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Image: 2.0 is live, now indexing Children’s Health Defense, Law Enforcement Today, Strange Sounds and National File, the free speech alternative to Google News, now indexes 47 censored websites that bring you real, pro-human news that’s systematically censored by the tech giants.

The new version 2.0 has added feature images from top stories and allows end users to create custom sort order so that you can see the sites presented in the order you want.

On, you’ll get near-real-time headlines from 47 censored news sites, completely free from advertising (it’s just 100% content).

Some of the sites indexed by include The National Sentinel, American Thinker, Free Beacon, Summit News, Peak Prosperity, The Federalist and many more.

Now, we’ve added several new sites that are reader favorites:

Children’s Health Defense releases groundbreaking news on vaccine health hazards and the lying propaganda of the vaccine-controlled media.

Law Enforcement Today is covering the Virginia 2A sanctuary situation very closely and has a pro-liberty, pro-2A stance combined with solid investigative journalism.

Strange Sounds documents strange phenomena around the world, including geological activity (earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.), weird sounds in the sky, mass animal die-offs and similar news.

National File is a politically-oriented investigative journalism site run by Tom Pappert, one of my co-hosts at InfoWars.

We’ve also recently added Caitlin Johnstone and Jeremy Hammond’s site as a great source on vaccine investigations and medical truth.

When you want honest, truthful, pro-human news that’s censored everywhere else, read and make it the home page for your mobile browser (the site is mobile friendly).

Also coming soon: is the new search solution for searching natural health websites, including full coverage of vaccine truth, the dangers of pharmaceuticals and GMOs, 5G hazards, natural cancer cures and much more. It’s launching in early 2020 as a replacement for Google search.

When you want to be truly informed while escaping the “thought gulags” of the evil tech giants, turn to independent media sources like to discover truths that the corporate-controlled media won’t dare touch.