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NESARA Confirming Info; Radio Show on NESARA

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io in New Mexico. I believe we will be able to make this interview available to you and will inform you when it is ready.

The “true” NESARA law is entitled the “National Economic Security And Reformation Act”. In the inner circles of D.C., it goes by the short title of the “Reformation Act”. The true NESARA law was passed on March 9, 2000 in a SECRET, late night special session of Congress and many of our key White Knights were present at this historic event. Because of the VAST improvements that the National Economic Security And Reformation Act brings Americans, the “official” word of the law has been kept secret by order of the U.S. Supreme Court while thousands of activities have occurred to prepare for the true NESARA law’s announcement and implementation.

The 75 pages of the “prototype” NESARA law on, and other websites on the Internet, is NOT the actual NESARA law and has a different title as well as “different details” from the true NESARA law. The U.S. Supreme Court PROHIBITED any internet or other publication of the TRUE National Economic Security And Reformation Act until after the official announcement when it will be available on the official U.S. Treasury Department website and also copies can be ordered from the government. The prototype “NESARA” that is found on the Internet does not cover the true details of debt forgiveness or the restoration of Constitutional Law or other vital points of the true NESARA law. Initially when it was first posted on the web in July 2000, the purpose of the “prototype” NESARA was to give Americans a “taste” of some of the key points of the NESARA law and generate some feedback to the White Knights.

The U.S. Supreme Court placed a very strict GAG ORDER on all people who have been directly and officially involved with the true NESARA law. The gag order threatens that they will be charged with TREASON which is punishable BY DEATH if any of them spoke out about the true NESARA law prior to the “official” announcement. This gag order is STILL being enforced against MOST members of Congress who have been dark agenda stooges. These dark agenda stooges of Congress MUST PRETEND that the true NESARA has never been passed and some of them try to help the dark agenda by referring Americans to the dark agenda’s DISinformation website. Most of Congress is GAGGED from telling the truth about the true NESARA law. It is a total waste of time to contact them and ask for confirmation they LEGALLY CANNOT give.

Many members of Congress have PERSONAL reasons for trying to mislead Americans. When the true NESARA law is announced, ALL members of Congress MUST submit their resignations within 72 hours of the official announcement. Most members of Congress do not care about our country and the wonderful benefits the true NESARA law gives our people. They care only about themselves, so if they can help to fool Americans and delay the true NESARA’s announcement, they will do it.

ONLY a VERY FEW members of Congress are free of the gag order now, as of October 14, 2002 when the U.S. Supreme Court Justices lifted the gag order on thousands of people who know about the true NESARA law.

The dark agenda has consistently attacked Dove just as they do anyone who is telling the truth and the more successful the Dove Reports are in spreading truth, the more frantic the dark agenda are in their attacks. One dark agenda activity is their DISinformation website on the Internet which they use in trying to make Americans think the TRUE NESARA law has not been voted upon. This DISinformation website has taken the name “” and is controlled by those who are OPPOSING the true NESARA law. Anyone referencing this website is helping those opposing the true NESARA law and helping to delay our NESARA benefits and our prosperity programs deliveries and funding.

However, the FACTS are that thousands of U.S. banking officials and personnel have been given training seminars and briefings on the TRUE NESARA law. The FACTS are that thousands of senior stockbrokers and managers of stockbrokerages have been briefed about the new U.S. Treasury Bank system and have made “conversion tables” in preparation for the true NESARA law announcement and implementations. The FACTS are that the new U.S. Treasury currency notes, which are printed in numerous colors with $20 bills being a different color from $10 bills, etc., have been printed for months and these new U.S. Treasury Notes are sitting in extremely well-guarded locations until the official announcement of the true NESARA law. The bankers call the U.S. Treasury Bank system the “Rainbow Project” due to the many colors of the new Treasury currency.

There is NO WAY to get around the FACT that there is ONLY one LAW which has been passed that gives us the new U.S. Treasury Bank system and that is the true NESARA law. This is WHY these thousands of bankers and stockbrokers have had to be educated about NESARA. This is why the new U.S. Treasury currency notes have been printed. Below is a report I received from someone who actually saw a photocopy of the new currency notes while at a bank A YEAR ago.

I write about the details of the true NESARA law –the National Economic Security And Reformation Act -- from what I’ve learned from my White Knight contacts and also from the personnel at the bank in Orange County where they actually did the test runs of mortgage debt forgiveness. The mortgage forgiveness was given to a few thousand “average” Americans, not rich people, in the Orange County area because there is a bank there which has been doing secret activities for the White Knights for a long time and the personnel were well-trained in dealing with secret bank activities.

Below are several items of information I’ve received from other people discussing their own verification of the U.S. Treasury Bank system. Over the last few years, people have written to tell me about their CONFIRMATIONS of the true NESARA law and I have included some of these below. An interview below discusses an article written by Alan Greenspan on the benefits of a gold-backed monetary system and Greenspan’s comment in 2001 that his philosophy remains the same.

Because many people directly involved with NESARA preparations have signed secrecy agreements which put their careers and lives on the line, they will only confirm NESARA to TRUSTED personal friends. However, as you can see below, people do confirm NESARA. Here are 10 things people wanting to confirm NESARA for themselves can do to research the FACT of the true NESARA law:

1) If you (or someone you know) has a close personal relationship with a Bank President, ask the Bank President to privately confirm the fact that U.S. bank officials have been aware of the U.S. Treasury Bank system for over a year and confirm the “Rainbow Project” which is the new U.S. Treasury currency.

2) If you (or someone you know) has a close personal relationship with someone who works in management at the Federal Reserve Banks, ask this person to confidentially confirm that the new U.S. Treasury Bank system is imminent.

3) If you (or someone you know) has a close personal relationship with a senior stockbroker or manager of a stockbrokerage office, ask them to confidentially confirm that they have been briefed about the new U.S. Treasury Bank system. (Many months ago, my senior stockbroker friend of 20 years told me they had been briefed on the U.S. Treasury Bank system.)

4) If you (or someone you know) has a close personal friend who is a Navy Seal, ask them to confidentially confirm the fact of the true NESARA law. About 90% of Navy Seals are aware of the true NESARA law and do assignments to help carry out activities in support of NESARA. Some, but not all, members of Delta Force units and other Special Forces in the U.S. Military also know about the true NESARA law. (See email I received below about “Delta Force” confirmation.)

5) If you (or someone you know) has a close personal friend who works for the U.S. Treasury Department in certain departments, such as printing of currency, it is possible to confirm that the new “Rainbow” currency has already been printed and is waiting to be distributed after the true NESARA law announcement.

6) If you (or someone you know) personally knows a member of the German Parliament who pass laws for Germany, Germany officially “approved” of it’s alliance with the true NESARA law some months ago and this was on radio and television news. All major countries have had their national assemblies vote on their “alliance” with the true NESARA law because of the major “international banking law” changes that NESARA initiates.

7) If you (or someone you know) know someone who lives in Germany and pays attention to the news, they can tell you that NESARA is openly discussed in their media. (See email below which I received recently.)

8) If you (or someone you know) has a close personal relationship with the heads of the European Central Bank, the central bank of the Euro Zone, ask them to confidentially confirm their knowledge of the true NESARA law.

9) If you (or someone you know) has a close personal relationship with members of the British Parliament, ask them to confidentially confirm their knowledge of the true NESARA law. The British Parliament officially “approved” its alliance with the true NESARA law in late 2001.

10) If you (or someone you know) has a close personal relationship with certain members of the U.S. Congress, “SOME” members are White Knights and have confidentially confirmed to close personal friends that the true NESARA law exists and is due to be announced.

Further PROOF that what I’m writing is true: there were pictures of the new “colored” US Treasury currency printed in two newspapers last Spring 2002 in the May-June timeframe, per reports I received from people who read the Dove Reports. The Albuquerque, NM newspaper was one and the other one was the Long Beach Press-Telegram newspaper near LA, Calif. Also the Wall St. Journal mentioned the new currency in a May 2002 (May 19th, I believe) brief snippet of news, per some reports I received from people who read it. A White Knight who helped explain the need for a U.S. Treasury Bank system is former U.S. Representative Jack Metcalf of my home state, Washington state. He was talking about the need for a US Treasury Bank system in 1999 (see his speech about the “new currency” below) and Metcalf was also interviewed for an hour on the Weissbach radio talk show on Seattle’s KVI radio station on Aug. 7, 2000 talking about the benefits of the New Treasury Banks. You can call (425) 825-5544 to order a copy of the program from a news monitoring service; they still have the tape of the interview as of 10/16/2002.

I have begun my actions of taking the truth about the true NESARA law to public media. If any of you have connections to a radio station, newspaper, etc. that would like to interview Dove, please let me know. I have dozens of emails from many of you wanting to help with NESARA Publicity which I have not had time to read. I hope to respond to your emails in the next day or so. Blessings and Love, Dove of Oneness

The Dove egroup currently has 9,561 members.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Subject: Setting the Stage for a New Currency.. by Representative Jack Metcalf: AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE RENTING THEIR CURRENCY ! (House of Representatives - September 09, 1999)

Rep. METCALF: "Mr. Speaker, I would like to talk briefly about money. Everybody is interested in money. My wife asked me: "If you know so much about money, how come we do not have very much?" But I would like to talk about money this evening.

Did you know that we pay rent on our money; the cash we use, we pay rent on it? It costs the American people $100 per person per year to rent our cash, that is, the paper money, from the Federal Reserve. Now, the Federal Reserve gets the money, it just does not spend that money or keep it. They return it to the Federal Treasury. That means that the American people are paying a tax on our money in circulation for the privilege of using Federal Reserve notes.

In reality, this money is paid to the Fed by the Treasury to pay the interest on the U.S. bonds that back our money. This is a foolish system when the U.S. Treasury could issue our currency directly without debt and without interest as they issue our coins. Most people do not know that our coins are minted by the Treasury, essentially spent into circulation, and the U.S. Treasury makes a neat profit on them. But when we issue cash, we go further into debt.

When the U.S. Government issues paper cash, they go further into debt because bonds are created to back the cash, and thus the debt increases. With a currency we go into debt, but it makes a profit when coins are placed in circulation. This is truly a system that defies logic, and we should issue our coins or issue our cash as we issue our coins.

Here is a simple way to accomplish that; this is not complex, this is not rocket science. Congress only needs to pass legislation requiring the Treasury to print and issue U.S. Treasury currency in the same amount, in the same denominations, of the present Federal Reserve notes. No change in the money supply. The Treasury would issue these U.S. notes through the banks and at the same time withdrawing a like amount of Federal Reserve notes. As these Federal Reserve notes are collected by the U.S. Treasury, they must be returned to the Federal Reserve and essentially to redeem the over $400 billion of U.S. interest bearing U.S. Treasury bonds now held by the Fed. So the Fed holds the bonds.

We can take the U.S. currency and exchange it for those bonds. Over a couple of years we will have U.S. currency circulating instead of Federal Reserve notes, and the U.S. debt would be reduced by over $400 billion. That sounds too simple. Well, it is simple. This is not rocket science. There is no appreciable down side, and I expect to discuss this issue a lot in the future just because somebody needs to take a look at how our money was issued and allow us to avoid paying that $27 billion a year interest just to rent our currency from the Federal Reserve."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Friday, April 27, 2001


'66 Greenspan article supports gold standard

By Jon Dougherty


A 1966 newsletter article written by Alan Greenspan supporting a gold-based U.S. economy is reflective of the Federal Reserve chairman's beliefs even today, WorldNetDaily has learned, even though his Fed policies are diametrically opposed to those that would support a gold standard economy. The article, entitled, "Gold and Economic Freedom," was written for the July 1966 issue of The Objectivist newsletter, a publication that also featured authors Ayn Rand and Nathaniel Branden.

In it, Greenspan discusses "the specific role of gold in a free society," as well as the importance of a tangible monetary "standard."

"If men did not have some commodity of objective value which was generally acceptable as money, they would have to resort to primitive barter or be forced to live on self-sufficient farms and forego the inestimable advantages of specialization," he wrote.

A congressional source told WorldNetDaily that Greenspan still agrees with the premise of his article today, even though the U.S. went off the gold standard in 1972.

According to the source, Greenspan -- following a March House Banking Committee meeting -- told one lawmaker that if given a chance to add any "disclaimers" to the 34-year-old article, Greenspan said he still "would not change a single word."

He could not be reached for comment.

In his article, Greenspan wrote that "a logical extension of the creation of a medium of exchange [monetary system] is the development of a banking system and credit instruments (bank notes and deposits) which act as a substitute for, but are convertible into, gold."

"... Under the gold standard, a free banking system stands as the protector of an economy's stability and balanced growth," he said. ... And, according to his article, Greenspan said that gold -- in the past -- was responsible for stopping "the unbalanced expansions of business activity," salient points which are relevant in today's sagging, over-speculative economy and markets.

"Periodically, as a result of overly rapid credit expansion, banks became loaned up to the limit of their gold reserves, interest rates rose sharply, new credit was cut off and the economy went into a sharp, but short-lived, recession," he wrote. "Compared with the depressions of 1920 and 1932, the pre-World War I business declines were mild indeed."

Greenspan explained that at the time of the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, "the process of [monetary policy] cure was misdiagnosed as the disease. ."

"If shortage of bank reserves was causing a business decline, argued economic interventionists, why not find a way of supplying increased reserves to the banks so they never need be short," he wrote. "If banks can continue to loan money indefinitely, it was claimed, there need never be any slumps in business."

The result of such thinking, he said, was the creation of the Fed.

"Credit extended by these banks is in practice (though not legally) backed by the taxing power of the federal government," he wrote. Technically, the U.S. "remained on the gold standard; individuals were still free to own gold, and gold continued to be used as bank reserves. But now, in addition to gold, credit extended by the Federal Reserve banks ("paper" reserves) could serve as legal tender to pay depositors."

Even then, Greenspan seemed to understand the kind of negative implications associated with the creation of credit based on no tangible asset.

"Under a gold standard, the amount of credit that an economy can support is determined by the economy's tangible assets, since every credit instrument is ultimately a claim on some tangible asset," he said. "But government bonds are not backed by tangible wealth, only by the government's promise to pay out of future tax revenues, and cannot easily be absorbed by the financial markets.

"A large volume of new government bonds can be sold to the public only at progressively higher interest rates," he said. "Thus, government deficit spending under a gold standard is severely limited."

Also, he said the "abandonment of the gold standard made it possible for the welfare statists to use the banking system as a means to an unlimited expansion of credit." Even then, he said, "the fact is there are now more claims outstanding than real assets" to redeem those claims.

"In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation," he concluded. "There is no safe store of value" for the dollar.

"This is the shabby secret of the welfare statists' tirades against gold," he wrote. "Deficit [government] spending is simply a scheme for the 'hidden' confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as a protector of property rights."

A congressional source told WND, "There is no doubt in my mind that the current monetary system is not only impractical in an economic sense, as well as being unconstitutional, it is immoral and dishonest from a biblical viewpoint."

~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To: Date: Saturday, September 07, 2002 6:56 AM Subject: NESARA I alerted a German friend to …[NESARA] some weeks ago and she told her mother about it. Her mother however had already heard a radio discussion in Germany concerning NESARA. This confirms the report some weeks ago alluding to the introduction of this idea to the German parliament and their favourable attitude. The radio discussion also confirms this.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

From Dove Report dated 01/11/2001 Another friend, in Canada, wrote me in late December -- and shows that in Canada, SOME people already know more about what is happening in the 50 states than most of us. Here's an excerpt of what my Canadian friend wrote:

I have to tell you, what happened to me today. As I went into the TMC office to pick up more Cellular phones, I met a very interesting associate, who told me that he was a " CURRENCY TRADER " and when asked I asked him if he knew anything about " NESARA" I expected him to raise his eyebrows, in confusion, but instead he gave me a mouthful! ))))WOW!!!((((( He confirmed everything that you have been telling us! ...keep up the good work...& stay on course!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Subject: New U. S. Treasury Notes are Color Money Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 01:37:03

Hi! Dove of O, On March 17, 2002, my bother-in-law told me one of his contacts in Alabama, was listening to the Tom Joiner Morning show which is a radio show located in Dallas, TX. Tom was telling his listener that our Currency was getting a NEW FACE LIFT. The money is coming in color, just like the EURO currency. At 5:30 p.m. CST, I was watching ABC World News, low and behold the news commentator was telling the world our currency is changing and it colorful too. When I got into FC we were told that our money was going back to the original C series Note, that was backed by Gold and Silver.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

From: To: Subject: CONFIRMING INFO Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 19:32:04 -0800 (PST)

Two weeks ago, while standing at the counter of US BANK to cash a check, an executive from the bank was standing behind the counter at the supervisors desk, along with the supervisor. The two men were standing directly in front of me with their backs to me. The executive was holding up a paper which was a COPY OF U.S. TREASURY NOTES that appeared large and clear. The two men were discussing the photocopy of the treasury notes the entire time I was there. This occurred in Culver City, California.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

From:> To: "Dove " Subject: CONFIRMING INFORMATION Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 13:32:49 -0600

Dear Dove, First thank you for what you do to help get out the truth that will make us free. I have two personal experiences with this information. I know a very wise man who I asked about the NESARA information. His reply was that a friend of his in Delta Force had told him all the issues you talk about are true.

Another instance was in a local Wells Fargo bank 2 weeks ago when I asked if the bank had been trained in the new laws and procedures she replied they had. Both instances point to the truth of NESARA. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! D.F.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

From: To: Subject: Re: Wells Fargo Banks -Treasury Banks Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 18:58:17 EST

I have a dear friend who is president of a local Wells Fargo Bank in Las xxxxxx. They have been set up to go Treasury banks since June 2001 and July 2001. Thought you would like some more confirmation on Treasury Banks

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Subj: Dove is right about this one!!!! Date: 11/26/01 12:28:35 PM US Mountain Standard Time

On 11/25/01 at 2:19 pm est, I called Bank of America at 1-800-xxx-xxxx and advised "I am considering opening several new accounts but before I do I want to know if BoA is set up for the new Treasury Bills which are backed by precious metals?" The young lady had to check but came back and the answer was "Yes, we do" Since she answered that way, I repeated "You are "definitely" set up for the New Treasury Bills which ARE backed by Precious Metals?" She then answered "Yes We Are".

After getting Dove's latest message, I called a different number earlier today for B of A and asked if they were set up for the new Treasury Bills and her answer after checking was "Yes We Do". Since she answered that way, I got to thinking perhaps I had not made myself clear what I was asking so I decided to call back to the main number in our phone book as listed above. I asked very detailed questions and she checked with the answers above, and said "yes, we are set up for the treasury bills".

I would say that Dove is RIGHT ON THE MARK. XXX


From: To: Subject: BANKING VERIFICATION Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 15:02:13 EST

Hi Dove, Thank you for spreading the word, I have been reading your reports for about two years now and I am thankful for your DETERMINATION and PERSISTENCE!

I am a Sr. Loan Officer in Orange County so I talk to many people in the Banking and Investment community.

I have been asking many people in banking if they are aware of the changes coming, surprisingly most of them have heard that there are changes, some only know vague details where as others are briefed in more detail regarding the tax changes etc.

I also have noticed that the mortgage interest rates have been going up even though the rates that the banks get their money for continue to drop. Some have told me that this is because the banks are trying to make as much money as possible before the new changes take place.

I have a client/friend who's father in law owns two banks in Upland and Chino California, he is checking into the new training for treasury banks and will let me know what he finds out, then I will forward it to you. Thank You for all your hard work! Let me know if I can help you, T.


From: To: Subject: Confirming Info Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 11:21:52 -0800 (PST)

Hello Dove,

Bravo for your good works! This is my little piece of the puzzle. I work in facilities at Bank of America. Not long after Sept. 11th, maybe 3-4 weeks, they announced abruptly that there would be no absolutely no weekend work on this particular weekend due to a complete changeover in the banking systems from the West Coast system to the East Coast (they had merged with Nation's about 3 years earlier). The abruptness and timing didn't match the reason. It threw everyone off. It was also one week before Columbus Day weekend which,if scheduled instead at that time, would have afforded an extra day to get everything working right. Some of your most passionate info was coming out at the same time, and it definitely seemed to me that B of A was doing some kind of conversion based on NESARA, and that the conversion HAD to be done quickly, and at that time due to some unstated event. S. B.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

From Rumor Mill News Reading Room Forum

THE GOLD BOND BOXES OF WWII Posted By: lawgiver1 Date: Wednesday, 21 November 2001, 4:02 a.m.

The following is a partial transcript from a "retired" DIA Colonel and well known "friend" who sent this email to Lawgiver.Org on August 28, 2001 (two weeks before 9-11). For unknown reasons to us, he asked that we not publish this at the time, but has now told us that this should be known in order to confirm "what a select few currently know, but many will see as the truth in the coming weeks". We look at it as a confirmation that the RMN [Rumor Mill News] Dove may not be a qua[c]king duck after all:

"I watched the US Treasury plane land at Love Field in Dallas today carrying 3 more glass sealed boxes. They were part of the gold bond boxes collected from the caves in the Phillipines so well guarded since they were placed there in 1948. Seems that a Texan by the name of Doss, now living in Indiana, was able to pull the right people together and bring them to the CONUS after so many others had failed. These are 3 of 6 glass boxes I personally know of now in the hands of the U.S. Treasury. There have been many fake boxes and individual bonds over the years, but the glass and the internal seals with unique serial numbers and UV threading marked these [and the 3 others that landed at O'Hare last week- those I already told you about]. Each box contains from 3-6 billion in gold bonds.

"I can tell you that the Temple Crown in the City of London is furious that they were removed from under their noses by the knights. The potential here is the collapse of the NY and LON G-Comex as well as the blue blood FRB and BOE families. BOA in Dallas is holding the 3 in their vault. The UST already confirmed they were all the real items. With 18 to 36 billion at their disposal, the knights just may be able to halt the fake London gold sale scam. At the same time, comex will have to begin showing the true price of gold or will have to shut down. It looks as if the Rock fellows will finally fall."

Isn't it odd that the COMEX was headquartered in the WTC and that it was shut down for a longer time than even the NYSE.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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