lee had the People's Bank of China wire transfer his personal funds to his/AmeriTrust account at Bank of America in Richmond, VA.  The money disappeared into the Fed/Treasury/Morgan Stanley.  They money has always been on deposit... he can't get it without certain permissions.  As I understand it, Obama has requested that the money be paid -- but it hasn't.  Not yet.  By the way, before the wire transfer, John Snow (Sec of the Treasury at the time) and Alan Greenspan flew to China to coordinate the transfer and to check Lee's signature, etc.).  It was at the point Lee agreed to accept the $4.5 t that Chris Story and Michael Cottrell turned on Lee -- they wanted access to the $27.5.  Lee had hired Cottrell as an Executive Vice President of AmeriTrust to run things he couldn't manage while in prison and living with a bracelet around his ankle that kept him close to home.  The two of them tried to get a Board appointed to "manage" Lee's funds, but he caught them in the process and fired Cottrell.  Story then began his harrangues against Lee.
In my opinion, their ventures into trying to get their hands on various "funds" (including CMKX) is an attempt to retrieve some of the remaining $23 t. Chris Story's article that appears on the blog I created for Lee explains the concept of "Duplication" and how it is one of the most basic communist tricks... and, that is precisely the strategy they are using (which ought to explain a lot).'
Really enjoyed listening to the second half of the interview when it was live. I'll try to catch the first half from the archive link Lee posted.  
I was most surprised by the revelation that Story and Cottrell had tried to take over control of the Wanta Fund.  That does make sense of Story's subsequent about face on Wanta.
The other moderator thought this implied Story and Cottrell had themselves gone over to the dark side, or were working with the NWO.  I didn't get a clear indication of their motives.  They could have convinced themselves they could administer the fund better than Wanta himself.  Or just been greedy.
I'll be doing a two-hour radio interview about Ambassador Leo/Lee Wanta on Wednesday night, the 16th, at 8:00 p.m. Mountain Time (10 p.m. EST).

If you're interested, you can listen by clicking on this link


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Clayton Douglas

Feb16th, at 8:00 p.m. Mountain Time (10 p.m. EST).

Clayton Douglas

The part in the broadcast about C.Story and Cottrell, comes in about half way thru the 2nd hour to the end...It's a must hear!!!

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